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Good morning. It’s Meet and Greet Monday!

With us today is Romance Author, Ela Stein.

Welcome, Ela!

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you live, do you have a significant other, any young ones running around?
Wow, thank you so much for having me here today!! So excited to stop by an share a little bit!
Currently, I live in Delaware, in USA… which is near Philly and not too far from NYC. It’s kind of nice – close enough to the “fun” places, and small enough that we get to have no taxes! Liquor stores abound as soon as you cross the border 😉 I live with my husband and two awesome kids. They totally make my world go round.

Tell us, what’s the first thought that comes to your head when you read the following words…
Rainbows …butterflies
Shifters …Alcide … yep, that about sums it up!
Sunsets …skinny dipping
Game of Thrones …only like the best series EVER!
Miley Cyrus… big tongues

What is your favorite junk food?

What do you like to do for fun and relax?
Scrapbook. One of those hobbies it’s easy to get obsessed with.

Have you read any books that have made you cry?
Um… this is a total downer, but I have to say “Diary of Anne Frank”… if you want a good cry, that one will get you every single time.

Who do you think is hotter – Chris or Liam Hemsworth?
Chris. I mean, who wouldn’t pick Thor!?

Who is your celebrity crush?
I have a bit of an off taste, so I would have to say Joaquin Phoenix and Leonardo DiCaprio… a dash of crazy never fails to spice things up. *g*

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
Okay, I’ve been obsessively watching all 3 seasons of Once Upon a Time, and I’d have to say I’d trade places with Emma for a week for sure. I think a week is plenty of time to hook up with Hook, right??

***OMG YES! I agree!!**

If you were given an all-expense paid, five day/night trip to anywhere, where would you go?
Somewhere in Asia. I’ve been lots of places around the world, but haven’t made my way there yet. It would be so cool and exotic. Japan or China or Thailand. I would love a trip like that.

What three words best describe you?
Creative, determined, and different 😉

What is the most played song on your iPod/MP3 Player?
This is totally 1980’s pre-technology of me, but I just listen to whatever is on the radio. I don’t even have an ipod. But I do get obsessed with certain songs once in a while and hunt them down on YouTube. I love alternative sort of music – White Stripes, Black Keys, etc.

What song are you most sick of hearing right now?
Miley Cyrus… pretty much anything by her.

If you had the chance to meet one author – past or present – who would it be? Why?
Anne Rice. I love her writing and come on… she’s totally not afraid to speak her mind, so right or wrong, at least it wouldn’t be a boring conversation!

If you could have a superpower, what would you wish it to be?
Flying. I used to be obsessed with that idea when I was a kid, and I still kind of am. How cool would it be to be so free?

What bestselling book or series do you wish you had written?
I have to say, I really love the “New Species” series by Laurann Dohner. It’s amazing, and she should be very proud of herself.

Writing can be a crazy business. How do you stay positive within the craziness?
Let’s just say negativity and rejection comes with the parcel whenever you pursue any creative endeavor. Pursuing creative endeavors, whatever form they take at the time, is just who I am, so I have no choice but to accept the craziness that comes with it. I am who I am.

What is your one pet peeve about the writing business?
Big publishing houses’ condescending attitudes toward writers.

What do you think is your greatest strength as a writer?
Really getting into those characters. Being that other person while I’m writing is pretty cool. Kind of like getting to experience flying in my mind – the next best thing to reality.

What do you think is your greatest weakness as a writer?
Letting my moods get in the way of getting my butt into that chair and writing no matter what. Still working on that one.


Hello everyone! I am so pleased to be here, and I have to thank my hostess, Kacey, for having me.
Love’s Labyrinth came out in May with Evernight Publishing, and although I’ve had a couple months to get used to the idea of being a “published author”, it’s still a pretty cool… and somewhat foreign feeling. When I was a kid, reading was my escape, it was my best friend, and it was better than chocolate cake. I also loved to create things and make a lot of stuff up in my head, so of course I ended up writing for fun as well. I never went further than having fun with it until recently, though. I was brought up to think about practical pursuits (that is, a regular, steady paycheck). And so I followed that path for pretty much all my life, making art and writing on the side “just for fun”. Here comes a little self-disclosure… I turned 35 last September and it suddenly hit me – I hadn’t gotten very far with my dreams of being published and I wasn’t getting any younger. I focused my thoughts and energy on it, and got more serious… and amazingly, it paid off. Just a few months later, I had my acceptance from Evernight, and finally, last May, my dreams came true. I know that comes off as pretty cliché, but I’m saying all this just to illustrate how much “Love’s Labyrinth” means to me. I wrote the book I wanted to write, and included all the elements I love the most – genuine feelings, love, danger, excitement, hot sex, and a fantasy setting. I was true to myself and didn’t compromise my artistic vision while pursuing my goals of getting my work out there, and I’m very proud of the end result! “Love’s Labyrinth” is a hot menage novella, set in a fantasy world, and I hope my readers enjoy it as well.


Love’s Labyrinth by Ela Stein

Love's LabryinthAuria enters the magical Labyrinth on New Year’s Eve, and its halls guide her to the two men she is fated to be with. Brener has loved her from afar since they were children, and Jhennen is a Warrior-Guard, commanding in personality and intimidating in physical presence.

They share a life-changing, passionate night together, but come morning, they must decide if their one-night menage can be the beginning of something new. When trouble threatens to tear Auria away from her life and the two men she is starting to develop feelings for, their connection just might be her only hope for salvation.


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