Thursday Thirteen…

Today’s 13 is from Illusions!

Contemp Erotic Romance
Romantic Suspense/ Contemp Erotic Romance

Brady has just found a dear friend, tied up and being held captive by a mad man…

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2013:
The sound of her shifting her arms carried to his ears and he looked her way. Her eyes were now open and staring straight at him. He put his finger against his lips to silence her surprise and not let her captor suspect anything off-kilter. She closed her eyes once then opened them again. The sheen of tears was noticeable. He understood her relief: the cavalry had arrived. He only hoped it would be that easy.
“Stop trying to get loose, bitch.”
Brady eased back against the wall, away from the doorway.
“You aren’t who I’m waiting for. You’ll do if I can’t get your feisty cousin, the good Detective Isabella. But sit still. You’ll live for a few more hours.”

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Hope you enjoyed!

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