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Special thanks to Angelica Dawson for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease is from one of my older titles, a short story from 69 MUSTANG.

I’ve always loved the neighbors to lovers, friends to lovers type stories and enjoyed writing this one very much. Poor Hayley is having a hard time resisting her long time BFF, Rory…


“The party was fantastic, Rory. Your parents looked so happy.” Hayley Fitzgibbon shifted in the front seat of the black ’69 Ford Mustang her long-time best friend owned since he turned twenty-one. She’d come to love it as much as he did, how it handled. It still hummed like it had when brand new. No car was sexier to her. Mustangs, especially the classic ’69 kacey hammell, 69 Mustanghad lines that were slick, masculine and just screamed fast and hardcore. The vibration from the engine tingled through the back of her thighs and buttocks causing a delicious thrill through her body. “Thanks for driving me home. It was a great celebration. I can’t believe your parents have been married fifty years.”

“Yeah. It’s practically unheard of these days.” Rory clicked on his blinker then turned right. “They really seemed to like the gift Max and I got them. You think so?”

She nodded and brushed the white shrug off her shoulders. The heat wave spreading through Belleville, Ontario had reached staggering levels in the last couple of days. The air conditioning in the car barely cooled her skin. Plus being such an enclosed space alone with him after hours of dancing, soft touches as they mingled and were less than five feet away from one another all night had her on edge. “Of course they did. Who wouldn’t want to take a three-week cruise around the Caribbean? I’ll be sure to remind you and your brother of your generosity for my next birthday.”

He laughed and winked. “You’d have to be a very, very good girl.”

I’ll show you just how good I can be. Hayley pushed the thought away. For weeks she’d been having the same dream over and over. The erotic fantasies starring herself and Rory had left her breathless every time she woke, sweating and panting. It was all she thought about anymore. Images of the two of them having hot, sweaty sex—anywhere and everywhere—consumed her day and night. She trembled, flashes of heat zinging along her spine. Heart racing, she drew in a deep breath.

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#MidWeekTease ~ “I’m tired of this. Dammit.” #SweetestSalvation #MWTease #ERom


Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

Special thanks to Angelica Dawson for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from SWEETEST SALVATION. Hunter’s frustration with Andy has him reaching his limits. If he’s not careful, he might just confess his true feelings for her …


Hunter sighed, which caught Andy’s attention. Her eyes met his briefly before lowering to her hands, which were clenched tight in her lap.SweetestSalvation

“Look, Andy,” he began.

“What do you want, Hunter?” Her forest-green-eyed gaze met his. Anger swirled in their depths.

“I’m tired of this. Dammit.” He snarled, rising, and crossed to the fireplace. He ran his fingers through his hair and leaned one arm on the mantel. He looked over at her, stomach churning with indigestion and pain. He’d loved Patrick and Peter too. Could she not understand that she wasn’t the only one suffering?

“Tired of what? I never asked you here.”

“This!” Hunter spread his arms wide. “You. I’m so tired of seeing you locked away in this house, never leaving and pictures gone.”

“Go to hell,” Andy spat and leapt to her feet. She moved behind the loveseat, obvious fury making her hands shake as she laid them on the back of it. “You don’t have any say in how I live. I never asked for your opinion. If you don’t like it, get the hell out of my house. And my life!”

Hunter breathed deep, nostrils flaring. He could no more walk away from her than he could from the Sheavers. She was as much a part of his life, and his heart, as they were.

But his love for her went far beyond sisterly.


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#MidWeekTease ~ “You know what I remember most…” #NewRelease #MWTease


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This week’s tease is from new release suspense title, AWAKENINGS.

Now one can deny a chemistry and unrequited love …


(C) Kacey Hammell,2016
“You know what, Ali?” His voice was soft and powerfully seductive. “You know what I remember most about our night together?”
Alicia clasped his wrist, below where his fingers rested lightly on her cheek. She wanted to fall into his arms, burn beneath his touch again. They’d never talked about it, and she was curious to know what he remembered.
She remembered it all.
Every touch and sigh. She basked in the memory of every kiss and every pleasure.
Through many a cold and lonely night, she cherished the memories of Cole’s hard body pressed against hers, pushing her against the mattress—and the wall and the bathroom counter. She marveled at how he’d made her feel like more of a woman in one night than she’d felt in all her adult years.
Her voice hoarse and scratchy, she whispered, “What do you remember?”
“Our fire.”
When his mouth claimed hers, her body ignited with long-repressed emotions.
Hunger, mind-blowing hunger, rattled through her. It was so hard to breathe.
She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and opened her mouth wider to the onslaught of his tongue. He awakened her refined senses. Every erotic image she ever had about him flared to life.
She only prayed she’d be able to keep him from awakening the loneliness in her heart. She couldn’t allow him to reach it and make her hunger for more than what she could have.
For the time being, though, she wasn’t going to let go of this man. Alicia lifted her lips from his, drew in a deep breath, and gave him everything she could for now.
“This fire?” She clasped his head between her hands, drew him into a kiss, savoring the taste of him once more.


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#MidWeekTease ~ “…evil, it never stops.” #Awakenings #MWTease #Suspense


Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

Special thanks to Angelica Dawson for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease is from my upcoming suspense title, AWAKENINGS.

Here, Detectives, Alicia has already been suspended from the force for her actions (in last week’s MWTease) and she now has her cousin to deal with, when they receive terrible news.
(C) Kacey Hammell,2016
Alicia opened her mouth to tell her to mind her own business when her cousin’s cell phone rang. Saved by the bell. Glad for the reprieve even though adrenaline boiled in her veins as if in a fight, she turned away and grabbed her empty gun holster off the couch. She put it away on the top shelf of the armoire near her front door.
“Alicia, you know you’re not to blame for what happened to Monica. It wasn’t your fault.”
Alicia should have known Brady would tap into everything she might feel and think. There was no way to hide from him. A seer, he sometimes had a sense of what others were going through—horrific or joyful. But without him, she wouldn’t be alive right now. She owed him her life and someday she hoped she’d be able to repay him.
Her hand on his arm, Alicia smiled into his clear-blue eyes. “I know. I do, but it’s really mind over matter isn’t it?” She lowered her hand and gave him a weak smile, then turned her back on KH_Awakenings_V1_400X600him. “This too shall pass…someday.”
“Ali….” Whatever Brady was about to say, Isabella’s curse rent through the apartment, interrupting him.
“Fucking Christ! Some days are just fucked. God dammit!”
With a flurry of movement, Isabella grabbed her coat from where she’d thrown it on the sofa and jammed her arms into the sleeves.
Alicia breathed a sigh of relief, glad Brady couldn’t lecture her on all the reasons she shouldn’t blame herself.
“Izzy, what is it?” Brady walked to her and clasped her shoulders with both hands. Instantly, Isabella’s movements slowed to a crawl and she heaved a deep sigh.
Alicia’s heart clenched at the display before her. Brady was the best thing to ever happen to Isabella. He was the calm in her soul, the root beneath her that kept her holding on. Alicia was envious of the connection the two had.
Once upon a time, she’d fantasized of her own knight in shining armor coming into her life. Now, she figured love and happily-ever-after were not all they were cracked up to be. She couldn’t keep herself safe. How the hell would she ever keep a husband or children safe in the world she lived in?
Pulled from her own thoughts by the sound of Isabella’s voice, she lifted her gaze to her cousin’s face. From the sadness and anger within her gaze, the call she’d received couldn’t be good.
“What is it?”
“Connor was on the phone. I have to get over to the Hopeful. Hannah’s been hurt.”
Alicia’s breath hitched at the thought of her friend, Hannah Isaacs, being injured. The Hopeful Shelter took in the homeless, helped battered and abused women seek another place to live, to escape an abusive husband or significant other.
Hannah helped so many women in their town, and even in surrounding areas, she deserved a medal for her goodness and her constant caring of others. She was a godsend to many children, abused women, the homeless.
“What’s happened?”
“I shouldn’t even be telling you this….”
“Save it, Isabella.” Alicia moved closer to her cousin. “You can’t give me vague answers and then just quit! We’re friends. What’s happened to her?”
With a hard sigh, Isabella met her gaze. “She was found this morning by one of the shelter’s volunteers. I don’t have all the details yet, but she’s on her way to Memorial Hospital. She was beaten and possibly raped.”
Alicia grabbed the back of the couch.
Dear God—evil, it never stops.

 AWAKENINGS releases February 24th!

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