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LynnSexySaturday_bannerHello everyone! Thank you for joining me for the 110th week of My Sexy Saturday.

Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

Today’s theme is…

One Sexy Boy


Take a peek at this One Sexy Boy, Zander.  from SWEETEST SPLENDOR, the 2nd book in the Club Splendor Series available with Evernight Publishing.

Bridget & Zander have worked together for years. Both having the hots for one another, and Zander is ready to take things up a notch. Things are taking a different turn here … *g*

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
“You cold?” He ran his palms over her stomach, then his arms tightened around her. She
shook her head, speechless, about to melt into a puddle at his feet. Relaxing into his embrace, she aligned with his front. “Zander–”

“You know I’ve always wondered something about you,” he murmured.
“What’s that?” she questioned, mouth dry.

“If any of what happens around this place excites you,” he whispered against her neck.
She reclined her head on his shoulder, sighing. Could she confess her innermost thoughts to him?
The air in the room heightened at least twenty degrees. The fire in her belly spread along her limbs to her fingertips. “Why is that important to you?”
Clasping her hands in his, he rasped, “I’ve always had the desire to know what makes you tick. I’ve watched you a long time, secretly wanting to know more about you. Finding reasons to be close to you.” Excitement slithered along her body, her heart nearly leaping from her chest.
“We’ve been friends a long time, Bridget, but you know what? I want more.” He ran his lips along her neck, warming her skin until they reached her ear. “Tell me what turns you on,” he whispered, then captured her earlobe in his teeth.

About Sweetest Splendor
Contemporary/Erotic Romance

Bridget Guthrie and Zander Hudson have worked at Club Splendor together for years, sharing smoldering glances, flirting, and building a friendship. Thanks to the club’s strict policy of no staff fraternization, they’ve resisted how much they truly want each another.

With Bridget leaving to explore her dreams, they no longer have to hide their passions. After hours, in one of the pleasure rooms at Club Splendor, they finally give in to the burning desire they’ve held at bay for too long.  She’s taken care of other people’s love lives for so long while at the club, can she find the courage to take care of her own needs and fantasies?

Content Warning: Voyeurism, Anal Sex, Toys

Available at …
Evernight Publishing

Amazon.com / Amazon.ca  / Amazon UK




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