NEW Release and Thursday Thirteen

YAY! My new release, SWEETEST SALVATION is now on sale now at EvernightPublishing and online bookstores (Amazon, etc.)—see links below.  With the release, I thought I’d tie this week’s Thursday Thirteen into it.

So, Thirteen reasons I wrote and/or tidbits about Sweetest Salvation…

1. Though out for a long time, but Maroon 5 is constantly playing on my phone, cario app when I walk, etc. the song “She Will Be Loved” inspired this story. The lyrics themselves speak volumes with lines like – “look for the girl with the broken smile”, “I know where you hide”, “begs me to catch her every time she falls” … poignant lyrics and with everything Andy has gone through (and will endure-even if by her own doing *g*), the chorus of this song gave me a great plateau to begin with. And Adam Levine’s voice…*swoon* He was a constant in my head while I typed! *g*

2. With some added frustrations of things going on in my life, Andy’s pain, guilt and own need to heal came at the perfect time. From time to time we all have things we need to work through and Andy’s story gave me a chance to let out some of my own deep-seated emotions that needed a release.

3. Based on true events, the same ordeals that a dear friend went through years ago, it was actually her idea to write this story. She journeyed down a path that wasn’t healthy for her, couldn’t get out from the smothering feelings of all she’d lost.

4. While I second-guessed my decision to write this very personal story, a friend’s story so to speak, I do have a fear of reader/reviewers reactions to it. It wasn’t easy to write about, I faced my own helpless emotions when remembering what my friend went through, and reliving it all again was difficult. But I have hope that readers/reviewers will enjoy the story and feel the deep emotions I hope they understand. Andy wasn’t the easiest of women to write, but watching my friend barely survive years ago, I couldn’t write a “pat” or “easy” heroine.

5. I had the hero’s name, Hunter, picked out before the story was ever started. I just love that name. And it definitely fits this story since he’s on the hunt to prove to Andy that life really is worth living.

6. The original title was “Pleasure & Pain”. I changed it after about the 3rd draft and felt it needed something deeper.

7. I saw the picture, that I’m so pleased is on the cover now, many months ago and knew it would be a fitting cover when I decided to write Andy’s story. Plus I love Jimmy Thomas covers and will jump at the chance to write a story for one of the pix on the site. *g*

8. I used more tissues during the writing, revising, editing stages of this book than any other. And not because any of my CPs or editors were nasty or anything – just the emotion was almost enough to nearly make me jump off the ledge. I don’t like being so emotional sometimes!

9. There is a scene in the book where Andy is in her late son’s bedroom – the decorating of that room, is exactly how my youngest son’s room used be. We just recently painted it but he’s been obsessed with dinosaurs for years. I loved adding that little piece of my home into Andy’s.

10. Additional songs on the playlist while writing this one were –  
He Gets That From Me by Reba McEntire, 
Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood,  
Over You by Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton,  
Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys,  
Life After You & Start of Something Good by Daughtry, 
and Grenade by Bruno Mars
11. I’m not a fan of hotels and usually stay in Bed & Breakfast establishments if possible. Yes, the use of a B&B in SS was intentional. *g*

12. Club Splendor is fictitious but I do know clubs like it do exist. I was in one similar years ago and found it to be exciting, captivating and exquisite. I drew on the ambiance of that club when creating Splendor.

13. The real “Andy” is doing very well these days. We are still very close—24 yrs of knowing one another – and I draw a lot of strength and inspiration from her. She went to hell and back, and now shines brighter than ever.

I hope you enjoy Sweetest Salvation.

Have a great week ahead.