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Cheetah shifter, Killian “Kill” McNamee is the deadliest of shadow hunters—an Ender. If anyone in the Umbra world stepped out of line, got in his way, or became a problem, Kill lived up to his name. Hardened and soulless, Kill didn’t expect a brief encounter in an alley with a strange man to turn into something more serious. And thanks to a run-in with a pack of Werewolves, Kill finds himself in the kind of trouble he’d never before experienced.

Torin Stone, Dhampir, has lived many lives and experienced multiple heartbreaks through his long life and is not looking for any kind of involvement, especially with a wild, sexy, out of control cheetah shifter who is his complete opposite. After an attack by the Weres, Torin is the only one who can help Kill survive.
The more time they spend together, the stronger the bond between them. Torin will do anything to convince Kill they are mates. How can Torin resist rubbing against some—wicked, hot Kill?
BOOK #3 in my paranormal MM shifter series: THE UMBRA SHIFTERS
#1- His Great Dane short story found in Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition Anthology
#2-Stone Cold Beast
Excerpt: PG-13
The conversation stumbled along to the end of dinner. Kill stood, eager to escape. “I should be going. You all stay and enjoy dessert. Thanks for dinner.”
Daric stood and embraced him tight. “I love you, Killian.”
“Love you too, my brother,” Kill whispered in Daric’s ear.
As they parted, Torin also got to his feet. “I should make my exit. It’s been a long day.”
More good-byes and thank yous, and Kill and Torin found themselves standing on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.
“Need a lift?” Kill offered half-heartedly.
“I can walk. It’s not far.”
“My car’s in the parking lot across the way. Take the ride, it’s damned cold,” Kill said, the command sounded a little too brusque, but who cares?
Torin exhaled in exasperation. “Fine.”
The parking lot was dark and deserted. Kill fished in his coat pocket for his car keys.
Suddenly, Torin grabbed his arm and pushed him back against a truck. “I’ve wanted to do this all night. I wanted to do this that night in the alley….” Torin’s lips crashed against his as he cupped Kill’s face while taking the kiss deep. He plunged his tongue in, licking and tasting.
After the moment of shock passed, Kill groaned and returned the kiss. Passionate, hot, and wild. This was nuts. They were in a public place. Anyone could see. Fantastic.
“Come back to my hotel,” Torin murmured between kisses.
Oh shit, yeah. Kill had no idea what brought this on, but he’d take it. The fact that he had rattled Mr. In-Control not only stoked his desire, but touched him deep in unknown, dark places.
“Isn’t this cozy? And look, Joe, they’re both here together.”
Kill and Torin sprang apart. At first Kill thought the idiots were just a couple of drunks who got off beating on gay guys, but Kill sensed much more. His inner alarm rang loud and long.
The one called Joe stepped out of the shadows.  A Werewolf.

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STONE COLD BEAST by Karly Germain
 #2 in The Umbra Shifters



The Umbra Shifters, 2
Ethan Stone, lion shifter, had lived many lives. He’d been a biker, musician, and an Umbran, or shadow hunter. Everything changed two years ago when a nightclub fire killed the members of his rock band and left him the only survivor. Now scarred and living the solitary life of a nomad, Ethan just wants to be left alone in his isolated world.
Daric McNamee, a cheetah shifter and also an Umbran, has been given an assignment. Ethan Stone. Find out what happened the night of the fire and recruit Stone back into the Umbran. Not an easy task considering Ethan is stubborn and wary. Almost immediately, both men feel a mate connection, but the last thing Daric wants is to be a submissive to a scarred, terminally angry lion shifter.
However, the attraction between them can’t be denied—though Ethan tries. When it comes time for them to part, will they admit they are mates? Can Daric convince Ethan he is more than a stone cold beast?
Be Warned: m/m sex
Read The Umbra Shifters, 1 in Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition



HIS GREAT DANE by Karly Germain
#1 in The Umbra Shifters

Look for the short story in The Umbra Shifters ‘His Great Dane’ in  in the bestselling ‘Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition’


Strength. Power. Domination.
 The shifters in our Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition anthology have one thing in common—they won’t take “no” for an answer. Whether they lead packs of their own, or whether they walk a solitary path, these alphas won’t let anyone stop them from claiming their men.
 Lose yourself in these ten sinfully delicious love stories. After all, who could deny an Alpha’s claim?
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An erotic romance writer, Karly believes romance is for everyone, and she loves to explore every facet and emotion involved regardless of gender or number of partners. The more heat and spice, the better. Happily ever afters are a must. So are shirtless, hunky men.