SSS 8/19

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This week, a six from DARE, currently in editing and releasing SEPTEMBER 21stwith Evernight Publishing. I just receive the cover & release date this week so I’m excited to share *g*
Olivia’s dared by her best girlfriends to enjoy her birthday a little more, and spend the night with a man (besides her faithful battery-operated “Mr. Red”).  But has she just outsmarted them…?
“Olivia must find a man—of her own choosing—and spend the night with him. Just the two of them and she cannot leave his presence before eight a.m. tomorrow morning.”
Oh yes, she’d find a man all right—one who was not a stranger—and request to spend the night with him, as a favor. What the two of them did, however, the girls hadn’t specified.
Smug now that she’d figured it out and outsmarted her dear friends, Olivia headed for the door.
She knew just the P.I. to spend the night with.
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  1. Somehow I don't think she's going to outsmart them the way she thinks. LOL Bet this PI will have ideas of his own. From this six, Dare sounds like a really great read.

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