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A Gift from Fate
Series: Tempting Fate Book # 1
Genre Fantasy, Romance
Heat Level 3
Words 16500
Content Notes: Hot

After colliding with a stunning vision in white, retired Staff Sergeant Brent Daniels offers to drive the beautiful stranger to a hotel for the night, but instead discovers he’s with one very lost creature. He’s bewitched by her sinful curves, her dark and mesmerizing eyes, and the pull at his soul with each minute passing. Nevertheless, he can’t shake the feeling she’s hiding something.

Melpomene, daughter of Zeus, finds her handsome rescuer resembles the man who has continuously haunted her dreams. Before long, she’s in his arms, wanting more. Knowing their days are numbered, desperation leads her to reach out for help by an unlikely ally.

When her father locates where she’s been staying and with whom she’s given herself to, an ultimatum of life or death is given.

Just how far will these two lovers go, and what will they sacrifice to be together?


An overwhelming urge to vault from her chambers and down Mount Helikon suppressed her thoughts or any reasoning for the rush. Melpomene’s sense of time and space no longer held any relevance. The Fates knew. Only they possessed the knowledge behind her dreams and the questions weighing her down. She rushed past her sister without a glance, heeding the warning of the whisper.
A chill enveloped her, compelling her to a halt only a few feet away from the crone, as Atropos, the Fate who severed the Thread of Life, forced her thoughts upon Melpomene.
“For the love of Zeus, child, why do you trespass into our domain?”
“Leave her be, sister.”
The same flutter of air from her chamber whirled around the spot where she stood frozen.
With a flowing white gown and a crown of dark curls held in place by laurels, Clotho embodied motherhood, nurturing when required. Nevertheless, her primary role of determining the length of one’s lifespan remained in the back of Melpomene’s mind.
“You’ve come. You seek. Your dream is a prophecy of what is to come, daughter of Zeus. Do you truly wish to foresee what your future holds?”
Words escaped her, leaving her unsure how to proceed.
“Trapped between both worlds.” Clotho circled to the right.
Atropos to the left. “His time has long since passed.”
“But your passion will be both a beginning and an end.” Lachesis stopped directly in
front of her.
“What on Mt. Olympus are you talking about?” She hadn’t told anyone about the
dream, but the Fates knew all according to legend.
Overwhelmed and uncertain, Melpomene attempted to sidestep but couldn’t as the
Moirai closed in.
“You have but three days to experience and let go. Be sure to comprehend that the
mortal is nothing but a conflict of interest. He has no place in our world, nor you in his. However, there may be an opportunity to leave this life and start another.”
“Wait. Three days to experience what?” she asked.
All three Fates assumed their positions by Atropos’ spindle of life.
“This is my gift to you, daughter of Zeus, but heed our warning. Should you speak
your true name, you can be assured there are those who will hear it on Mt. Olympus. ’Tis known, no daughter of Zeus should ever consummate with a mortal without his blessing. ’Tis known, Zeus shows no mercy to those who defy him. God or mortal, if you are discovered, you will be punished severely,” Clotho said.
“I don’t understand. What do you mean?” Melpomene’s surroundings vanished, a white, blinding light wrapping around her.
When the light dimmed, she stood in a downpour of warm, soothing rain, clothed in only a white linen dress. The garment clung to her body, revealing every nuance and curve, leaving little to the imagination. She hurried to cover herself, turning in a quick circle to hide, but crashed face-first into a muscular wall.
She glanced up. The green eyes gazing back at her left her breathless. Her heart raced a mile-a-minute, and when the familiarity struck her, she staggered back, tripping over the nearby curb. “It’s you.”
The same green eyes from her dream connected with hers, the same devastatingly handsome body begging to be touched. Ruined, with no chance of escaping the sinful thoughts fogging her mind, Melpomene lost the capability to move. Not even the downpour distracted her from the memory of their wicked encounters in dreamscape. Blast the  Oneiroi, the rain, and the Fates.

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