Snow, Snow, So Much Snow…Oh Bah Humbug


Ontario winters…I’ve been living here for almost 40 yrs, things never change. This year though, it seems that Mother Nature is in a tither and we’ve been punished with her tirade since about the first week of November…and no end in sight yet.

From noon yesterday to now, we’ve been plastered with about 20 cm — a lot of it has been drifting snow, highways shut down, businesses closed — and we’re due for more this evening.

Here’s a few pix of my place. To give you an idea on what has fallen…

2014-01-25 15.47.46
Umm, yeah, the one pile of snow. And the snow is up to the top of tailgate of my hubby’s truck. I wasn’t traipsing through the snow for a better pic. LOL
2014-01-25 15.46.41
Ya, sure, come over for a Bar B Q … we’ll have to find it first…
2014-01-25 15.46.11
Snow level with the back steps…my poor Cockapoo, Peaches, can’t get down there to do her business. What’s a girl to do!? … Ok, Daddy (hubs) carried her down to a clear spot. LOL
2014-01-25 15.45.58
In the field out there, the boy’s hockey rink we built them for Xmas is somewhere … I don’t see it either. They’re bummed they can’t use it right now. Since it’s still snowing, they think they’ll wait til it’s done. LOL

And since we live on a farm we have a wonderful tractor…which is making it’s 2nd pass of the driveway/surrounding areas right now thanks to my big bro. I think we’re supposed to receive about another 10 cm overnight tonight.

Should you not hear from me tomorrow, send in some troops would you??!!

Stay warm out there!



2 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, So Much Snow…Oh Bah Humbug

  1. Wow! We didn’t get a foot, but we got more than the 8-10cm, they were calling for. Plus, many highways around here are closed. No going out of town. Supposed to get more tonight, too, so hubby is going out to get more gas for the snowblower. Stay warm!

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