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The Complete Underground series price bannerBook Title: The Complete Underground Series
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Date Published: February 24, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-61333-784-4
Genre(s): Science Fiction Romance, Futuristic Romance, Dystopian Romance, GLBT Romance
Heat Rating: 4 flames – frequent love scenes  that are explicit and described using graphic and direct language
Page Count: 162


Blurb:  In the future, deception runs deep and betrayal can come from anyone. Will the rebels defeat Planet Core and love freely again, or end up fighting for their lives?


  • What’s your book about?

The Underground series is about a group of rebels who band together to bring down the corporation, Planet Core, that runs the city. They are fighting for their freedom to live and love.

  • Where did you get the idea for this book?

The first story in the series, Never Gonna Let You Go, was inspired by a story I started in my high school Science Fiction English class. It’s changed a lot since the original, though. And Earth 2, a television show I watched as a kid may have inspired this story a bit, too.

  • What traits and other tidbits do you share with your main character?

That’s a difficult question. There are six main characters in this series, and I share different personality traits with each of them. Loyalty, and standing up for what I believe is right would be two main things I share with many of them.

  • Did any of your inspiration for this book originate in your real life experiences?The Complete Underground series by Jessica E. Subject_500x750

I wouldn’t say my own experiences, but the continuous fight I see many face for equality.

  • Does your book take place in a specific region that would make people take an interest?

The Underground series takes place in the future. While it is very different from our own world, there are some beliefs, flora, and fauna that resembles the way things are now.

  • Do you have another project in the works? If so, what is it?

I have several projects in the works at the moment. I’m writing an F/F space academy story (still untitled) for an anthology that will be out later this year. I’ve also started the third story in my Alien Next Door series, Alien Attraction, plan to finish Always Her Wingman, which I started last year, as well as write the first story in my Alien Generations series, a series about three different generations of female aliens living on Earth.


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“Tonight went well.” Will Garrison slumped onto a chair and stared across the empty cavern. All the inhabitants of the Underground safe houses had already returned to their rooms. Other members of the rebellion to the main headquarters under the city. The festive party had provided a temporary reprieve from what was to come.

Tim Harris stood behind him. “Yes, I’d say the evening was a success. The weddings reminded people what we’re fighting for.” He dug his thumbs into Will’s tense back muscles.

He groaned. “God, that feels good.” For the first time in days, he had a minute to sit and rest his aching body. This quiet moment with his lover offered an occasion to fulfill other needs as well. He wished he had more time with Tim, more instances to satisfy his desires, complete his soul. Only a few knew the extent of their relationship, but Tim wasn’t around enough for people to catch them in each other’s arms. After tomorrow, Will planned to tell the world how much he loved Tim.

“You need to relax.” Tim kissed the top of his head. “The leader of the rebellion needs to be in top form.”

“You’re just as much a part of this as I am.” Everything would go down the next day. All of their plans would be put into action at dawn, he and Tim each leading a different team. And by sundown, they’d make sure Benson Malock paid for all the lives he’d ruined and ended. Planet Core would no longer be under his control.

“I still wish you would take a larger group with you, especially Jacobs and Edwards. They just returned from Airondelle, traveled through the portals.”

He sighed, not wanting to have the argument again. They’d made their plans, instructed everyone where to go and what to do. “I know, but I need to keep my party small. You’re supposed to be the distraction so we can sneak in the back door. The more people you have, the better.”

“I only hoped….” Tim tensed behind him, suddenly still.

Will twisted around, grasping his hands. “Don’t worry about tomorrow. Everything will happen exactly as we’ve planned. In the evening, we’ll be celebrating again. Our victory.” He wrapped his arms around Tim, kissing his hard lips. A moan escaped, hunger rushing through his veins.

“But let’s forget about that for tonight.” He needed to be reminded of his purpose for fighting, too. Freedom. Freedom for the people, and freedom to love whomever he wanted.

Tim stroked the front of his pants. He hardened under his touch, aching with need. Bulge pressing against an open palm, Will craved the warm physique of his lover. So much time had passed since they’d last been intimate. Even with Tim’s return from Airondelle as their medic three days earlier, they’d had no time alone, due to their hasty preparations to attack Planet Core. His intense longing left him vulnerable, thinking unclearly. He needed a release to purge his mind, regain focus. And by the hard lines on his lover’s face, so did Tim.

Gripping the edges of the cotton material, he pulled the medic’s tunic over his head and untied the rope holding his pants up, releasing his thick sex. A deep grunt echoed through the room. He ran his hands down Tim’s strong arms, across the hardened planes of his chest. A figure any man would be jealous of, and one he never wanted to stop touching. “God, I’ve missed you.”

Pressing against his lush mouth, he sucked in his bottom lip. Tim’s erection pushed on his own. Sweet heavens. He longed to spin him around, shove him against the wall, and fuck him until he burst. Instead, he dropped to his knees and gripped his lover’s cock, running his thumb along the slick slit.

Tim quivered under his touch. “And I’ve missed you, too.” He leaned back, thrusting his stiff dick toward him.

Teasing his swollen head with his tongue, Will tasted his lover’s salty fluid. A flavor he could never get enough of. And after they took down Planet Core the next day, he could have his fill whenever he wanted. He wouldn’t have to hide his love for another man.

Gripping his lover’s velvety flesh, he swallowed him whole.

 The Underground front


Never Gonna Let You Go:
“Her stories are so beautiful and hard to put down. But I must admit, this was my favorite one. Being I am a sucker for a good conspiracy, I was foaming at the mouth with this story.”  ~ Offbeat Vagabond

Never Gonna Desert You:
“Never Gonna Desert You is a fast paced sci~fi romance that gives you pause and makes you think about what life might be like on Earth someday.” ~ Illustrious Illusions

Never Gonna Say Goodbye:
“I loved this story. Never Gonna Say Goodbye had a lot of heart, and engaged my emotions in a way that I wasn’t prepared for.” ~ Wicked Readings by Tawania


BiJessica E. Subjecto: Jessica E. Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotic. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject.

AppearancesWill be attending Romancing the Capital in April 2015

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Charmed by Jacey Holbrand #SciFi #Menage @JaceyHolbrand @EvernightPub

Thank you for having me on your blog! I’m happy to be here today to let your readers know about my newest release, ‘Charmed’, from my series, The Glorious Guild of Lady Windsurfer. I’m sharing a unique look into the story through Charm’s point of view into some of her thoughts.

400x600_Charmed by Jacey Holbrand


She’d grown up without her parents and her sister, and even her grandmother had departed the Earth when she could have used a female influence the most.

All her plans and dreams. All the hard work she’d put in so she could better herself and her life. ‘Down the tubes by the sweep of a woman’s signature on a piece of paper.’ She wanted to think if she ever saw the lanky woman with garish red hair again, she’d … she didn’t know what she’d do, but she believed it wouldn’t be pretty.

Now she was out in the wilderness alone with a couple of men who talked about her being their mate. Her ultimate goal had been to get to Aurath and find a place in which to live out her days. So why was she currently muddled about the Aurath males and going to their planet when moments before she’d been happy? She’d slept with each of them, yes. They seemed to care about her and she them. But were they and their planet right for her? The idea that she wasn’t sure scared her.


Book Information

Genres: Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Menage (MFM), Erotic, Steampunk
Heat Level: 4
Word Count: 35, 400
ISBN: 978-1-77233-153-0
Editor: Karyn White
Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs
Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex


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Author Bio
Jacey Holbrand believes love comes in all forms and should be celebrated. She’s JCH LOGO 200x171committed to her muse and writing so she can share those kinds of stories with readers.

‘Hot days. Sexy nights. Come play in her world.’

Jacey loves to hear from readers! eMail her:


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Book 1 in the series is ‘The Gathering’.
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#MeetandGreetMonday with J.J. Lore #Sci-Fi #Menage #PlanetAlpha @JJLore1



Good morning. It’s Meet and Greet Monday!

With us today is Romance Author, J.J. Lore.


Welcome, J.J.!

Hello! Thanks for hosting me. I’ll try to wake up and be coherent even though it’s Monday.

What is a typical writing day like?
In an ideal world, I’d get up, have hot coffee and eggs benedict, then about eight uninterrupted hours to write to my heart’s content, with a break for a wedge salad and some iced tea for lunch. But, even though I write fiction, I live in the real world, so somewhere in between caring for a seven year old child, laundry, cooking, and desultory housekeeping, I try to sit down for at least a couple of hours a day at the computer and write. My time is very fragmented, so when I have the chance to be creative, I focus and get the words out. I’ve successfully completed two NaNoWriMo books and always served a home cooked dinner every evening of those months, so multi-tasking is a must.
Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live, do you have a significant other, any young ones running around?
As I mentioned above, I have a young son and I’m lucky enough to get to stay home with him thanks to my husband’s work. We live in central Ohio, in a beige house in the suburbs and drive non-descript sedans. I shop at Kroger and work out every other day. My favorite stress relievers are reading, watching movies, and going to thrift stores. You’d never guess I use my computer for writing erotic romances!

What is your favorite junk food?
Ooh, I have so many! I love any sort of dark chocolate, red wine (cab sav or a nice blend), cured meats, smelly cheeses, Cincinnati chili dogs, Pringles…now I’m getting hungry.

Preference – Sam or Dean Winchester? If you haven’t seen Supernatural (and why not! It’s MY Fave show LOL), then would you prefer Iron Man or Wolverine?
So sorry, but I’ve never seen Supernatural, so I’ll have to pass on that one. I can’t stand Iron Man and all his snarky little quips, so I’ll go with Wolverine. I’m a fan of chest hair.

What are you a collector of?
I love so much stuff (see above reference to thrift stores!); vintage evening bags, Trifari pins, Waterford crystal, cookbooks from the 1970’s, and French cast iron enameled cookware. I just bought a gorgeous iridescent emerald green beaded snap clutch from the 1950’s in perfect condition and I can’t stop looking at it.

Have you ever thrown a book you’ve been reading against the wall because you couldn’t finish it?
No. My dissatisfaction with a book is expressed by a curled lip and a raised eyebrow, followed by a quick burial in the Goodwill box.

Who is your celebrity crush—male and female?
Mmm, lots of male crushes; Idris Elba, Richard Armitage, Eric Bana, Aaron Eckhart, and Patrick Stewart all come to mind. Female crushes…Christina Hendricks and Cate Blanchett.

If you were given an all-expense paid, five day/night trip to anywhere, where would you go?
Only five days? In that case, I’d go to Japan. I’d love to see the contrast between urban and rural areas and I adore Japanese food, so I know I’d have a great time.

What is the most played song on your iPod/MP3 Player?
Urk, I don’t own either. I still use CD’s! My go to writing music is anything by Vangelis or Sigur Ros.

What song are you most sick of hearing on the radio right now?
Let It Go from Frozen. I wish everyone would just LET. IT. GO.

What is your favorite movie from the 80s?
The eighties were my decade, so I can’t pick just one. Blade Runner, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Aliens all of those come to mind.

Which Avenger character are you? (Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, etc.)
Let’s see, I’d marry Captain America, kill Iron Man, which means I’d have to…wait, this isn’t F/M/K? Sorry, got distracted there for a second. I’d like to think I’m Captain America, but I’m sure my family thinks I’m the Hulk. I do have a temper.

What is your favorite part of summer?
Walking barefoot in long grass, fresh berries, and sleeping in.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
I’m not really envious of other people’s lives, so this is difficult for me. I’ll have to say I’d love to live as an extremely wealthy Roman at the height of the Empire, perhaps 100 A.D., in Rome with a quick side trip to a coastal resort town. I’d love to see the architecture, all the different cultures mingling, watch a chariot race, visit a fabulous bath house, and try some of those amazing dishes like roasted flamingo tongue or potted doormouse. Then again, maybe not some of those dishes.

If you had the chance to meet one author – past or present – who would it be? Why?
I’d love to meet George MacDonald Fraser. He wrote these amazing historical fiction books about a Victorian cad named Flashman. I love the character, the humor, and all the great references to British colonialism.

Who/What are you currently reading?
Right now I’m reading Greg Isles’ Natchez Burning. Really great story set in the modern South with a sub plot involving the civil rights movement.

Writing can be a crazy business. How do you stay positive within the craziness?
I keep the creative side separate from the business side. If you let your emotions and ego get caught up in what reviews say, or your sales figures, or rejections, you’ll become miserable and quit. Telling stories is completely different than selling them.

What do you think is your greatest strength as a writer?
The ability to focus and my determination to keep the story logical.

Did you always want to be an author?
No! I never even considered it until I sent a manuscript off to a publisher on a whim and they accepted it. Before, I’d written lots of non-fiction in my professional life, but the idea that a story I’d made up was entertaining to someone else was a complete shock.

No matter the story, where do you always draw inspiration from when you begin each story?
Being true to my characters and making sure they get their HEA. I like my characters and want the best for them. They have to persevere in the face of a lot of obstacles because that makes the story more fun, but in the end, I’ve never written a character I wouldn’t want to have as a friend or neighbor.

What was the worst summer job you had in your teens?
Looking back, none of them were that bad, but working in a deli could be disgusting sometimes, especially since I usually closed, which meant I had to clean a day’s worth of grease and food residue off of slicers, counters, trays, and the floor. Don’t even ask about how awful it was to clean out the grease trap under the sink. I’m gagging just thinking about it.



By J. J. Lore

Evernight Publishing, 27 June 2014


Working to heal wounded Alphan warriors is the new duty of bondmates Leo and Deklan. Although recovered from severe injuries received on the field of battle, they are no longer fit to fight. Their orderly, all-male existence is turned upside down when an injured human female becomes their new responsibility.

Aura Tremain wakes up in an alien hospital, healing from a beating delivered by the Xyrans who’d kidnapped her. Upon her discharge, two handsome Alphan men offer her refuge until she’s well enough to travel.

Even though Leo and Deklan know they will never be permitted to bond with Aura as their souls demand, they can’t ignore the desire she stirs in them. Her time with them is short, but so intense. Will the intimacies they share be strong enough to withstand the expectation that bondmates are for battle-worthy warriors? Can their passion bind the three of them forever?

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J. Lore bio and social media:
J. Lore needs three things; strong, black coffee, time to write, and…well…you can guess the third. When she isn’t inventing fantastical tales filled with passionate people, she’s shaking sriracha on whatever she’s eating or reading about the Justinian plague. For updates on her erotic romance releases, visit her at She’s also on Facebook at , Goodreads at and Twitter @JJLore1


It was strange to wake up in a bed with an alien male, no, two alien males, she amended. She glanced over to see Leo was still asleep, sprawled on his belly, his head cradled on his bent arm. Lots of thick muscles under gleaming skin on display. They both looked so strong.

She turned her head back to Deklan and jumped with surprise to find him watching her with half-closed, sleepy eyes.

“Sleep well?” he whispered.

She nodded. Deklan’s eyes crinkled at the corners. He inhaled and stretched his arms over his head with a sigh, inadvertently dislodging the sheet even further down his body. He was wearing dark pants so there wasn’t much more she could see, not that she should be looking any further. She couldn’t quite take her eyes off him, though. As he lowered his arms, the one closest to her nudged along her shoulder and coasted down her arm, his large hand finally coming to rest next to hers. He edged closer and watched her for a moment. She could feel the heat of his body.

“Do I look very different?”

“Different than what?” Aura whispered back, unwilling to disturb Leo when he’d been so kind to her.

“A human male. I’ve never seen one in the flesh nor seen a human female until the ship landed.”

“You look different. Bigger, stronger. Your skin is…” She trailed off, not quite sure how to put her newfound affinity for gold.

“Is what?” Deklan rubbed his hand along his chest, bumping over swells of muscle, disturbing the fine black hairs tapering down his abdomen. His voice was rough, and the timbre of it vibrated some previously unknown part of her ear.

“It’s beautiful.” Her honest assessment resulted in a disbelieving smile from the Alphan lounging next to her.

“It serves its purpose. I’d never call it beautiful, especially compared to yours.” Deklan glanced at her face, then her shoulders and arms exposed by the borrowed tank she’d worn to sleep. She knew she was blushing since her face was so hot. In an effort to compose herself, she looked over at Leo to find he was still deeply asleep, unmoving from when she’d last seen him.

A large hand sliding along her arm brought her attention back to Deklan to find he’d edged closer and turned so he was curving against her now. Maybe he was just affectionate in the morning, maybe—

The sudden press of a hard cock against her hip made her shiver. At least, she assumed the hard, warm shaft she could feel through her thin clothing was a cock. Deklan was alien, so perhaps his equipment was different. Although why he’d be aroused in proximity to her was a mystery. Perhaps he was similar to a man and this was just the usual morning reaction.

“Your skin is so smooth and soft,” he murmured as he ran his fingertips along her hip, then her belly, cloth bunching up under his fingers, exposing some skin at her waist. The slight parting of fabric made her shiver, made warmth spike into heat along her nerves. “Not frightened?”

“No,” she whispered, caught up in the intensity of his gaze, the sheer sensual pleasure of having someone touch her.







#MeetandGreetMonday with Eva LeFoy #Futuristic #Sci-Fi #Romance @Eva_Lefoy

Good morning. It’s Meet and Greet Monday!

With us today is Romance Author, Eva Lefoy.

Welcome, Eva!

Thanks for having me here!
Describe a typical day in the life of Eva Lefoy.
Oh it’s much less exciting than you might think. M-F I word 8-5 so I get up and head to the office. I am a commercial insurance account manager and some days that’s boring, other days, it’s exciting in the all the wrong ways. I write at home after dinner. Sometimes it’s hard to make myself go to bed on time!

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live, do you have a significant other, any young ones running around?
I’m a lifelong resident of Washington state although if I could I’d probably move to Europe. Norway maybe, Greece, France, to name a few places. In the meantime I hang out with my hubby gardener and one bossy cat.

What is your favorite junk food?
Chocolate. Chips. Wait, that’s two.

What do you like to do for fun and relax?
Hike. I know, that sounds like work and not relaxing but believe me, when I get to the top of wherever I’m going and I look at the view, it’s very relaxing.

Do you get road rage? What pisses you off the most about other drivers?
I try to avoid road rage. I do live in a very small town at the moment so it’s not so bad. I lived in Seattle for 15 years and the traffic only got worse. It became rather annoying! And dangerous, too, IMO.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Who isn’t? Johnny Depp, Peter Dinklage, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr. are all yum!

What three words would your family use to describe you?
Bratty. Pushy. Bossy. But I’m not, really! It’s just my family are a bunch of whiners!

What is your favorite scent?
Perfume-wise I LOVE Opium and Ysatis and Curve. And Chanel /Coco. Natural wise I’m heavy into Patchouli. You either love it or you hate it and I could bathe in it every hour and never get tired of it!

What was the worst summer job you had in your teens?
Probably babysitting. I didn’t have that many summer jobs so that was nice.

If you had the chance to meet one author – past or present – who would it be? Why?
As far as current authors I would say Sherrilyn Kenyon so I can pick her brain and learn her secrets. Especially since I’m going to write a UF version of The Snow Queen.

Do you have a bucket list? If so, how many items are on it? Have you been able to cross many items off the list?
No. And no. But stay tuned. I might come up with one yet!

Who/What are you currently reading?
I’m reading a little werewolf ditty for research purposes. It’s called Taming Heather by Lorie O’Clare and it’s book I in the Cariboo Lunewulf series.

Writing can be a crazy business. How do you stay positive within the craziness?
Hiking, wine and chocolate. All three in equal measure!

Did you always want to be an author?
I don’t know. I’ve always written but writing for fun and being an author are two different animals. One is far easier than the other.

No matter the story, where do you always draw inspiration from when you begin each story?
It’s always easy for me to come up with a line. Any line. And bam! You’re off and running. Pick a scene and start it right before the action. I’m not big on backstory. If the scene is in the woods then the character is going to be near the woods to start with and I’m not going to put in three pages worth of description!

What is your one pet peeve about the writing business?
It seems like there’s a bit of high school about it sometimes. People at publishing houses can be cliquey. But the authors themselves are usually great to get along with in social media.

What do you find most challenging about writing?
Always learning, always trying to improve and wrap your head around something new.

If you knew then what you know now (about yourself, life, etc) what main piece of advice would you give yourself at age 21?
Ignore men! Seriously. I thought life was all about romantic love at that age. It’s really not. It’s actually all about hiking!

From Eva:
I recently participated in the Sci Spanks blog hop. If you like science fiction or science fiction romance, or if you happen to like spanking stories, take a look at the two themes combined. Every author provided a 2,000 word free short story on their blog. We had such fun doing this!

The hop is over now, but the stories are still great reads.
Here’s a sneak peek at mine:

He raised a bushy dark brown eyebrow the same color as his braided hair. “I promise I will decide your fate fairly.”

I pursed my lips in what I hoped was a pretty pout. “Can’t you maybe punish me for being bad and then let me go?”

Oo’ir’s eyes gleamed at the word punish. I’d heard theirs was a discipline-focused sexuality, but the reports hadn’t been explicit about their tastes. I was forging into unknown territory, both exhilarated and terrified at the possibilities.

“You wish to be punished, Earthling?”

“Yes,” I breathed. “Punish me, Oo’ir. I’ve been a very bad girl.”

His hands grabbed me and pulled me to his chest. The pads of his fingers were rough, like sandpaper. The feel of his chest like warm steel. I bit my lip as my pussy clenched in anticipation.

“Bad,” he repeated.

“Yes. Very bad girl.” Oh, how bad I’d truly been. Oo’ir had no idea.

He picked me up as though I weighed nothing, and strode toward the throne. When he reached it, he set me down on my feet and gave me an appraising look. He fingered the placket of my coat, his gaze on my breasts. “You are fragile. Weak. You will not take much punishment.”

I shook my head in disagreement. The gesture meant the same thing in our languages. “I can take it. Really. Give me what I deserve, Oo’ir.”

He snorted a hot breath out his nose before pulling my coat down and ripping open my blouse. Since I’d worn no bra – who needs one in space with light gravity anyway? – my breasts were fully exposed. He sucked in a breath and grasped both nipples, pinching them hard.

The pain-pleasure circuit in my brain kicked in. I lived for this. To experience exactly this. In every way and with every race I possibly could before I died. I’d made it my life’s study. Showing Oo’ir my submission without betraying my greediness for more would be my difficulty. Wanting to encourage him, I laid my head back and gave the lightest of moans.

“Sturdy enough,” Oo’ir said approvingly. “We will proceed.”

Yes, there is some spanking involved here shortly. But who gets spanked is the question. Who wants it more, her or him? Find out when the longer anthology version of the story is released. For now, read the rest of my short story here:


I also have a very sexy android-human romance out from Decadent Publishing called Download My Love.

Download-My-Love300x450DOWNLOAD MY LOVE

Security Core agent Everett is assigned a special case—protect the daughter of Simon Gold, the father of modern mechanoid life. To ensure her survival, Everett’s given a special EMO upgrade, and can experience love for the first time. He’s soon head over heels and the super-charged sexual attraction threatens to fry his circuits while he fights to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Samantha Gold detests her father’s work. She’s an off-the-grid back-to-lander who wants to keep life simple with her cows and her crops. When her father dies and inadvertently transfers a secret code to a hidden receptor in her brain, it’s only android Agent Everett who can protect her. Can she ever forgive her father for creating Everett—a man so perfect for her that he even loves her cows?

Who doesn’t love androids and cows?


Buy Download My Love here:

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Find Eva here:Eva thumbnail