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This week’s tease comes from my new release today, PAYBACK’S A BITCH!

Lark is a woman on a payback mission for her bff, but as we know, sometimes even the best laid plans can go astray …


With a pivot, she faced him, inched between his knees, and stroked her thighs. He scrutinized her every movement. His deep breathing encouraged her to continue.

Lark skimmed her fingers over the V of her thong, over her navel and under the curve of her breasts. She enjoyed the asset of having a D-cup chest.

Her tits felt restrained against the binding of the lace, but she’d never discard her bra or panties when putting on a show like this. But damn if she didn’t want to right now. The demand to have her way with him nagged at her.

Lark loved the sensitivity of her nipples. She’d often make herself come from pinching and pulling on them, and she very much enjoyed pushing them up high enough to lick them herself. But she’d rather have a man do it for her.

This man, to be precise.


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