Hands All Over


Contemporary Erotic Romance/Ménage

Content Warning: M/F/M, M/F, M/M


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Ellora’s Cave






All Leah ever wanted was to be the center of two men’s worlds. With her dreams within reach, she stands to lose them both when they learn her truth…

Leah has always known her greatest wish might never be fulfilled. Sex with two men at the same time isn’t enough. Her carnal desires run much deeper. When she meets two of the sexiest men she’s ever met, she’s convinced the only way she will ever be happy is to keep her secret under lock and key.

Best friends Brody and Chase share everything. Careers. Houses. Women. Life is too short to tie themselves down. But once they have Leah in their sights, they long to have her under, over and between them. And they’re ready to go as far as necessary to see her satisfied.

However, once Leah reveals her darkest truth, neither man is convinced they can give her what she needs…



“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Leah Benson grumbled, scanning the crowded cafeteria.

Moncton was going through a huge growth period due to a grant from the city to repair old roads and landmarks had started to grate on her nerves after weeks of delays and noise. Detours even riddled the route to and from work. Known as the “Hub City” in southeastern New Brunswick and smack in the center of the Maritime Provinces, Moncton had finally received the go-ahead for the makeover it needed for years.

And the hospital where she worked was no different.

Renovations on the other wing of the hospital directly opposite the Neonatal Care Unit where she worked and a sudden heavy downpour meant a construction crew had bombarded the Moncton Hospital’s cafeteria. Hulky men dressed in dusty jeans claimed spots at every one of the twenty-some tables in the hospital cafeteria. Work boots and hard hats lay on the seats beside them and their loud banter heightened the noise to an almost unbearable level.

She’d only stopped in for a muffin and juice to take the edge off her hunger during the couple of hours she had left in her shift. The line moved forward as she shuffled in place, checking her watch with a sigh. She’d promised Amanda she’d be five minutes and already half of that time had passed. Four preemies needed her to get back.

Five strapping young men — dark jeans and tank tops never seemed so damn sexy — left the line and strode across the room. She tilted her head, admiring their swaggers and bronzed skin. How was any of the female staff supposed to get any work done with these hunks around?

The row inched forward until she stood fourth in line. She smiled at the woman across the counter, who seemed haggard, cheeks flushed as she grinned at one of the hunky workers leaving the line. Obviously the eye candy made her day a little better.

A buzzing caught her attention and she glanced down. Nope, not her pager.

“Shoot.” The woman in front of her cursed and left the line.

Only two bronzed gods in front of her now, both wearing butt-hugging jeans. That sure took the sting out of her impatience and made the wait not so wasteful.

Hmm, she appreciated the male physique.

She loved men. Loved to look at them, touch and stroke them. One of God’s greatest creations.

The sandy blond glanced her way then did a double take. The fervor of those forest-green eyes burned straight to her bones.

Damn, he’s hot.

Down girl. Now’s not the time. Work first, play later.

Those hot eyes met hers and she couldn’t help but grin.

Oh yeah, come talk to me. Make my day.

He opened his mouth to speak but the man at his back nudged him with an elbow. “Hurry, man, there’s a line longer than my arm.”

His graveled voice—reminding her of her of hot, sticky, sweaty nights, making love and whispers in the dark—skated over her body Her pussy tingled and she shivered.

The second man’s shaggy collar-length dark hair fell over the side of his face. He pushed it back with a large, strong-looking hand that made her tremble and glanced over his shoulder. Dark brown eyes cut like a razor and burned her as if he’d touched her physically. She suspected he was a hell-on-wheels, take-no-prisoners kind of man. She doubted he let anyone get away with anything either.

He gave her a slight nod, then turned his attention to the cashier and paid for his food.

Her pager buzzed. Sighing, she hit the button. Maybe she’d have some time to sneak in a snack later. If not, she’d have to wait to eat until she got home.

“So much for an OJ and muffin,” she muttered and headed toward the exit. Amanda had her hands full upstairs with the babies in the NICU and here she procrastinated while ogling men.

Ordinarily she never let anything come between her and work, because her job as a neonatal nurse was too important to take lightly. Having succumbed to the slight distraction of workmen weighted guilt over her.

She pushed the door open, but before she could hurry back to her ward, a tap to her arm made her pause.

“Excuse me.”

She glanced back. The blond man-candy held her in his grasp.

She stared in awe—the man had enough wattage in sexiness and swagger, so powerful as to smash apart the tallest of buildings. He was tall and broad and his thick forearms were naturally tanned a healthy golden-brown. His job definitely kept him fit.

Loose but snug-fitting jeans encased his thighs, a belt cinched around the waist, his package encased nicely tight. The white button-down shirt opened enough to reveal the light curls on his chest—a walking billboard for sex.

Shuddering, her nipples hardened into tight peaks. Damn, she wanted him right now.

“Here.” He thrust a muffin and a bottle of orange juice into her hand, “your pager went off before you ordered. Thanks to the crew and I, you didn’t get a chance to buy anything because of our big appetites and taking so long.”

“Oh, thank you. You didn’t have to do that.” She took the items from him and tucked them into the crook of her arm.

She dug into her pocket, then held out a couple of two-dollar coins. “Take this. Four bucks should cover the cost.”

He took a step back and shook his head. “My treat. It’s the least I can do.”


“How about your name as payment instead?” He grinned.

Her pager went off again. Damn, she wanted to hurl the thing on the floor. But the kids needed her and she worked loved her job. “Shoot, I’m sorry. I have to get back to the NICU.” Work now, maybe she’d track him down later.

She let go of the door and strode down the hall.

“Hey, what’s your name?”

She pivoted and backpedaled, calling out, “If you want to know, you’ll have to find it out for yourself.” Taking a left, she hit the button for the elevator.

The renovation of the new wing would take a while. If the construction god wanted to know her name so badly, he’d make it happen. Hell, nearly everyone in the building knew her.

And if he took too long to come to her, well, she’d have to track him down instead. Him and his equally delicious friend. After all, two were always much more pleasurable than one.





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