Thursday Thirteen 2/7

Good morning! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week.

After getting my hubs and new flat screen monitor for his computer, we’ve watched a lot of movie trailers that just seem so much better when on a larger screen. LOL!

Which leads me to the following Thirteen movies I’m most looking forward to seeing in the next six months or so (in no particular order).


1. Fast & the Furious 6 – Letty’s back from the dead!!! *gasp*
2. The Snitch – The Rock’s character tries to save his son…and kicks some ass to do so! W00T!
3. Safe Haven – Josh Duhamel…need I say more?
4. GI Joe 2: Retaliation – The Rock again…with Channing Tatum & Bruce Willis…need I say more?
5. After Earth – Will Smith, with his son Jaden again!
6. The Host – another Stephanie Meyer book. Hopefully movie will live up to the book.
7. Oz: The Great & Powerful – James Franco for one, and who can resist an Oz movie? Not me!
8. Iron Man 3 – Robert Downey Jr. of course! Mmmm.
9. The Wolverine – Hugh…in Japan…an epic battle. Logan is THE man!
10. Grown Ups 2 – never thought I’d admit to liking this type of comedy but I did! And love Kevin James a lot! *g*
11. Riddick – truly great imagery in the prequels. Hopefully this will live up to that. And of course, Vin Diesel! YUM!
12. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – great first movie, looking forward to another great movie (I hope!!).
13. The Smurfs 2 – I can’t resist these little blue darlings who take me back to childhood! And Neil Patrick Harris just adds to the awesomeness!

What movie(s) are you most looking forward to in 2013? Any of the above on your list?

Let me know!

Have a great week ahead.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen 2/7

  1. MOVIES! I love them! Honestly, there are only a few on your list that trip my trigger. No offense, LOL. Most definitely Safe Haven, no you need not say more. Oz The Great and Powerful, did not know about that but with Oz and James Franco, I'm sold. Always up for a Wolverine movie too! I am looking forward to the next Die Hard, Side Effects, Identity Thief, and Bullet to the Head (I can't resist a Stallone movie). There are a lot on DVD I need to catch up on too!

  2. YOu hit everyone thats on my list of movies to read. 🙂 I love to go to the movies and hit at least one once a week. My kids swear it's for the popcorn, but I know it's for the eye candy.Great post, thanks for sharing.Lynda

  3. I am looking forward the the new Hunger Games movie and the Host. I will probably wait until they come out on DVD unless someone wants to go with me.

  4. Hi Alicia! Shoot, I forgot Bullet to the Head (no pun intended LOL!!) I love a Sly Stallone movie, just a guilty pleasure I have. My Mom wants me to take her to see Identity Thief. It's normally not my cup of comedy but since she asked, I suppose… *g*I think this year is the year for mainly sequels :DThnx for stopping by!!

  5. Lynda,My kids have caught on to "Mom's preferred movies" — spoken secretly as eye candy. I mean, I take them to a lot of dull kids movies (my youngest is 10 y.o. after all), so I deserve some treats every now and again right?! LOL I'm sure you'll agree.Thnx for stopping by!

  6. Hi Angiela,Most I'll probably see on DVD when they come out. Only about a handful I'll make it to the theater for. Depends if kids are occupied w/ friends, etc. :DThnx for stopping by.

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