SSS 9/16

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This week, a six from TIED DOWN, which released a couple days ago. It is a short story for “The Edge” line, and revisits Bella & Brady.
Hopefully, Brady knows what he’s doing … *g*

They’d never ventured into this realm of things in the bedroom. A few times, he’d held her wrists down and given her ass a swat or two, but nothing more than that. Whenever he mentioned the possibility of tying her up, she’d refused. But he’d seen the blush in her cheeks, fire in her eyes and the shiver that ran through her body.
His Bella had an interest in adding some spice to their bedroom antics, and he wanted to surprise her tonight with some adventure.
She wouldn’t like feeling helpless, bound, or out of control, at first, but he’d push her past her comfort zone as much as possible.

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