Spotlight: POWER PLAY by Emily Cale

I’m thrilled to have Emily Cale stop by today. As a huge hockey fan — hey, I’m Canadian!! LOL — I am really looking forward to reading her latest release, POWER PLAY.

Good Things Come in Pairs
Thanks so much to Kacey for agreeing to have me on her blog today to talk about my newest release, Power Play.
In this story, Natalie Fritz’s best friend sets her up through the 1 Night Stand dating service. When Natalie finds out, she calls and makes a simply request for a change: she wants two men instead of one. 
Now, I can’t really blame her for that. It’s true that the best things in life come in pairs.
1. Twix bars (the good ones with caramel, not the crappy ones with peanut butter). One of the reasons they are my favorite is that it feels like you get to eat two candy bars when you are only having one. If you finish a Snickers, it’s just gone. You finish the left bar in a Twix and you immediately get to start eating the right bar. Or, I suppose, you could save it for later.
2. Shoes. You knew that was going to be on the list, right? I have a small obsession with shoes that simply wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t come in pairs. I mean, buying one shoe would pose a lot of problems. Do you buy a second that matches or that is complementary? Can you leave the house with just one shoe on as a fashion statement?
3. Weekends. You get two days most of the time. One day would never be enough for me. I need the time to relax, write, and generally enjoy my life. Can you imagine only having Sunday? I work some of the time in a place where everyone works 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and I hate it. I much prefer for these days off to come in pairs.
4. Mittens. My favorite thing about winter is the accessories. While I may like scarves and hats, mittens are my favorite. They look cute, keep your hands warm, and hide the fact that I do not have time to do my nails.
5. Good Friends. You meet someone awesome. Then you have coffee, go shopping, and have lunch. Eventually they introduce you to their other friend, who is equally awesome. I’ve met some of my best friends this way. Now you have more people to hang out with, more ideas to bounce around, and generally more fun. *Note: This item really isn’t limited to just 2.*
Of course, what Natalie gets in Power Play is a set of two very good looking hockey players. They may not always come in pairs, but when they do, things heat up fast.
Power Play (Hat Trick Trilogy Book 2)

Natalie Fritz didn’t need a night of sexual adventure as payment for setting her friend up, but she wouldn’t turn it down either. Determined to make sure she gets exactly what she wants, she contacts Madame Eve and requests not one, but two dates for the evening. What she doesn’t expect is for those men to be players on her friend’s hockey team.

Ian and Todd find that sharing women provides all parties with more pleasure. Finding someone who buys into their theory is a little harder. So they turn to Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand service to locate a partner. When they meet Natalie, they discover a gorgeous woman who turns them on physically and intellectually.
Most relationships are meant to be between two people, but what happens when it takes three to make the night worthwhile? Can they take a leap of faith or will their time be limited to one night?

Available from Decadent Publishing

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Emily Cale is an author of erotic romance and erotica. You can stalk her on her website (, Twitter (, or Facebook (
One random commenter will win a $5 Amazon gift card. Just tell me your favorite thing that comes as a pair. Feel free to pick from my list or come up with your own idea.*

10 thoughts on “Spotlight: POWER PLAY by Emily Cale

  1. Power Play looks like it will be a great read. My favorite thing that comes as a pair is a pair of sheer stockings.( black)

  2. Menage is my favorite reading material. I think its because of the closeness of three people and evens out other issues. Im not sure if i will experience it in real life but in todays society, there are far too many single people out there, and maybe menage is the answer to this so everyone has love.My favorite thing as a pair is cats. they are always better in two!

  3. Looks like an interesting story…:)The best thing that come in pairs is eyes, when you look into someones eyes you can get in touch with who they are and how the feel (the eyes don't lie)…Take Care and I hope your son, Kacey, is feeling better and everything is on the road to recoveryBeckeyWhiteATgmailDOTcom

  4. Shoes are my favorite thing that comes in pairs LOL! I love shoes pretty shoes, high heeled shoes, fun shoes Having broken both my feet over the summer I have missed my shoes and I probably will have to thin down my collection because I wont be able to wear some kinds any more (like my super sexy red stiletto heels sob) Thanks Carinmawmom at gmail dot com

  5. @ Carin Yeah you might After I shattered my tib fib & ankle in a car accident in 2007 I had to give up wearing heels and boots… 😦

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