Friday’s Fave Five 8/9


Good morning! I hope you’ve all had a great week.

I haven’t been book shopping all week! I’ll be making up for it this weekend that’s for sure. But I have such a collection of covers, I can miss a week and still have lots to share with you.

Here’s the fave five this week…


This is a bit different since it has front and back but it’s very compelling.


I have a thing for angels. This is lovely.


Seductive. The guy looks lonely. Eye catching.


I love abs, and all male yumminess like this.


*thud* the intensity, the eyes, I want to know this man’s wicked & dark side.


Have a great week.



Friday’s Fave Five 7/5

Good morning! Another week has passed, and we’re already into July! Where does the time go? 
I haven’t been online shopping for books much lately but the folder of great covers is still bulging, so here is this week’s cover love goodies …
Love an intense, kick ass heroine on a cover!
LOVE Hockey and male backs are a weakness of mine…this cover rox.
Retribution stories are Intense. Love the colour mix.
Gorgeous! Romantic. Just stunning.
Love the wings. The woods give it a sinister feel.
Can’t wait to read all the above.
Have a great week ahead.

Friday’s Fave Five 6/21

I’ve been very remiss in posting lately. I apologize! Real life has hit me hard around here, my kids take precedent but thankfully things have settled and I can get back to routine.

But I won’t keep you waiting with boring things.

Here is this week’s cover love…


Cover is cool & fun. Title really made me sit up and take notice.

Sexy! Love the nails on the back. And the B&W is great.


A friend loves this series. This cover is intense, man is gorgeous.

The eyes did it for me. Intense, colored, want to know more…

Who doesn’t love a sexy cowboy? Mmm, spectacular!


Have a great week ahead.

Friday’s Fave Five 5/10

It’s Friday. That means it’s time for my Fave Five. It’s hard to pick just five, by the way. The cover folder is bulging with goodies to come. So many great choices.  

Here’s this week’s cover love… 

Cover just makes me smile and looks fun. One of my fave actresses 1st full length fiction.  
The imagery of this, the minute details are awesome.
It’s simple ~ I really just want to stroke the chest… *g*
Again, the details are wonderful on this one too. I want to know more about this character.

The tattoo, the way they’re holding each other, the expressions…wonderful.
See you next week!! xxoo