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Title: Finish Him (The Games of Love, #3)
Author: Deanna Dee
Genre: new adult romance

Round One, FLIRT

Sonya Black never expected a petty sibling quarrel could lead to her sister being drugged. Overcome with guilt, Sonya vows to bring the jerk to justice. When she dives into her own investigation, she lands belly up in the company of Jaxon Nyles, the security guard who may have all the answers.

But being a detective isn’t as easy as Sonya thinks. On top of that, Jaxon always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Is he a suspect, or is he falling for her? More important, is she falling for him?

The round has begun. Who will flirt? Who will win? Will hearts break in the process?

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With a complex pressing of buttons, the screen goes dim, and my opponent explodes into a fountain of blood and innards. Take that, pixels. The familiar zing of a victory glides through my blood, and it’s all I can do to keep the smirk off my lips. I haven’t been on Thanksgiving break for three hours, and already I’m kicking ass at video games and racking up the bragging points.
Dawn mutters a string of unintelligible syllables. It’s too bad not everyone’s having as good a time as me. “I will defeat you, Dwarf.”
I hit X on my controller to bring us back to the character selection screen. Dawn is the GM, Game Master, of the Marshalls and Magics campaign our group has going, and I play a dwarf. Possibly, she thinks calling me by my race will unhinge me enough for her to win a round. Not likely. “Yeah, yeah. Pick a character.”
Dawn sighs and selects Kerdwin, a random character who appeared in one of the side stories ten years ago. His combos are weak, and his powers are weaker. I keep all this to myself. Dawn pulls no punches during M and M. It’s not my fault if she’s bad at selecting characters in Bloodrage Anarchy: Silver Edition…or any other edition, really.
“Good choice,” I say instead and, with automatic movements, navigate three down and two over to Dalara, warrior princess of the outer realm of Simenia. The screen goes dark for the loading process, and our characters appear on the top of a narrow mountain. Lightning arcs overhead, and drums pound a war beat.
Round One, the game’s automated voice, which sounds like a constipated ogre, says. Kerdwin stands in a pathetic pose Dawn probably knows a name for. Dalara also stands in a pose she would know, but hers looks kick-ass and involves balancing on the balls of her feet and swaying. FIGHT! The constipated ogre bellows his call to arms.
Constipation or not, the call is all I need. I send Dalara into a flying kick and knock Kerdwin backwards. Next, I close the distance to execute Dalara’s strongest combo, a series of kicks and punches that will result in Kerdwin flying across the screen.
“Damn you.” Dawn blocks, breaking my combo. She jumps back until there’s an entire screen of distance between us.
Unfortunately for her, the reprieve will be slight. I regain my feet and go into attack mode, pressing forward twice and then the A button to activate a special attack. Dalara says something understandable only by the people of some tiny country in Asia, and dark flames erupt from her hands. I do this twice more, and Dawn’s life bar drops to a quarter remaining. She ducks my fourth attempt, leaps my fifth, and comes at me, getting through my defenses and landing a punch. The tip of my health bar turns red.
Oh hell no. That shitake will not fly. “Nice.” I send a high kick into Kerdwin’s face and follow with a punching combo. Kerdwin sways on his feet, and I shoot more black flame. “But not nice enough.” Dalara shifts to her ready stance. Kerdwin falls, and the game constipatedly announces my victory. Vacation has never been sweeter.
“Rah!” Parker screams. He’s sitting across the room on my bed, and somehow, he still almost makes me go deaf. “Excellent! Continue! Piff the Eviscerator desires more bloodshed!”
Dawn’s character staggers to his feet, and Dawn and I exchange the kind of sideways glance gamers use when they don’t want to take their attention from the screen. Parker plays an illusionist mage in M and M and, because he’s Parker, has named his illusionist mage Piff the Eviscerator.
“Silence, Gnome,” Dawn says in her intimidate-everyone-but-Parker voice. She’s probably hoping the boy will one day have enough sense to fear her and be quiet.
“Eviscerate!” Parker punches the air. “Blood!” However, that day is not today.
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DeannaDee author picDeanna Dee is strictly human and does not, to her knowledge, own a hyena. She lives by the sea, which she takes full advantage of in the summer time. People, reading, and pop culture make up the shameless downtime of her life. The rest of it is writing, and she’s okay with that.





#PreOrder ~ What Lola Wants by JoAnne Kenrick #WhatLolaWants #LondonDolls #Romance @joannekenrick

LOLA promo 1Contemporary Romance / Women’s Fiction / Suspense

Releases August 27th, 2015

Price ~ $1.11

Louisa “Lola” Lone flees The Royal Ballet and ends her days as arm-candy to a cheating choreographer. Back in London, she plans to recreate herself and find the happiness success never brought her. But she hasn’t seen her best friend’s brother, the blond surfer Lola-Wants_JoAnne-Kenrick (3)who still holds her heart, in years, and worries he may resent her for leaving him for fame and fortune.

Dennis Bay sucks at relationships. Why? Because he can’t get over Lola. A decade after leaving without a glance back, she’s returned and needs support. He wants to pretend she’s just his baby sister’s friend, leave the city, and surf out his emotions on the biggest waves he can find, ultimately forgetting about her. But he can’t deny the frenzy of love and lust the sexy dancer has him in.

Spinning into the dazzling world of burlesque, Louisa hopes to rediscover her confidence and a path back to Dennis. But a stalker lurks in the shadows of her new life and threatens a second chance with her high school crush. Can history and desire overcome all that stands in the way of Dennis and Louisa’s happily ever after?



She pressed the cutesy doorbell she helped pick out when she and Jane had first moved in, then waited.

It had only been four or so months since she’d last chit-chatted on the phone with Jane, but ten years had passed since they’d last rehearsed together. Last she’d heard, Jane was some big West End star now. Knowing this eased her guilt of being accepted to The Royal Ballet when Jane had been rejected.

Louisa’s suitcase bulged with all the clothes she’d managed to squeeze into the battered old thing. The sight brought home her new reality. No performing for the unforeseeable future. She slumped. Voluntary sabbatical. Ha! Her ex had pushed her so far into a corner that she didn’t have a choice.

She pressed the button again.

Still no answer.

“Jane?” She knocked on the hardwood.

The door creaked open a sliver.

“Hello?” Louisa peeked around the opening, her voice a notch higher than a whisper. “Anyone home?”

She inched into her old place and peered around.

Not a stick of furniture remained in a room distinguished by peeling pink wallpaper and faded carpet. No welcoming aromas of coffee and sweet vanilla butter cream from her friend’s cake and caffeine addiction. Just the bitter lemon and pine scent of cleaning products lingered.

Nothing resembled the bright flat she’d once shared with Jane.

The door to the kitchen where she’d burned countless meals and brewed much coffee creaked open a little, and the sounds of a man engaged in a heated discussion echoed. He blasted complaints about spoiled fruitcake and returned invites.

Seemed her friend no longer lived here, but someone getting hitched did. The voice, gruff like Jane’s surfer brother, Dennis, made her pause. She dismissed the idea when the man said, “Poppycock.” Dennis wouldn’t be caught dead saying such a thing. Cock, yes. But with a poppy? Definitely not.

She pivoted into the hall and closed the door behind her.

Now what?

Time to head to a hotel, that’s what, and phone Jane to let her know she was back in town and needed hugs.

“You rang, and rang…and rang?” The door flung open. She staggered back and turned. Dennis Bay loomed over her. Blond, unruly hair, perfect tan, and bright blues. He was still the vision of a sun-kissed surfer straight from Devonshire’s wild waves, except he wore “adult” clothes now, instead of the long shorts and tee she remembered him in.

Smoking hot.

Her breath caught for the longest second before she was able to ask, “What happened to you?”

“Lola?” He curled his tongue as he over-pronounced the Ls in her name. “It can’t be.”

No one ever called her Lola, no one except him. And no one matched the sensual way he rolled his Ls that cut right through to her insides and made her heart flutter.

Oh, my.

Dennis Bay. Jane’s older brother and Louisa’s long-time crush. One she thought she was over. Apparently, not so much.


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JoAnne Kenrick is a multi-published author who writes both contemporaries and paranormals. She was born and raised in a wee seaside town in North Wales, and has traveled far and wide. In true Brit form, she is a teaholic.

JoAnne now lives in North Carolina with her very own British hero, where she creates ever afters with a backdrop of those wonderful places she’s visited. Come across the pond and faraway…with JoAnne Kenrick.

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