Meet and Greet Monday: Kacey Mark


 Good morning. It’s Meet and Greet Monday! 

With us today is Romance Author, Kacey Mark.

Welcome, Kacey! {great name by the way! lol}


Tell us about your “big break” in the publishing world. Was there any one person believe in your work first (besides yourself of course)? What did you do to celebrate your first contract?
My first big break came from Evernight. I had a few other offers, but I couldn’t pass up the amazing cover art, and the author support is top notch!
To celebrate, I purchased bumper stickers and sent them off to family across the country, who took great pleasure in strategically plastering their world. It was a riot!

What is your favorite junk food?
I love Pizza. I order it every Friday night. Like Rain Man. Everyone in my home knows what day it is, because I don’t stop obsessing over it until the leftovers are gone.

What is your favourite meal that you wish you could eat at least three times a week?
Well it’s not lettuce, I’ll tell you that. I get teased a lot for eating my “rabbit food” because at my day job, it’s all they see. When I’m at home I love comfort food. Casseroles—I haven’t met one I didn’t like *g*

Preference – Sam or Dean Winchester?  If you haven’t seen Supernatural (and why not! It’s MY Fave show LOL), then would you prefer Iron Man or Wolverine?
I haven’t seen the great wonders of Supernatural. That’s pathetic, isn’t it? Truth is, between my day job, and chillins I don’t have time to watch TV if I want to write. Something had to give! I do love Iron Man though, because he’s a pretentious flirt.

What five items do you take everywhere with you – besides cell phone, keys and purse/wallet?
Sunglasses and sunscreen- The elements and I are not friends. If I were an old-time pioneer crossing the plains, they would have snuck away without me mid-way through. Too tired of hearing me complain.
EPI-Pen and allergy pills– I don’t have allergies, but many-a-family-member does. My past nursing experience has turned me into an ever-ready first responder.
Sticky pads –When inspiration strikes me in during my morning commute, they get plastered all over my dashboard.

Have you ever thrown a book you’ve been reading against the wall because you couldn’t finish it?
Not really. I have so little time to read and I value my friend’s opinions. So when they clamber about a book, I read it.
If there’s bad press about another, I won’t pick it up.
It’s actually taught me a lot about how other readers pick their own books. Word of mouth is a big influence, believe you me!

No matter the story, where do you always draw inspiration from when you begin each story?
From my environment, for sure. My friends, family, coworkers, frienemies and enemies. They all have given me inspiration to write what I do.
Never about one person in particular.
Besides, with some of the people I know, no one would believe it. Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction.

What book – print or e-book – is sitting on top of your to be read pile that you are eager to read?
Whatever the next Gina Showalter is. She’s amazing. One of the few authors that I can just sit back and enjoy without critique.

What three words best describe you?
Batty – because I try to be all sleek and mysterious but usually end up fumbling around in the dark.
Cheerleader – I have a huge heart and I love to encourage newbie authors. I get a major charge from critique. I wish I could do it full time!
I’m no expert, we’re all learning, but I love dragging people up the latter with me and having friends to celebrate successes with.
Crass – It’s no secret that I love to let my redneck peek out in the right kind of crowd. I’m usually pretty quiet among strangers, but when I’m hanging with my hometown friends, look-out!
So in short, I’m a crass-a-bat-leader! LOL

If you were given an all-expense paid, five day/night trip to anywhere, where would you go?kaceymark
Today? I’d go down south. It’s getting a little chilly up here, and I miss my brother and sister in Alabama.
I have a few stops to make along the way too. Like earning a few beads on New Orleans’s French Quarter—okay, I’m not that brave, but maybe buy some before I get there just to tease the hubby. I can always use a good spanking. LOL
And Noodling in Georgia, that’s on my bucket list too.

What is the most played song on your iPod/MP3 Player?
I’d say Faster by Matt Nathanson.

What song are you most sick of hearing right now?
Anything Miley Cyrus. I’m really not a fuddy-duddy, but acts done only for the sake of shock value aren’t appealing to me. She has a great face for radio, so I guess she’s in the right field. Just don’t tell me it’s her singing.

Who are some of your fave authors?
Gina Showalter – Her heroes are so drool-worthy. She’s my number one.
Victoria Dahl – Writes true-to-life characters that I love. I met her once and nearly squeed my pants.
Anne Stuart – Writes suspense like no other. I had a chance to meet her and chickened out. I could flog myself for that one!

What publishers can we find your stories at?
All of mine are presently at Evernight: But I do have a ghost story coming out soon, (publisher TBD) so please watch for that one!


rogueWhen a demonic attack leaves one child without a mother, Marie Durrant throws out her predictable lifestyle to become the little girl’s nanny.

It’s a big enough step for the virtual shut in, but even more difficult when Marie becomes inexplicably attracted to the mysterious widowed father, who happens to be the most powerful muse west of Mt. Olympus.

Quenton Blake is an extra hunky, extra irritated immortal, cursed to seek out those desperate for inspiration and feed on their souls.There wasn’t anything wrong with saving Marie’s soul for dessert, but his sweet tooth has a way of overriding his good judgement.

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Evernight Publishing


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