An Eternity of Roses by Natalie G. Owens ~ #BookSale #TheValthreans #Paranormal @natalie_g_owens

AEOR_EbookfinjBook name: An Eternity of Roses (The Valthreans, Book 1)
Author: Natalie G. Owens
Genre: Paranormal Romance



Two lovers separated by an evil curse.
A desperate quest through time.
A love that wants to beat all odds.
And all the while, deadly danger brews around a two-thousand-year-old secret society and the enemy that lives to decimate it.

“…’Til the end of my life, I shall belong to you as your husband.”

That was the promise Adrian made to Emmaline. And then, he was gone forever…
It is 1807. Adrian Segrave, Viscount Bournemouthe, and Lady Emmaline Deramore are about to wed and British Society teems with excitement at this imminent love match. But Madeleine de Brandeville, a mysterious Frenchwoman, has her lustful and ambitious sights on the groom. When she sets her cruel plan in motion, she leaves devastation in her path.

Heartbroken, Emmaline embarks on an adventure she’d never imagined having. As the world changes and chaos brews, her fate becomes linked with the Valthreans, a group of immortals who must learn to face a deadly enemy that threatens their place in the human world. But all the while, there is one thing she wants more than any other–to get back her man.

When she finally finds her prize and the intense blue flame of desire burns once more, her worst nightmares are far from over and the toughest battle is yet to begin. Will love win the war in the end?

Disclaimer: Contains sexy heroes, strong heroines, intriguing immortals, magic, spells, mystery, amazing adventures, exotic settings, secret cults, and sensual love scenes.

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Author Bio:

Pink velvet and black lace. Light and darkness. A world of contrasts exists in Natalie’s stories because every rose has its thorn. Her favourite stories to write are romances with a dark edge featuring brooding heroes, strong heroines, an intriguing mystery, and a good dash of fantasy.

Married, with one son, she now calls the beautiful island of Malta home after eleven good years in Atlanta, GA. As a professional editor and author, her days are always busy, but when she’s not working—or muttering to herself about her book plots like a batty old maid—she enjoys spending time with family and friends (both online and offline), sipping on a good shiraz, reading, cooking and entertaining, watching a good movie, travelling, and ogling shoe store displays. Most of all, she loves to meet and communicate with other authors and readers.

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Info about the series:

I happen to be a big fan of the Highlander series since it first came out. I simply loved Adrian Paul in his role of tortured hero fighting for justice and survival. Who can resist a character like that? :) Nat promo AEoR (2)

So one day, I started thinking that there are some amazing series out there in the paranormal/fantasy romance genre, but I couldn’t think of a specific one featuring immortals that live under a legal and political system they formed over time. Immortals with their own style of government and their own code of ethics. Basically, a secret society of these special individuals that aims at furthering the interests of its people and the humans they live with. Of course, as with each government, there is opposition—some justified, and some not so much.

Another thought I had was: what if Man had someone—or something—powerful and magical to come to the rescue at certain crucial points in history? Some things could have happened differently—or turned out much worse. And what if Man’s fate and future is determined by warring factions of these immortal beings? The germ of this idea started in my mind, and together with my interest in myth and adventure, the Valthreans were born.

The story and practices of the Valthreans constitute the backdrop of each book in the series, the glue that holds them together. Some pretty amazing characters make up the higher ranks of this unusual organization—sexy heroes and kickass, determined heroines—and my goal is to tell you their stories and happy endings :).



“A sweeping, epic tale of the undying power of true love … the amazing imagery lets you immerse yourself in the story and experience every single low and high right along with the characters.” – Stacey Joy Netzel, New York Times Bestselling Author

“A fast-paced, loving, lovable romp through time and character and romance … with characters who are so fully fleshed that I felt they were standing beside me.”

“WOW! Talk about everlasting love!”

“Wahoo! Yummy and seductive read.”

“Refreshingly different.”

“More than just your everyday romance!”

“The story is tautly engrossing, the plot beautifully constructed, and the characters humanly complex. This paranormal romance is a must read!”

“I truly fell in love with An Eternity of Roses.”

“This story is definitely going into my “To be Read Again” pile.”


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Mid Week Tease: “She was going to hell from lusting after this stranger.” #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing well. And staying warm. The cold snap hasn’t subsided here one bit. It’s become very discouraging to get out of bed!

Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease is another that comes from GUARDING MIDNIGHT, my just recently contracted book with Evernight Publishing. Release date TBD.

Here is a bit of the UNEDITED version since it hasn’t gone through edits just yet.

Shree — aka Midnight — gets her first look at Gavin, her “bodyguard”.

The last forty-five minutes had been a blessing. She’d squeezed a lot of study time in and her workout had been bliss. She chuckled. Most people would think her crazy for enjoying workouts. But if there was no enjoyment in it, then why bother?
It was a mantra she lived by.
Humming, she picked up her pace and tried recalling different medications, temperatures, comingsoonand syringe types in her mind. Deep in study mode, her eyes flew open as a dinging sound filled the room.
She glanced to the right.
Men came in all shapes and sizes with various builds, physiques and widths, and she understood that. But this man, whom she was sure could barely fit through the doorway, was one unlike anything she’d ever seen before.
Tall, at least six-six. Herculean shoulders, biceps that the short sleeves of his white t-shirt had no hope of getting over, and hard thighs were easy to determine even beneath the sweats he wore, which probably got their workout from just carrying this man around every day. Hell even her long arms wouldn’t be able to get around his midsection.
Damn if she didn’t want to try though.
But it was her most favorite feature on a man that captured her attention completely.
His head—bald, tanned…she had a weakness for his kind. To her there was a wildness, a stronger soul to a man who kept things clean and crisp.
His attention zoomed in on her as the door shut behind him.
The amber hue of his eyes reminded her of fine Cognac; clear, luminous and golden like honey.
It was the alcoholic drink she was most partial to. Oh yes, she could get drunk on him for sure. She was going to hell from lusting after this stranger. There was no time in her life for tangling with the opposite sex.
No matter how damn sexy and sinful he is.


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Excerpt ~ The Way You Are by Carly Fall #Military #Suspense #Romance @CarlyFall1

TheWayYouAre-ebook1000pxWhile patrolling the jungles of Guatemala, Marine Garrett “Honey” Bloom found his life changed forever after an explosion, the blast leaving him with the strange supernatural ability to shape-shift into a bear. When a clandestine operative with many secrets offers him an irresistible job offer with his agency, Garrett finds his place in this organization where the rich go for protection and to have their problems solved.

Ruby Rose McDermott, daughter of an oil tycoon, is in need of protection after just barely escaping a kidnapping attempt. When her billionaire father enlists help to find and “handle” the kidnappers, Garrett is tasked with the job of keeping Ruby safe.

Expecting a spoiled, egocentric brat, Garrett is shocked to meet the shy, down-to-earth Ruby. The attraction between them quickly grows, but they soon come to realize they come from different worlds and their romance will be short lived.

An explosive event reveals the identity of Ruby’s kidnapper, turning their world upside down and exposing them to surprising danger. If Garrett and Ruby survive, can they find a way for their worlds to mesh in harmony?


“Can I ask you a question?” His voice sounded barely above a whisper.

She nodded, unable to speak, her breath caught in her throat.

“Have you ever wanted something so bad, but knew you shouldn’t?”

She shrugged, thinking the only thing she had ever really longed for was independence from her family. All of her other needs and wants had been met without any effort on her part. “I don’t know.”

“Well, let’s say you did. Would you try to take it even if you shouldn’t?”

She cleared her throat, unsure of where the conversation was going. “If I did, would I be breaking any rules? Would I go to jail?”

He grinned. “No jail time, but maybe bending some work and personal rules.”

“I guess it would depend on how bad I want it. If the reward outweighed the consequences, then yes, I would take it.”

Garrett nodded and leaned forward, placing his hand behind her neck, threading his fingers through her hair. His lips lightly brushed hers, and he whispered, “I think the tradeoff will be worth it.”

His mouth claimed hers, his tongue urging her lips to part as her head spun. What in the world was going on? The big, bad, drop-dead-gorgeous Marine wanted to kiss her?

Apparently so.

Her mind reeled with the consequences of their actions. Certainly, there had to be rules established by Joe he was breaking, and what about her feelings, her delicate ego? What did he want from her?

She acquiesced and parted her mouth, their tongues engaging in a slow dance. Sighing, she let go of all her questions, fears, and doubts, shut her eyes and laced her arms around his neck, giving herself over to the experience. Her whole body shuddered as he pulled her closer.

He tasted of mint and coffee, and she explored the hard planes of his shoulders and biceps as they embraced, their kiss quickly heating. Gently, he laid her in the snow and stretched out next to her. He took her hands in his right and pulled them up above her head, holding them there. As their tongues dueled, she quivered at his touch, his hand running down her ribcage, to her hip and over her thigh. She moaned as desire bloomed in her belly, her need for him exploding within her.

Gently, he kneaded her breast through her sweatshirt as he peppered her face with slow kisses. Despite lying in the snow, her body heated further, and she wouldn’t have been surprised if she opened her eyes to see the snow around them had melted.

He let go of her hands, and she immediately touched his chest, feeling the warmth of chiseled muscle beneath his turtleneck.

“Holy hell, Ruby,” he whispered against her mouth. “I’ve wanted this since the second I laid my eyes on you, and it’s even better than I’d imagined.”

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Garrett Large

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Carly Fall is a wife, a mother and a slave to the dog, Nicky. She loves to laugh, thinks chocolate and wine should be considered their own food group, and wishes Christmas happened twice a year. She is the author of the the award-winning and Amazon best-selling series, the Six Saviors. She is also the author of the Supernatural Renegades series, and other paranormal and contemporary romance.

Author Links:

Twitter: CarlyFall1



Excerpt from Finding Home by Rebecca Brochu #MM #Contemp @AuthorRBrochu @EvernightPub


findinghome1lContemporary – Gay – Erotic – M/M

Left adrift after escaping from an abusive relationship and being constantly on the move in an effort to stay one step ahead of his abuser has left Salem Rooks with little in the way of personal connections in his life. So when Salem bumps into an attractive stranger on his way to work one morning he isn’t expecting it to lead anywhere. He certainly isn’t expecting it to change his life.

Wyatt Pendleton is handsome, sweet natured, and homeless. Drawn to the quiet strength Wyatt exudes Salem finds himself pulled back to the man’s side time and time again. Working through their differences is a challenge, as is the ever looming shadow of Carter, Salem’s abusive ex, to deal with. Despite that Salem finds that he and Wyatt are both willing to fight and overcome all of it in order to protect the home that they’ve found in each other.


He wanted Wyatt fiercely in that instance and his hands moved down of their own accord to pluck at the waistband of Wyatt’s pants. He was all set to tug at it, to finally see what Wyatt’s cock looked like when one of Wyatt’s hands suddenly wrapped around his fingers and tugged them away. Startled, Salem pulled back far enough to look Wyatt in the face.

Wyatt was flushed, his cheeks red above the dark line of his beard, his lips kiss swollen and his eyes bright with want. Salem’s own face felt hot, the skin of his cheeks and around his mouth rubbed tender by Wyatt’s beard. He leaned forward to kiss Wyatt again, but to his surprise and slight hurt Wyatt shook his head slowly. Salem sat frozen as Wyatt raised a hand up to slowly, carefully, cup his jaw in the warmth of his palm instead in a gesture that had quickly grown familiar between the two of them.

“We can’t, Salem. Not now, not just yet.” Wyatt’s voice was a deep, throaty rasp that made Salem’s stomach flutter for a brief second before he focused on what had been said.

“Why not?” Salem cleared his throat and did his best to ignore the huskiness of his own voice as doubt crept up on him suddenly. It was enough to break through the passionate haze that had fallen over him. “Do you not want me?” Salem shifted nervously where he was pressed against Wyatt’s body as he waited for the answer. He was sure Wyatt did want him, but he still felt compelled to ask. He could feel the line of his cock pressed against his own hip, a thick hot weight that made Salem want to sigh in anticipation, but it suddenly wasn’t proof enough. He’d been wrong about so much in the past that Salem needed the reassurance.

“I want you.” Wyatt replied instantly before he leaned back down into Salem’s space to nip and suck at his earlobe. Salem shuddered. “I’ve wanted you for weeks now. I’ve imagined being with you, in you, a hundred times. I’d daydream about kissing you, about how you’d taste, what you’d feel like. Wanting’s not the issue, Salem.”




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Out Now – Sexy Just Got Rich: Brit Babes Do Billionaires @8britbabes #erotica #romance #bdsm #billionaire


sexyjustgotrich**Available at an introductory price of just $0.99/99p for a limited time!**

Billionaires have it all but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to work hard to get what their hearts desire. In this brand new anthology of erotic BDSM stories the Brit Babes offer heroes and heroines who aren’t shy about taking what they want. From farmyards to luxury penthouses, wealth is all about sating needs, connecting souls and taking pleasure to new highs. Whether you’re looking for a coffee break read or something longer to curl up in bed with, you’ll find something to suit your needs in Sexy Just Got Rich.

Containing stories from Lexie Bay, Victoria Blisse, Natalie Dae, Harlem Dae, Lucy Felthouse, K D Grace, Lily Harlem, Kay Jaybee and Tabitha Rayne.

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Heart pounding and palms clammy, Catriona forced herself to put one foot in front of the other and walked into the bookshop. It was bedlam. She’d never seen a bookshop so busy in her life.

She paused just inside the door. What the fuck was she doing? If someone saw her, recognised her—

She shook her head sharply and clenched her fists until her fingernails dug into her flesh, the nipping pain bringing her back to her senses.

No one would recognise her, she reminded herself, because no one knew who she was. Well, people knew who she was—but not in relation to the reason she was here.

Taking a deep breath and attempting to behave like a normal person, she continued through the shop, trying to figure out where she needed to be. Not that she even needed to be here at all. It was insanity that had drawn her out of her Thames-side apartment and into the bowels of the Tube, and finally into the huge Piccadilly bookstore.

What else but insanity would make a person head into central London to buy a copy of a book on the same day it came out? Especially when one already had a large box of copies of said book stuffed into the bottom of one’s wardrobe. Complimentary author copies, according to the note from the publisher.

Maybe it was curiosity, she thought, as she joined the back of the queue snaking across the ground floor of the shop. Nobody nearby was holding a copy of the book yet, so she assumed that somewhere between here and the till there was a stack of the paperbacks, ready to be picked up and paid for. And presumably read. Christ.

Surreptitiously, Catriona pinched the back of her hand. Wincing, she figured she had to get her head around this situation, and fast. It was only going to get bigger and crazier—or so the publisher’s marketing team, a bunch of young, attractive and scarily glamorous people, had told her.

She’d already seen plenty of evidence of their expenditure on the way over—billboards, bus shelters, ads on the Underground; all displaying huge versions of her book cover, proclaiming it a bestseller, quoting stellar reviews and even lauding it “the next big thing” and “the next Fifty Shades of Grey.” One strap line even said “Who needs Christian Grey when you’ve got Eliza Dickinson?”

It was the fact that her book had even been compared to the first big thing that she couldn’t quite grasp.

The Fifty Shades phenomenon had spawned merchandise, sex toys and even a film. But it was just a one-off, wasn’t it? Something that couldn’t be replicated, shouldn’t be replicated.

Catriona certainly hadn’t set out to write a book to appeal to the same readership. All she’d done was take out her real life frustrations—both sexual and otherwise—on the keyboard of her laptop. The rest had simply been a freak of nature.

How could it appeal to the same readership, anyway? Her characters were the complete opposite of E.L. James’—her lead female, Eliza, was a dominatrix, and Leon her willing sub. Or he was by the end of the book, anyway.

It didn’t matter. None of it mattered. Her book was out, today, and what happened next was completely out of her hands. She should just relax and go with the flow. Though she still couldn’t get over the fact that people were not only buying her book—they were queuing to buy it. Patiently, too, despite the glacial speed at which they were moving forward. Did they only have one till open, or something?

People had joined the line behind her as she’d been ruminating, and she shuffled around slightly so she could see how many more were waiting. Shit—there were loads! She couldn’t even see the end of the queue.

Her surprise must have shown on her face, because the man behind her let out a chuckle. “It’s crazy, isn’t it?” he said. “All these people waiting to buy a book when we could have purchased online—probably cheaper—and had it delivered directly to our doors. Or in a single click, have it appear on our eReaders.”

Catriona hadn’t even thought of that. So, not only were people here, in the bookstore—and presumably stores all over the country, too—they were buying online, loading up eReaders… all for her little book!


About The Brit Babes:

The Brit Babes are eight British erotica writers coming together to bring you the hottest romance to satisfy your cravings. So go on, indulge yourself and explore your kinky side!

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Excerpt from Masquerade by Victoria Vale #Regency #Erotic #Review @eroticabyvicki



Title: Masquerade

Series: Book #1 in the Scandalous Ballroom Encounters series

Author: Victoria Vale

Release date: February 14, 2015

Genre: Regency era Erotic Romance

Formats: e-book only (Coming soon in audio)


Blurb: Scandalous Ballroom Encounters is a series of erotic romances set against the dazzling, opulent backdrop of the Regency era in London, England. Lords and Ladies were expected to behave with propriety during those times … but what happened behind closed doors, when no one could witness the debauched and lusty encounters between members of the nobility? Masquerade400x600

Margaret Seymour is bored by the stifling constraints of society dictating her behavior as a debutante in search of a husband. Her prospects are promising by the standards of London society, yet, not one of them causes her heart to flutter, or her head to fill with scintillating, forbidden fantasies. Those feelings are reserved for Camden Rycroft, Duke of Avonleah—a man who isn’t even aware of her existence.

While attending a scandalous Vauxhall Gardens masquerade, Margaret finds herself in the duke’s arms. His promise of a night of pleasure is tempting, but is it worth it when Avonleah is a known rake notorious for his short attention span and avoidance of marriage?

Camden Rycroft is intrigued by the masked vixen he encounters in the Gardens. After one night with her leaves him hungry for more, his desire for her turns into a fiery obsession. Despite the scandal that could ensue from their affair, he finds himself unable to extract himself from a situation destined to end in pain. When faced with losing Margaret to a potential husband, will he rise to the occasion, or risk living without her?

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When he turned to face her, he was confronted by her back. She’d turned away from him, pretending to inspect an ornate vase set upon a table that was a work of art in and of itself. The arrangement of flowers bursting from the top of it were lovely, but hardly worthy of her intense scrutiny. Camden grinned as he approached. She was trying to avoid conversation with him.

“Well, well,” he murmured, pausing just before the toes of his evening shoes touched the hem of her gown. “Miss Margaret Seymour, we meet at last.”

She tensed, her back going stiff. “Your Grace—”

“Camden,” he insisted, his voice dropping to a low whisper.

Your Grace,” she rasped through gritted teeth. “Please, this is quite unseemly.”

He stole a glance over his shoulder to ensure they went unseen. His broad shoulders all but shielded her from the rest of the room, and the others were too entrenched in their own conversations to notice them. He brought his hand up, allowing his fingers to trail from the nape of her neck, down to where her dress began, then further, tracing the row of tiny buttons running down the back of the garment.

“My name, love,” he murmured, his eyes fixating on the curve of her neck and almost-bare shoulders. “I want to hear you say it again, as you did the night we were together. You whispered it when I teased your perfect tits with my tongue. You moaned it when I tasted your sweet little cunt. You screamed it when I fucked you.”

She shivered as he shifted, just a bit closer. So close now, that his breath rustled the stray hairs caressing the back of her neck. Her shudder caused his cock to pulsate with painful insistence. The thrill of being near her again overcame his good sense and he lowered his head toward her, his lips brushing the back of her neck.

“Camden,” she mewled, swaying back toward him. The swell of her ass brushed against his crotch, almost crippling him.

He gritted his teeth and moved until he was beside of her and fought against the erection begging to be sheathed. “That’s better,” he growled. “Now, what have you done to yourself?” He pretended to inspect the arrangement as well, but studied her in his peripheral vision. Her milky white and pale green gown was lovely, yet hardly did her justice; not as the scarlet getup she’d worn to the masquerade had.

She frowned, turning her head a tick and spearing him with a confused glance. “I beg your pardon?”

“What happened to the vivacious little vixen I spent the night with?” he demanded, his voice raising a bit. “The one who waltzed with me beneath the stars and kissed me so boldly in public? The one who gave me one of the best nights of my life before running out in the morning without a nary a good-bye? What have you done with her?”

She squared her shoulders, avoiding his gaze once more. “You are mistaken if you believe the woman you met is the woman I truly am. I wore more than one mask that night, Camden. This is who I am. Miss Margaret Seymour, daughter of Baron Lisbroke and Lady Seymour. Prim and proper lady. For God’s sake, I am not even allowed to waltz in public yet.”

Camden heard the derision in her tone. The woman she claimed to be was not who she truly wished to be, that much was clear. “I don’t believe you,” he said. “I believe this mask—the one you wear now—is the true façade. It is no wonder I never noticed you. How could I, when you’ve hidden your true self away?”

She lowered her eyes to the carpet, though her shoulders remained squared, her head erect. “In case you hadn’t noticed, the ton isn’t exactly forgiving toward women who step outside the dictates of society—especially when one is not of high rank like, say, a duchess.”

He frowned at that. Damn her, she was right and now he felt like a bloody fool for the things he’d said. Of course she played the role of the biddable daughter and debutante. She could never make a good match otherwise. Although, now, if she did make a good match she’d have the devil of a time explaining her lack of virginity. While many women of the ton were familiar with ways of tricking their bridegrooms into believing they’d deflowered a virgin, Maggie did not seem the type to stoop to deceit.

Her dilemma wasn’t his concern. Not when she’d assured him that a night with him had been her deepest desire. If Cranfield was too dense to know the difference between a real maidenhead and a false one, then the man deserved what he got.

“Meet me tonight,” he whispered, ensuring once more that they went unheard. “You can be yourself with me, you know that.”

“I cannot,” she said. “The first time was a risk. To do it again would be …”

“The fulfillment of your wildest dreams,” he said, when she’d trailed off. “You confessed as much to me, remember? However, you did not allow me to prove my prowess beyond the one time we made love. Don’t you want to know what it’s like to straddle me and ride my cock? Or to rest on your hands and knees while I fuck you from behind, giving me the perfect view of that pretty little backside?”

She bit her lower lip and her eyes slid closed. “Camden, please.”

“Yes,” he murmured, “there will be plenty of that. Yes, Camden. Please, Camden. More, Camden. You want it, Maggie, and so do I. Come to me tonight.”

Her eyes flew open, darting as she seemed to think over his proposal. He held his breath. She was on the verge of capitulating, he could feel it.

“You can spend the rest of your life as a stuffy, boring, married lady if that’s what you wish,” he continued. “But before then, you should know what true pleasure is. Do something for yourself, something you truly want, before you’re forced to bend to duty.”

A breath of a moment passed between them before she replied. Her answer was a whispered, tortured sound. “Yes. I want that.”

He grinned. “Good girl.”


About the author:
Victoria Vale has written over two dozen Romance and Young Adult novels under various pseudonyms. As a lover of erotic romance, she enjoys nothing more than a sexy hero paired with a sassy heroine, flavored with a dash of spice and lots of heat. A wife and mother of three, she enjoys reading (of course), cooking, sewing … and other activities that aren’t appropriate for inclusion in a biography.

Visit her online:

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My Review:

5 Stars!
I really enjoyed the first book in the Scandalous Ballroom Encounter Series. It is a bold and thrilling tale of finding one’s own way through life and not allowing anyone to make decisions for them. Maggie is a fierce and sassy heroine I liked a lot. Camden endeared himself to me with his rakish and charming ways. I loved these characters together, the smoldering passion that leaped off the pages and the excitement that there will be more to this series soon!!

Mid Week Tease: “What he wouldn’t give to claim the first taste.” #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! Another week in February gone! Bit the dust. See you again next year! Already 2015 seems to be flying by. And winter doesn’t seem to want to leave yet. The minus 30 temps in my area of Ontario, Canada has been frigid and I wish I could hibernate and not come back out until sometime in May!

Special thanks to Sandra Bunino for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from GUARDING MIDNIGHT, my just recently contracted book with Evernight Publishing. Release date TBD.

Here is a bit of the UNEDITED version since it hasn’t gone through edits just yet. I hope you enjoy a bit of Gavin. GM is a “Roadhouse meets Burlesque” type feel.  Here, he’s just entered the club where he’ll be protector/bouncer for a while, and notices the talented “Midnight” for the first time…

The music picked up tempo, filling the area with rapid rhythms and a lot of bass.
Rock beats from a single on the last Nickelback album shook the floor. He couldn’t keep from tapping against the bar. His Army regimen played the band’s albums continuously. Hell, they were all Canadian and had to support home-country talent.
A blur of red and black rushing out on stage caught his attention. A woman skulked along at the front of the stage, bending, twirling and angling her hot, sexy bod, and would
comingsoonno-doubt capture every man’s attention when she performed.
Gavin swallowed hard, his eyes peeled to the sexy display in front of him.
Red sports bra and tight spandex shorts barely contained her curvy, tanned body dancing at lightning speed around the stage.
Long, toned legs stretched, her body twirled the pole as if it was made for her. Though she wore barely-there spandex, she didn’t give off a stripper vibe. Her thighs clung to the metal showing off strong muscles. Without moving her legs from the pole, she let go with her hands and planted them firmly on the floor. She moved like a worm as she stayed suspended, the pole between her legs as her arms held her up. Her tight, large breasts were so tempting. His mouth watered.
The woman was skilled and in-tune with her body, and with what she had to offer.
And boy, if she didn’t have a lot to offer.
Her breasts were definitely more than a handful, which was just how he liked them. Small, medium, large, and bountiful…as long as he could stick his dick in between the mounds and fuck them till his load burst all over a woman’s chin, lips, chest, neck, and in her hair. He loved to see his pleasure all over a woman.
His mouth watered because of the seductive goddess on stage.
Her long, dark and wavy hair clung to her face and shoulders, spinning around as much as she did. Bends, kicks, gymnast moves…he was impressed.
A flick of her hair, she turned and glanced back over her shoulder, her hips swaying to the distinct bass. Facing the empty seats, she covered the stage, her movements skilled and quick. He watched, transfixed at the many steps and could only guess at the training this woman needed to have in order to make it look so easy.
As the song ended, she bent at the waist, breathing deep. Her gaze caught on his.
He drew in a deep breath.
Damn, those dark depths laser focused on his, holding him in place. Desire coursed through him, pulling at him to forget his reason for being here and find out more about her.
Beautiful. He loved everything about her gorgeous face. From her high cheek bones to the perfectly shaped lips that looked luscious and tasty from where he sat.
What he wouldn’t give to claim the first taste. Of those lips and anywhere else from head to toe.

Coming soon with Evernight Publishing
My other EP Titles


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