Thursday Thirteen 1/31

I’m starting something new on my blog. My own Thursday Thirteen. Each week there will be Thirteen sentences, playlists, facts or other related book info to a WIP (Work in Progress), or a currently available release.

This week is Thirteen sentences from my recently contracted work with Evernight Publishing, Sweetest Salvation. Possible release date: March 2013. It hasn’t gone through all edit process yet so any errors aren’t all polished yet.

SWEETEST SALVATION Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2013

For the first time in nearly a year, a sense of calm washed over her. She was glad she’d come here. She missed Patrick terribly, but needed to find some way to release the guilt and loneliness that threatened to consume her.

Andrea reached out and picked up the remote she’d used many times. She pointed it at the wall in front of her and a curtain opened.

Behind the glass, a young couple—if she had to guess they were probably in their late twenties—captured her attention.

A bed sat in the middle of the small room, barely bigger than a bathroom with only a small vanity and commode. But the surroundings weren’t what she was really interested in looking at.

Bound, hands tied behind her, the blonde-haired woman stood with legs apart and stared straight ahead. Naked but for nipple clamps, she was a beautiful sight. A man stood to the side of her with a long, black flogger in his hand. Dressed only in blue jockey shorts, his cock stood at full attention.

Andrea wet her dry lips.

Let me know what you think!

See you next week.