Guest Spotlight: A Wolfish Tryst at Christmas

Thanks for having me back on your blog today, Kacey! I’m so excited. Today, I’m sharing a quick snippet from my latest book release A WOLFISH TRYST AT CHRISTMAS.
If you’re familiar with my bestselling historical/paranormal Wolfish series, then you’ll want to pick up this tie-in short. This is Blake’s story. He’s one of Caroline Harrison’s brothers, and she’s the heroine from A Wolfish Tangle (book 2 in the series)
A WOLFISH TRYST AT CHRISTMAS is a short, sensual Christmas story about Blake and his lady love. Will their love make it through war?
Here’s the blurb:
Elizabeth VanHaussen has exchanged letters with Blake for a year, and he’s promised to meet her at her uncle’s annual Christmas Eve party, but the war often throws plans awry.  In such stressful times, she can’t wait to tell him how she feels because who knows what tomorrow holds.

Blake Harrison, a captain in the Union army, has one night free from his obligations.  The War Between the States might have broken the nation, but he refuses to let it claim his love for Elizabeth as a casualty.  And for Christmas, he intends to ask for her hand.
Desire and mutual need collide on the dance floor, but what transpires once they adjourn to a private bedroom will forge their future regardless of wartime.

And a quick snippet (because, after all, this is a short story):
Elizabeth was upon him, ending his musings. “Miss VanHaussen.” Desire roughened his voice. Did she recognize it? He captured one of her hands in his and lifted the gloved fingers to his lips. “You are a sight for sore eyes.”
“As are you, Captain Harrison.” Her smile widened. “I wasn’t sure you’d come, and so early too.”
“It’s one of my special Christmas surprises for you.” He drew her hand through the crook of his elbow. “May I claim a dance?”
A blush stained her cheeks a pretty rose. “I hoped you’d ask.” A breathy quality entered her voice. “I must tell you I could hardly wait until midnight, though now that I think on it, I’m not sure the back garden gazebo is the smartest of places for a rendezvous in winter.”
“Smart as well as beautiful. I’m a lucky man indeed.” Blake escorted her farther into the drawing room and took an empty spot on the floor. Though he wanted nothing more than to crush her in an embrace, he had to wait due to the polite society around them. “It had just begun snowing as I rode up. I would imagine the gazebo is quite cold at the moment, far too cold for what I have in mind for a Christmas tryst.” How would she react to his plans?
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