Contracted… and still time to vote.

Good morning & Happy Hump Day!!

I hope this post finds everyone well!

As I recently mentioned, I’d already submitted my first story of 2013 to a publisher. 

I’m pleased to say that Evernight Publishing will add “Sweetest Salvation” to their list of titles possibly in March!!!  So thrilling when signing on the dotted line.

And I have subbed a 2nd story to another publisher…keep fingers crossed for me!

Still time to vote as well for WILD THUNDER in the LRC Best of 2012 Awards.

 WILD THUNDER was nominated in the Best of 2012 in the BDSM Category!!!

The category (and all others) is jam-packed with wonderful authors/stories. Some of those authors are personal faves of mine, so to be mentioned along with them is thrilling!

Voting ends on January 18th, 2013 in the LR Café yahoo group, on the Polls page. The link to that main page is at

One vote for each person and you must be a member of the LR Café Yahoo Group to vote. You can join at

If y’all are so inclined and loved reading WILD THUNDER as much as I did writing it…feel free to vote!

Either way, thank you to everyone for their support with my writing and always visiting. 

I hope 2013 is treating you right!
Talk to you soon.