Thursday Thirteen 9/12


This week’s showing is Thirteen sentences from my newest release, 69 Mustang.

Book 1: Revved and Ready Series
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 9780987799319

Fisting his short hair, she curled a palm around his nape, and hauled him closer to keep him from moving away. Ever.

Rich and tangy, a trace of the last scotch he had before they left the party, he tasted as

Contemp Erotic Romance
Contemp Erotic Romance

good as she’d imagined. She swept her tongue into his mouth, her breathing deep as she

devoured. He crushed her to him, his hips pressed to hers, his hardening shaft snug against her pussy.

Dear Lord this is Rory – her best friend and confidant. She’d wanted him for what seemed like forever. And now she was in his arms. Finally. No regrets. Besides, the way he consumed her as she did him, she couldn’t imagine being just friends ever again.

She didn’t want to either. Tonight would the start of something stronger and deeper between them.


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