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Good morning. It’s Meet and Greet Monday!

With us today is Romance Author, Ela Stein.

Welcome, Ela!

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live, do you have a significant other, any young ones running around?
Wow, thank you so much for having me here today!! So excited to stop by an share a little bit!
Currently, I live in Delaware, in USA… which is near Philly and not too far from NYC. It’s kind of nice – close enough to the “fun” places, and small enough that we get to have no taxes! Liquor stores abound as soon as you cross the border ;) I live with my husband and two awesome kids. They totally make my world go round.

Tell us, what’s the first thought that comes to your head when you read the following words…
Rainbows …butterflies
Shifters …Alcide … yep, that about sums it up!
Sunsets …skinny dipping
Game of Thrones …only like the best series EVER!
Miley Cyrus… big tongues

What is your favorite junk food?

What do you like to do for fun and relax?
Scrapbook. One of those hobbies it’s easy to get obsessed with.

Have you read any books that have made you cry?
Um… this is a total downer, but I have to say “Diary of Anne Frank”… if you want a good cry, that one will get you every single time.

Who do you think is hotter – Chris or Liam Hemsworth?
Chris. I mean, who wouldn’t pick Thor!?

Who is your celebrity crush?
I have a bit of an off taste, so I would have to say Joaquin Phoenix and Leonardo DiCaprio… a dash of crazy never fails to spice things up. *g*

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
Okay, I’ve been obsessively watching all 3 seasons of Once Upon a Time, and I’d have to say I’d trade places with Emma for a week for sure. I think a week is plenty of time to hook up with Hook, right??

***OMG YES! I agree!!**

If you were given an all-expense paid, five day/night trip to anywhere, where would you go?
Somewhere in Asia. I’ve been lots of places around the world, but haven’t made my way there yet. It would be so cool and exotic. Japan or China or Thailand. I would love a trip like that.

What three words best describe you?
Creative, determined, and different ;)

What is the most played song on your iPod/MP3 Player?
This is totally 1980’s pre-technology of me, but I just listen to whatever is on the radio. I don’t even have an ipod. But I do get obsessed with certain songs once in a while and hunt them down on YouTube. I love alternative sort of music – White Stripes, Black Keys, etc.

What song are you most sick of hearing right now?
Miley Cyrus… pretty much anything by her.

If you had the chance to meet one author – past or present – who would it be? Why?
Anne Rice. I love her writing and come on… she’s totally not afraid to speak her mind, so right or wrong, at least it wouldn’t be a boring conversation!

If you could have a superpower, what would you wish it to be?
Flying. I used to be obsessed with that idea when I was a kid, and I still kind of am. How cool would it be to be so free?

What bestselling book or series do you wish you had written?
I have to say, I really love the “New Species” series by Laurann Dohner. It’s amazing, and she should be very proud of herself.

Writing can be a crazy business. How do you stay positive within the craziness?
Let’s just say negativity and rejection comes with the parcel whenever you pursue any creative endeavor. Pursuing creative endeavors, whatever form they take at the time, is just who I am, so I have no choice but to accept the craziness that comes with it. I am who I am.

What is your one pet peeve about the writing business?
Big publishing houses’ condescending attitudes toward writers.

What do you think is your greatest strength as a writer?
Really getting into those characters. Being that other person while I’m writing is pretty cool. Kind of like getting to experience flying in my mind – the next best thing to reality.

What do you think is your greatest weakness as a writer?
Letting my moods get in the way of getting my butt into that chair and writing no matter what. Still working on that one.


Hello everyone! I am so pleased to be here, and I have to thank my hostess, Kacey, for having me.
Love’s Labyrinth came out in May with Evernight Publishing, and although I’ve had a couple months to get used to the idea of being a “published author”, it’s still a pretty cool… and somewhat foreign feeling. When I was a kid, reading was my escape, it was my best friend, and it was better than chocolate cake. I also loved to create things and make a lot of stuff up in my head, so of course I ended up writing for fun as well. I never went further than having fun with it until recently, though. I was brought up to think about practical pursuits (that is, a regular, steady paycheck). And so I followed that path for pretty much all my life, making art and writing on the side “just for fun”. Here comes a little self-disclosure… I turned 35 last September and it suddenly hit me – I hadn’t gotten very far with my dreams of being published and I wasn’t getting any younger. I focused my thoughts and energy on it, and got more serious… and amazingly, it paid off. Just a few months later, I had my acceptance from Evernight, and finally, last May, my dreams came true. I know that comes off as pretty cliché, but I’m saying all this just to illustrate how much “Love’s Labyrinth” means to me. I wrote the book I wanted to write, and included all the elements I love the most – genuine feelings, love, danger, excitement, hot sex, and a fantasy setting. I was true to myself and didn’t compromise my artistic vision while pursuing my goals of getting my work out there, and I’m very proud of the end result! “Love’s Labyrinth” is a hot menage novella, set in a fantasy world, and I hope my readers enjoy it as well.


Love’s Labyrinth by Ela Stein

Love's LabryinthAuria enters the magical Labyrinth on New Year’s Eve, and its halls guide her to the two men she is fated to be with. Brener has loved her from afar since they were children, and Jhennen is a Warrior-Guard, commanding in personality and intimidating in physical presence.

They share a life-changing, passionate night together, but come morning, they must decide if their one-night menage can be the beginning of something new. When trouble threatens to tear Auria away from her life and the two men she is starting to develop feelings for, their connection just might be her only hope for salvation.


Buy Links:
Evernight Publishing



Connect with Ela:


#CoverReveal ~ Campus Cravings Multi-Author Anthology #M/M #Romance @Cassandra_Carr

ebook 3d bundle2

Welcome to Cathia University, where school is in session! Nine of today’s hottest gay romance authors have crafted brand-new interrelated novellas celebrating everything wonderful about college, with over 200,000 words featuring sophisticated professors, sexy teaching assistants, ambitious grad students, and spirited undergraduates, all looking for the same thing: an A+ in true love.

Authors Included:

Annabeth Albert: Winning Bracket

Cassandra Carr: The Eloquent Jockebook 3d bundle3

Dalton Diaz: Lesson Learned

Mia Downing: Switching Leads

Whitley Gray: Artistic Endeavor

Bianca Sommerland: Solid Education

KyAnn Waters: Private Lessons

LA Witt: Did Somebody Order a Pizza?

Sara York: The Dust Of Everyday Life


Add Campus Cravings to your Goodreads to-be-read-list here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22738703-campus-cravings

Expected Release Date: Late August 2014!!!

ebook 3d bundle1_HiRes





#NewRelease ~ Wicked Hot Kill by Karly Germain #Paranormal #M/M @karly_germain @EvernightPub

Cheetah shifter, Killian “Kill” McNamee is the deadliest of shadow hunters—an Ender. If anyone in the Umbra world stepped out of line, got in his way, or became a problem, Kill lived up to his name. Hardened and soulless, Kill didn’t expect a brief encounter in an alley with a strange man to turn into something more serious. And thanks to a run-in with a pack of Werewolves, Kill finds himself in the kind of trouble he’d never before experienced.

Torin Stone, Dhampir, has lived many lives and experienced multiple heartbreaks through his long life and is not looking for any kind of involvement, especially with a wild, sexy, out of control cheetah shifter who is his complete opposite. After an attack by the Weres, Torin is the only one who can help Kill survive.
The more time they spend together, the stronger the bond between them. Torin will do anything to convince Kill they are mates. How can Torin resist rubbing against some—wicked, hot Kill?
BOOK #3 in my paranormal MM shifter series: THE UMBRA SHIFTERS
#1- His Great Dane short story found in Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition Anthology
#2-Stone Cold Beast
Excerpt: PG-13
The conversation stumbled along to the end of dinner. Kill stood, eager to escape. “I should be going. You all stay and enjoy dessert. Thanks for dinner.”
Daric stood and embraced him tight. “I love you, Killian.”
“Love you too, my brother,” Kill whispered in Daric’s ear.
As they parted, Torin also got to his feet. “I should make my exit. It’s been a long day.”
More good-byes and thank yous, and Kill and Torin found themselves standing on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.
“Need a lift?” Kill offered half-heartedly.
“I can walk. It’s not far.”
“My car’s in the parking lot across the way. Take the ride, it’s damned cold,” Kill said, the command sounded a little too brusque, but who cares?
Torin exhaled in exasperation. “Fine.”
The parking lot was dark and deserted. Kill fished in his coat pocket for his car keys.
Suddenly, Torin grabbed his arm and pushed him back against a truck. “I’ve wanted to do this all night. I wanted to do this that night in the alley….” Torin’s lips crashed against his as he cupped Kill’s face while taking the kiss deep. He plunged his tongue in, licking and tasting.
After the moment of shock passed, Kill groaned and returned the kiss. Passionate, hot, and wild. This was nuts. They were in a public place. Anyone could see. Fantastic.
“Come back to my hotel,” Torin murmured between kisses.
Oh shit, yeah. Kill had no idea what brought this on, but he’d take it. The fact that he had rattled Mr. In-Control not only stoked his desire, but touched him deep in unknown, dark places.
“Isn’t this cozy? And look, Joe, they’re both here together.”
Kill and Torin sprang apart. At first Kill thought the idiots were just a couple of drunks who got off beating on gay guys, but Kill sensed much more. His inner alarm rang loud and long.
The one called Joe stepped out of the shadows.  A Werewolf.

and coming soon to Barnes and Noble

STONE COLD BEAST by Karly Germain
 #2 in The Umbra Shifters



The Umbra Shifters, 2
Ethan Stone, lion shifter, had lived many lives. He’d been a biker, musician, and an Umbran, or shadow hunter. Everything changed two years ago when a nightclub fire killed the members of his rock band and left him the only survivor. Now scarred and living the solitary life of a nomad, Ethan just wants to be left alone in his isolated world.
Daric McNamee, a cheetah shifter and also an Umbran, has been given an assignment. Ethan Stone. Find out what happened the night of the fire and recruit Stone back into the Umbran. Not an easy task considering Ethan is stubborn and wary. Almost immediately, both men feel a mate connection, but the last thing Daric wants is to be a submissive to a scarred, terminally angry lion shifter.
However, the attraction between them can’t be denied—though Ethan tries. When it comes time for them to part, will they admit they are mates? Can Daric convince Ethan he is more than a stone cold beast?
Be Warned: m/m sex
Read The Umbra Shifters, 1 in Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition



HIS GREAT DANE by Karly Germain
#1 in The Umbra Shifters

Look for the short story in The Umbra Shifters ‘His Great Dane’ in  in the bestselling ‘Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition’


Strength. Power. Domination.
 The shifters in our Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition anthology have one thing in common—they won’t take “no” for an answer. Whether they lead packs of their own, or whether they walk a solitary path, these alphas won’t let anyone stop them from claiming their men.
 Lose yourself in these ten sinfully delicious love stories. After all, who could deny an Alpha’s claim?
BUY LINKS:  For Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition

                                              Karly Germain Website/Facebook/Twitter
An erotic romance writer, Karly believes romance is for everyone, and she loves to explore every facet and emotion involved regardless of gender or number of partners. The more heat and spice, the better. Happily ever afters are a must. So are shirtless, hunky men.

#MeetandGreetMonday with Teresa Hardister #Spirituality @THardister




Good morning. It’s Meet and Greet Monday!
With us today is Inspirational Author, Teresa Hardister.

Welcome, Teresa!

How long after you get up in the morning are you at your desk writing?
I love to write early in the morning. My best ideas come at 6 am and I can get on a serious roll if I start out first thing with writing. So to answer your question, as soon as I have a cup of coffee on my desk, I start writing.

What is a typical day like for you?
My days are so unplanned, none are really just alike, but I do have certain things I do every day. I write in the mornings, go for my walk, check out my garden, goof off for a bit and then I meander to my swing with my headphones on and listen to music, most every day. Of course I have family life to take care of, and my day ends with supper and knocking new ideas around on paper. Any number of random funny things can happen in my day, and I always look forward to them.

Tell us, what’s the first thought that comes to your head when you read the following words…
Romance …passion, kissing, rainy nights with the windows open.
Spring …Rebirth, happiness, fresh, renewed spirit.
Vacation …escape, leisure, pleasure
Beaches …sand, sun, inner peace, home.
Big Bang Theory …Bazinga!

What is the most devilish thing you’ve ever done?
Ahhh! When my sister I were younger, I tied her to the front of my ATV four wheeler and would slam on brakes before getting to a tree, leaving her to believe we were going to hit it head on. I am much nicer now, I promise!

What is your favorite junk food?
Doritos with French onion dip.

What do you like to do for fun and relax?
Music, music is the most relaxing activity I can partake in. I also love to just be outside, whether it is gardening, playing in mud, fishing, or camping, as long as it is outdoors.

What five items do you take everywhere with you – besides cell phone, keys and purse/wallet?
Lip gloss, a token coin that my Mother gave me before she passed, photos of my family, breath mints and also some sort of jewelry in case I decide it is fitting to wear it.

Do you like to cook? What is your favorite dish to make?
I love to cook so much. I grew up in the South and so much of our culture is based on food and spending time in the kitchen. I would say my favorite things to cook are traditional Southern dishes: fried chicken, okra, homemade biscuits, gravy, and veggies. I try to be careful about frying everything, but here, it is a given!

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
I would say Edna, the main character from The Awakening by Kate Chopin. She led a somber unhappy life, but she threw caution to the wind and allowed herself to live in a time when it wasn’t acceptable for women to be rebels and to shed their ladylikeness.

Have you ever thrown a book you’ve been reading against the wall because you couldn’t finish it?
Yes! I normally always read a book before I see a movie version of it, but I watched “Under a Tuscan Sun” and loved it so much that I got the book. I began reading it and just couldn’t finish, it was so hard to understand and I was highly irritated that it didn’t flow and I had to keep refereeing back to even make sense of it at all.

What are you scared of most – spiders or snakes? If neither, what are you most afraid of?
Oh, good gracious, snakes! I just saw a black racer in my yard the other day and I flipped out. I detest them, it doesn’t matter if they are poisonous or nonpoisonous; I act like a two year having a tantrum when I see them.
***You and me both!!! My boys were never allowed to have rubber snakes. Seriously couldn’t even stand those ones. I’m very terrified of ANY snake.***

Who is your celebrity crush?
Oh that is tough; I have a couple or five! Kenny Chesney, because we have similar backgrounds and heritage and I admire his “don’t quit and don’t care what people think” attitude. Also, (and, yes, I am a weirdo), I grew up with a huge crush on Chewbacca from Star Wars!

If you were given an all-expense paid, five day/night trip to anywhere, where would you go?
I would go right here in my home state to the shore. I love the Outer Banks area, and Rodanthe, where the wild horses run freely along the beach and all you can see is water and sand.

Which Avenger character are you?
Oh, I am the Hulk. Actually, my Mom used to call me that. My eyes change colors, and when I am mad they change from blue to green, so the Hulk seems very fitting.

If you could have a superpower, what would you wish it to be?
I would want to have the power of healing. So many people suffer in this world, some with visible illnesses and others that can’t be seen, and to be able to heal them would be such a great gift.

What song are you most sick of hearing on the radio right now?
Happy, by Pharell! I can’t handle that song! I find myself singing along with it and it makes me crazy!

If you had the chance to meet one author – past or present – who would it be? Why?
Oh, such a hard question. I would say from the past, Ernest Hemingway. I am in love with his work and have been my entire life. As for modern day, I would choose Nicholas Sparks. I am fascinated by how his mind works and how he creates such amazing pieces.

Tell us about your “big break” in the publishing world. Was there any one person believe in your work first (besides yourself of course)?
My Mom had urged me to share my writing for many years. I began writing as a child, but was very afraid to share it. I followed her guidance and decided that I would take the leap. She never waivered in her belief in me and my writing; and even though she is no longer with me here, I still feel her presence when I begin to write. What did you do to celebrate your first contract? I think my Mom, my sons and I ordered Chinese take out, and danced the entire night away in my living room with random bouts of screaming in disbelief.

Did you always want to be an author?
For as long as I can remember I have been writing. I went through a brief period in high school when I wanted to be a marine biologist, but writing has always been my one true love.

No matter the story, where do you always draw inspiration from when you begin each story?
I look into my past, I look into happenings around me and I compare what elements could be the same. I listen to so many people and I observe them, and I store it all away in my mind until it’s time for it to surface and be used on paper.

book2Uniquely Nobody (Author’s Edition)


I am nobody. I have no celebrity status other than possibly being known locally as the one who taped her pants in high school, or the bait shop girl.

I am not wealthy.

At times, I’m clueless.

I have taken many pages of mental notes and learned on my journey as a mother, friend, daughter, and, ultimately, a human being, that this chaotic world we live in is about the little things.

Moments, experiences, and priceless joys that we all share make us our own Unique Nobody.

Life can swirl by us pretty fast. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to hold hands with friends, skip, go fishing, and to remind ourselves that we are all here to live in each moment and treasure being our own somebody!

This book was written in hopes of making people feel good about themselves, and to make them assess their own lives.

Walking away feeling a sense of pride because of who and what you are, every one of us nobodies are our own somebody!

The Author’s Edition is much like a Director’s cut, it contains new content, and some deleted text and many revisions.

Buy Links:
Amazon.com — Ebook
Amazon.com – Paperback

Teresa Hardister is forty one years old, she lives with her husband and two sons in North Carolina. She hopes to touch one person daily and bring them new insight.

Connect with Teresa:
Teresa’s Blog




#CoverReveal ~ Mustang Maddy by Kacey Hammell #ComingSoon #Erotica #RevvedandReadySeries


Coming Soon, the 2nd Revved and Ready book, Mustang Maddy!!


Cover art by PJ Friel http://www.amberstar.net Contemporary Erotica

Grey Burkhardt is an expert at a lot of things. Including keeping his feelings for Madison Evans in check. Sexy as sin and sweet as honey, she’s always revved his engine. But she’s his next door neighbor. No way is he going to muck up friendly neighborhood relations just to satisfy the heat simmering between them.

Madison has never seen anything sexier than the tricked out GT Mustang Grey has been keeping under wraps. Other than the glint of danger and intrigue in Grey’s eyes when he offers her a ride. Now is her chance to act on the deep passion swirling inside her because this may just be her one shot at taking control.


Contemp Erotic Romance

Book 1 currently available. Click HERE for buy links.


#NewRelease ~ Eventuality by Peggy Martinez #TimeWarperSeries #Sale #99cents! @PeggySMartinez

ReleaseDaySaleGraphicEventuality (Book #3 in the #TimeWarper series) by Peggy Martinez is only $2.99! Contingency (Book #1) is #FREE! Relativity (Book #2) is only $0.99 for a limited time. Pick up all THREE books today for under $4!

Contingency: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008FQ1SUM

Relativity: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BIROVX6

Eventuality: http://tinyurl.com/TWeventuality


Author Bio:

When not writing, Peggy can be found spending time at home with her husband, her teen son, and four little girls. She loves reading, writing, soap making, aromatherapy, gangster movies, prepping for the zombie apocalypse, and downing insane amounts of Twizzlers and Kazoozles.

As if being a wife and homeschooling mom of five doesn’t keep her busy enough, Peggy Martinez is a full time Author who has six published books, including The Time Warper Series, State of Decay, Sweet Contradiction, and Unnatural Occurrence. Peggy’s dream is to own a small homestead where she can raise some chickens along with her five kids, tend to a large garden, and one day take her dream vacation’s to Ireland, Greece and Scotland.

The State of Decay series was picked up by Permuted Press and will re-release along with two more books planned in the series. Another trilogy, an alternate history, post apocalyptic series, will also be debuting via Permuted.


Links (Author):

Website: http://www.peggy-martinez.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/peggysmartinez

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorPeggyMartinez

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Peggy-Martinez/e/B008FSYPQY/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1392683295&sr=8-2-ent


Author Interview:

1. Favorite Book? Jane Eyre

2. Favorite Food? Mexican

3. Favorite Candy? Kazoozles

4. Favorite Music? Oldies

5. Favorite kid? LOL

6. Beach, Mountains, or City? Mountains

7. Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate? Sherbet

8. Favorite Romance Movie? Braveheart. What?

9. Favorite Zombie Flick? Zombieland

10. TV Series? Game of Thrones

11. Actor Crush? Denzel

12. Most disappointing book-to-television series? True Bloodpostcard-4inx4in-round-front

13. Astrological Sign? Aquarius

14. Hardest book to write so far? Eventuality

15. Worst Fear? Heights

16. Writing snack of choice? Slim Jims

17. Favorite Author? Charlotte Bronte

18. Xbox or PS3? Umm, Gamecube?

19. Describe yourself in one word. Whackado

20. Who does Sage end up with in the Time Warper series? Muahahaha!


Sage Hannigan: Faerie Fashion & excerpt!

SAGEPolyvoreSeveral chapters involve Sage wearing a very special outfit made for her by a Faerie seamstress. Here is a little look into what the outfit may have looked like! J


I stepped closer to the mirror, my eyes wide as I studied my reflection. My pants were made of the softest and thinnest navy blue silk I’d ever seen. They were wide legged and hung on me perfectly, accenting my back-side, but falling loose and comfortable just in case I need to throat-kick someone. I smiled. My top was truly something to behold. Made of the same shimmery blue fabric, the corset-like top wasn’t constricting in any way. It fit me like a glove and yet I felt like I was wearing nothing at all. The straps were two inches wide and soft as velvet. Tiny clock cogs and parts were meticulously sewn into the neckline and the hem of the corset, giving it a unique look that screamed one-of-a-kind. I felt the extra fabric between my shoulder blades and gasped when I knew exactly what had been sewn there. Perfect slots for the twin blades I’d brought with me from the human realm. I hadn’t even brought them to her shop and yet the little, old faerie woman had known.

If my outfit was a marvelous invention, it had nothing on what the faeries had done with my makeup and hair. My eyes had been darkened as had been my lashes, but the real artwork began after the basics. There was such intricate drawings around my eyes in indigo blue, that at first glance and from a distance you’d think I was wearing a mask across my eyes. The pattern was tiny and mimicked my warper tattoos. Bad ass for sure. Some light dust had been swiped across my shoulders, making my newly-glowing tattoos stand out even more starkly against my skin and the deep blue of my outfit. My hair was left loose, but by miracles of miracle the curls were soft and perfect, not the frizzy mess they usually were. Somehow the faeries had managed to weave tiny clock parts into my hair, bringing my entire look together like magic. I smiled widely at my reflection and then turned to the bed and picked up my twin blades. I slid them effortlessly into my corset and turned to the remaining fae.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

LINK: http://www.peggy-martinez.com/blog/eventuality-release-giveaway

Links to all books:

Contingency #1 (FREE):

Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008FQ1SUM

Barnes & Noble- http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/contingency-p-s-martinez/1112083414?ean=2940045715102&itm=1&usri=peggy+martinez

Smashwords- https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/411237

Relativity #2 ($0.99 for 3 days only):

Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BIROVX6

Barnes & Noble- http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/relativity-peggy-martinez/1114677674?ean=2940148373438&itm=1&usri=peggy+martinez

Smashwords- https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/454196

EVENTUALITY #3 (new release! $2.99):

Amazon- http://tinyurl.com/TWeventuality

Barnes & Noble- (coming soon)

Smashwords- https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/454208




#MeetandGreetMonday with Eva LeFoy #Futuristic #Sci-Fi #Romance @Eva_Lefoy

Good morning. It’s Meet and Greet Monday!

With us today is Romance Author, Eva Lefoy.

Welcome, Eva!

Thanks for having me here!
Describe a typical day in the life of Eva Lefoy.
Oh it’s much less exciting than you might think. M-F I word 8-5 so I get up and head to the office. I am a commercial insurance account manager and some days that’s boring, other days, it’s exciting in the all the wrong ways. I write at home after dinner. Sometimes it’s hard to make myself go to bed on time!

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live, do you have a significant other, any young ones running around?
I’m a lifelong resident of Washington state although if I could I’d probably move to Europe. Norway maybe, Greece, France, to name a few places. In the meantime I hang out with my hubby gardener and one bossy cat.

What is your favorite junk food?
Chocolate. Chips. Wait, that’s two.

What do you like to do for fun and relax?
Hike. I know, that sounds like work and not relaxing but believe me, when I get to the top of wherever I’m going and I look at the view, it’s very relaxing.

Do you get road rage? What pisses you off the most about other drivers?
I try to avoid road rage. I do live in a very small town at the moment so it’s not so bad. I lived in Seattle for 15 years and the traffic only got worse. It became rather annoying! And dangerous, too, IMO.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Who isn’t? Johnny Depp, Peter Dinklage, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr. are all yum!

What three words would your family use to describe you?
Bratty. Pushy. Bossy. But I’m not, really! It’s just my family are a bunch of whiners!

What is your favorite scent?
Perfume-wise I LOVE Opium and Ysatis and Curve. And Chanel /Coco. Natural wise I’m heavy into Patchouli. You either love it or you hate it and I could bathe in it every hour and never get tired of it!

What was the worst summer job you had in your teens?
Probably babysitting. I didn’t have that many summer jobs so that was nice.

If you had the chance to meet one author – past or present – who would it be? Why?
As far as current authors I would say Sherrilyn Kenyon so I can pick her brain and learn her secrets. Especially since I’m going to write a UF version of The Snow Queen.

Do you have a bucket list? If so, how many items are on it? Have you been able to cross many items off the list?
No. And no. But stay tuned. I might come up with one yet!

Who/What are you currently reading?
I’m reading a little werewolf ditty for research purposes. It’s called Taming Heather by Lorie O’Clare and it’s book I in the Cariboo Lunewulf series.

Writing can be a crazy business. How do you stay positive within the craziness?
Hiking, wine and chocolate. All three in equal measure!

Did you always want to be an author?
I don’t know. I’ve always written but writing for fun and being an author are two different animals. One is far easier than the other.

No matter the story, where do you always draw inspiration from when you begin each story?
It’s always easy for me to come up with a line. Any line. And bam! You’re off and running. Pick a scene and start it right before the action. I’m not big on backstory. If the scene is in the woods then the character is going to be near the woods to start with and I’m not going to put in three pages worth of description!

What is your one pet peeve about the writing business?
It seems like there’s a bit of high school about it sometimes. People at publishing houses can be cliquey. But the authors themselves are usually great to get along with in social media.

What do you find most challenging about writing?
Always learning, always trying to improve and wrap your head around something new.

If you knew then what you know now (about yourself, life, etc) what main piece of advice would you give yourself at age 21?
Ignore men! Seriously. I thought life was all about romantic love at that age. It’s really not. It’s actually all about hiking!

From Eva:
I recently participated in the Sci Spanks blog hop. If you like science fiction or science fiction romance, or if you happen to like spanking stories, take a look at the two themes combined. Every author provided a 2,000 word free short story on their blog. We had such fun doing this!

The hop is over now, but the stories are still great reads.
Here’s a sneak peek at mine:

He raised a bushy dark brown eyebrow the same color as his braided hair. “I promise I will decide your fate fairly.”

I pursed my lips in what I hoped was a pretty pout. “Can’t you maybe punish me for being bad and then let me go?”

Oo’ir’s eyes gleamed at the word punish. I’d heard theirs was a discipline-focused sexuality, but the reports hadn’t been explicit about their tastes. I was forging into unknown territory, both exhilarated and terrified at the possibilities.

“You wish to be punished, Earthling?”

“Yes,” I breathed. “Punish me, Oo’ir. I’ve been a very bad girl.”

His hands grabbed me and pulled me to his chest. The pads of his fingers were rough, like sandpaper. The feel of his chest like warm steel. I bit my lip as my pussy clenched in anticipation.

“Bad,” he repeated.

“Yes. Very bad girl.” Oh, how bad I’d truly been. Oo’ir had no idea.

He picked me up as though I weighed nothing, and strode toward the throne. When he reached it, he set me down on my feet and gave me an appraising look. He fingered the placket of my coat, his gaze on my breasts. “You are fragile. Weak. You will not take much punishment.”

I shook my head in disagreement. The gesture meant the same thing in our languages. “I can take it. Really. Give me what I deserve, Oo’ir.”

He snorted a hot breath out his nose before pulling my coat down and ripping open my blouse. Since I’d worn no bra – who needs one in space with light gravity anyway? – my breasts were fully exposed. He sucked in a breath and grasped both nipples, pinching them hard.

The pain-pleasure circuit in my brain kicked in. I lived for this. To experience exactly this. In every way and with every race I possibly could before I died. I’d made it my life’s study. Showing Oo’ir my submission without betraying my greediness for more would be my difficulty. Wanting to encourage him, I laid my head back and gave the lightest of moans.

“Sturdy enough,” Oo’ir said approvingly. “We will proceed.”

Yes, there is some spanking involved here shortly. But who gets spanked is the question. Who wants it more, her or him? Find out when the longer anthology version of the story is released. For now, read the rest of my short story here: http://writery.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/sci-spanks-a-spanking-scifi-blog-hop-for-the-dirty-minded-alien-loving-crowd-wheee/


I also have a very sexy android-human romance out from Decadent Publishing called Download My Love.

Download-My-Love300x450DOWNLOAD MY LOVE

Security Core agent Everett is assigned a special case—protect the daughter of Simon Gold, the father of modern mechanoid life. To ensure her survival, Everett’s given a special EMO upgrade, and can experience love for the first time. He’s soon head over heels and the super-charged sexual attraction threatens to fry his circuits while he fights to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Samantha Gold detests her father’s work. She’s an off-the-grid back-to-lander who wants to keep life simple with her cows and her crops. When her father dies and inadvertently transfers a secret code to a hidden receptor in her brain, it’s only android Agent Everett who can protect her. Can she ever forgive her father for creating Everett—a man so perfect for her that he even loves her cows?

Who doesn’t love androids and cows?


Buy Download My Love here:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Download-Love-Futuristic-Sci-Fi-Romance-ebook/dp/B00IQEOWTC

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