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Happy Monday! 

Let’s get the new week started with some positivity!mm5

Nothing feels better than doing what you love!
And I love writing!

Let’s conquer the heck out of today, and all week long!!

I’ll be starting the week by jumping back into writing my WIP, the second in the “Stirred by Love” series, which is the sequel to Stirring Up Dirty. I’m over 31k now and it’s going well. I was recently surprised when a gorgeous Tiger started growling in my ear. Bobby, for those who have read Fighting For Honor, surrounded me for two days before he finally settled enough after I wrote over 1k into his story. I wasn’t expecting to start his shifter story til after I was done with the other WIP, but now I have 2 on the go and it’s very new for me. I don’t like doing more than one at a time, but when you have a Siberian Tiger breathing down your neck, an author has to do as she is told. LOL

And some FABULOUS news! GUARDING HIS ANCHOR releases … tomorrow!!! Yep, Feb 21st, Frank and Charlie’s story will be live for all to enjoy. I love these characters so very much. This series just captures my heart.

Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Guarding His Anchor >

Here’s a bit of info…



Excerpts/Book Pages:
Book 1: Guarding Midnight
Book 2: Guarding His Anchor

It has been some glorious weather here in Ontario! My area anyway. We’ve had 4 days of sunshine, warm temps and I’ve done a lot of walking around the property soaking it all in. This winter has been brutal with freeze rain/snow, so it’s glorious to have some sunshine. I’ll even put up with the muddy shoes/boots… for now! That too will grow tiresome. But right now, I’m perfectly happy with life and warm weather!

I’ve been writing to a lot of music lately as well, which is a change from the usual silence. Here’s the current fave song on repeat.



Have a super week ahead, and I’ll see you next Monday!

Happy reading! xoxo