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MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

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This week’s tease comes from STIRRING UP DIRTY, book 1 of “Stirred by Love” seriesand connected to DARE.

I’ve been blessed with great friends in my life, sharing the joys, the ups and downs, and I have a few friends going through some huge uncertainties and changes right now. So I thought I’d share a bit from this story, the bond of friendship.

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
Her cell phone rang on the table beside her.
For the first time in days, joy filled her and she grinned happily, knowing who was on the other end.
Pulling the accept button across the screen, she lifted the phone to her ear. “Hey, lovely momma. How are you?”StirringUpDirty-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-3Drender
“I’m a tired, two-hundred-pound whale who needs to pee every twenty minutes. Am lying in bed right now, wishing my best friend was here with some ice cream and interesting conversation.”
Candy moved over to the sofa and piled pillows on the one end, then laid back.
There was nothing she wouldn’t do for her best friend, Olivia Shalvis. It sounded like she needed to talk and she might as well get comfortable.
“You’re the one who decided to get pregnant again, ya know. The docs told you after the second one that having another one would be risky and you’d be in bed a lot during the last trimester.” Candy closed her eyes, thinking about Olivia in a lot of pain. Her first pregnancy with Molly had been a breeze. But the second with Sheri, the weight gain and inability for Olivia to push during delivery, had made things a lot more difficult. Having a third was a risk. Knowing the love Olivia and Dare had to give to children, and the desperation to finally have a boy, Candy prayed they’d made the right decision. She couldn’t fault them for their dreams.
“I know, but I have great news, Candy.” Olivia sniffled. “I had another ultrasound yesterday. We didn’t want to know the sex, but guess what? We’re getting our boy. It’s a boy, Candy. A baby boy.”
Candy gasped and tears of happiness fell down her cheeks. Such wonderful news. Prayers had helped. “Oh, honey, I’m so happy for you.” She kicked her feet happily against the cushion. “I wish I was there with you. How’s Dare? I imagine he’s grinning somewhere at the moment?”
In the beginning of Olivia’s relationship with Dare, Candy hadn’t been all that impressed with him. Olivia had been wrongfully accused of something out of her control, and Dare hadn’t stood by her best friend. He’d automatically believed their employer had just cause to kick her to the curb without looking into the matter. Candy thought he was the wrong man for her best friend, but now, eight years later, she was glad they were happy and tighter than ever. She’d even become friends with Dare. There were moments she liked to give him a hard time still, and remind him of when he’d been an ass, but he made Olivia happy. There was no fighting the love and happiness the two shared.
“He’s with his brother, celebrating. He is over the moon.”
“I can’t wait until the little one’s born. Everything is okay?”
“Yes. The doctor advises I stay in bed as much as possible. The girls and Dare made sure I’m following her orders. But I’m already tired of it.”
Candy hit the speaker button and laid the phone on her stomach. “I bet. But it’s best for my nephew, so you’ll do it.”
Olivia’s laughter filled her heart with joy. She missed her friend and hoped she’d get to see her soon. “Do you think you’ll make the trip home before my due date? His godmother should be here, you know.”
Candy’s heart jumped. That Olivia and Dare had named her godmother to all of their children filled her with warmth. There were very few times when she ever considered having children, and knowing she could care for her best friend’s babies and watch them grow up was all she needed.
She mentally went over her schedule. Her stay in St. Albert was the unknown. She did have to get back to Boston in two weeks for an important interview with the local news station, but helping Melissa was in the back of her mind.
“Once I’m done here, I have the news interview, so I might be home for your delivery. You still have four weeks, right?”
“Yep. I have a feeling this baby boy plans to percolate as long as he wants.”
Candy chuckled. “Well I have a feeling he’s going to be as stubborn as his father.”
Olivia laughed. “I agree. But enough about us. What are you up to? How are things going?”
Candy sighed.
“Well that doesn’t sound good. Does Melissa no longer want to sign with you?”
“She’s more eager than ever. I’ve just run into a roadblock with her family. Her oldest brother, actually. Talk about stubborn.”
“Doesn’t he want his sister to be happy?”
“Of course he does. He just thinks her happiness is his decision and what’s best for her is to stick to law school, then settle in the other brother’s law practice here in town.”
“Ah, I see. Well, I guess he’s being protective.”
Candy scoffed. “Controlling. A pain in the ass. Egotistical. And did I mention controlling?”
There was a long pause. “You don’t like him much, do you?”
Memories of his hands on her ass, and his back pressed against her, came rushing back. Candy ground her teeth together, angry with herself all over again. Like had nothing to do with how she felt about Eric. She’d never fall prey to him ever again.
“He’s an obstacle I hadn’t realized would be so difficult. He’s a tough nut to crack.”
“Very much so, the bastard.”
“Ah-ha!” Olivia’s shout filled the sitting area and startled Candy.
“Jesus. What’s with the shouting?”
“You’re not all pissed off at him because he’s a roadblock. You’re attracted to him, honey, and you hate that.”
Olivia knew her so well. “Do you need anything for the baby before he’s born?”
“Don’t change the subject now, and no, we don’t need anything. I know you, Candy. You’re having a hard time with this guy because of attraction. Is he gay?” Her eyes widened. “No, he’s not gay.”
“Are you sure? Have you gotten to know him so well? Jesus, have you slept with him already?”
Sitting up, she set her phone on the seat beside her and crossed her legs. Damn it for Olivia’s insight and rambling questions. She didn’t want to think about Eric right now. But her friend was nothing if not relentless.
“Your silence speaks volumes. Obviously the two of you have gotten close.”
“Not in the way you think. It was a momentary lapse in judgment.” Candy waved a hand dismissing her friend’s notions.
“How hot is he?”
“On a scale of one to ten, a fifteen.”
“Holy shit! He’s not falling at your feet, is he? And you can’t stand it, can you?” Olivia laughed.

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Writer Happenings 9/14 #Musings #Writing #Books

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I hope everyone had a great week.

Personally it was productive for me. Went through a huge fall cleaning of our bedroom. Who knew the filing cabinet could hold so much paper! I think there were unnecessary paperwork in it that had been there over a year. I have to remind myself every 3-6 mths now to clean that out. We all get so busy and throw filing in a drawer and forget about it. I went through all my children’s old crafts and gifts for the hubby & I through the years. Boy is there a lot of it! But I filled a tote. Will be nice to pull it out one day when they are all grown and with families of their own and they can reminisce about the “old days”. *g*


Okay, so what’s ahead/happening?

Book News this week

Yes indeed!! Gavin needs your vote! From Sept 11 to 30, Gavin is up at
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Gavin needs at least 50 votes to make it to the next round! Let’s help get him there.

Movie Mention this week – We watched Unfriended last week. OMG. I think the nearly 2 hours of it sucked out my brain cells. I don’t know why I ended up finishing it, but it is NOT a movie I would recommend. Hard on my eyes too! There was no resolution IMO and while the story of it could have been better, I do believe cyber bullying is a major crime nowadays but this movie did nothing to help the cause at all.

Reading Mention this week — I’m in the middle of LETHAL by Sandra Brown. I love this author immensely, and this book is so good. I have trouble putting it down!

That’s all for now! We’re having a special dinner here tonight so I have to get cutting veggies and marinating meat!!

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Writer Happenings 9/7 #Musings #Writing #Books

Good morning all! Happy Labour Day Weekend!!



I hope everyone’s having a fabulous weekend!

My kids start back to school tomorrow. My daughter is a 2nd year college student studying to be an RN. Oldest son is heading into grade 11 and youngest boy is heading into grade 8. Where does the time go? I’m so not ready for this!


Okay, so what’s ahead?

Book News this week All Romance eBooks has a 30% Rebate on this weekend — ENDS TODAY at midnight (CST).

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Movie Mention this week – We watched The Hobbit: Battle of the 5 Armies. Good movie. The fight scenes always seem soooo long to me, but good movies.


That’s all for now! We’re having a special dinner here tonight so I have to get cutting veggies and marinating meat!!

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#MySexySaturday from DARE #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS108 @MySexySaturday

LynnSexySaturday_bannerHello everyone! Thank you for joining me for the 108th week of My Sexy Saturday. And it is my first time participating in this fun blog hop.

Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

Today’s theme is…

Talk Sexy to me.


Here is a snippet from my Contemporary Erotic Romance, DARE.

After last week’s post, I felt the need to stay with Olivia and Dare…

7ff8d-dare21mShe wanted all of him. Everything. Olivia opened her eyes and met his. She licked her lips. “You feel so good.”

As his breathing increased, so did the movements of his hips. He pounded into her relentlessly, deep, strong, sure.

The precipice climbed toward her once again. She’d never had an orgasm with a man inside her. She tightened her muscles, kept him seated deep within her.

Dare groaned and she clenched again. “Jesus, Livvy, you feel amazing.”

Not one to disappoint, Olivia repeated the action, pleased when Dare moaned.

“You’re so tight, so wet. My cock’s never had it so good.”

He moved back, grabbed both her legs and placed them over his shoulders. The new position brought him deeper inside her. Her head thrashed from side to side. It was glorious. This man, the emotions washing over her…Olivia would never forget it.


Dare’s Book Page

**An aRe Bestseller!**

Evernight Publishing
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Mid Week Tease: “…a tigress going after her prey.” #MWTease #Contemp #Erotic

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends!
Thank you Sandra Bunino for bringing us all together very week!


This week, a bit of a hot and spicy tease from DARE ….

Olivia couldn’t remember ever feeling so seductive or unleashed. This man did things to her, made her feel things she never had before. What started out as an innocent evening had become more than she ever thought imaginable.

The dare had frightened her a bit at first. She seldom made the first move with a guy, but seeing Dare across the bar, knowing what kind of man he was, gave her the courage to approach him.74940-darecover373

She was thrilled she hadn’t gone with her original plan to just watched movies or talk. He’d unleashed a sensual side of her that she hadn’t been sure existed.

She wanted to explore this new found freedom more. With him.

He was everything a woman could want. His body amazing—muscled and sculpted to perfection—cock high and thick. His gaze branded her from the inside out.

Feeling alive for the first time in…she couldn’t recall. She’d meant what she’d said about feeling like a real woman in her bedroom. But with Dare, she felt like a tigress going after her prey.

His mouth on hers, she breathed him in, the hint of the beer still on his tongue. His masculine scent was outdoorsy with the hit of chamomile.

She could get used to having his scent on her sheets and all over her body. Very easily.

Drawn from her thoughts, she focused on his lips and hands wandering over her. He had strong hands, sure and soft, with calloused palms that held her captive. Her body tingled wherever he touched.

Dare’s mouth moved down her neck, nibbling, biting. She rolled her hips, and his cock rubbed against her clit. She turned her head and drew in a much-needed breath.

His hands were relentless and intoxicating as they moved over her. He pinched her nipples, rolled them between his fingers until they were hard peaks. Her body quivered. His touch and mouth created goosebumps all over her skin.

She had never been so worshipped or aroused. She heard her own gasps and groans, her body moving restlessly against the silk comforter. Arms wide, she lay helpless as his mouth moved over her breasts. Unhurried, he nibbled her nipples gently, while he explored her body.


More about DARE


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#MySexySaturday from DARE #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors #MSS107 @MySexySaturday

LynnSexySaturday_bannerHello everyone! Thank you for joining me for the 107th week of My Sexy Saturday. And it is my first time participating in this fun blog hop.

Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

Today’s theme is…

Sexy Has It


Here is a snippet from my Contemporary Erotic Romance, DARE.

Olivia’s friends have given her a birthday present … a dare, just like they used to do in college. Olivia must find a man to spend the night with. And luckily for her, in the bar where they are celebrating, in walks Darren “Dare” Shalvis, who she happens to know from work. If she’s going to fulfill the dare, at least it can be with someone she already trusts. But first, she has to get Darren to agree….

“And you need my help, how?” Dare’s heart rate accelerated.
She wasn’t asking him to… She stared up at him, her gaze steady. “I need you to spend the night with me.”74940-darecover373
If he hadn’t heard it with his own ears, he wouldn’t have believed it. This night was the strangest he’d had in a long time. It was as if he’d been offered a million dollars on a silver platter.
Of course, he wanted to spend the night with her. He’d fantasized about it many times. He just wasn’t clear on what exactly she was asking. He didn’t want any misunderstandings. “Are you asking me to spend the night with you to…” Dare cleared his throat. “…be with you?”
“Oh! No, yes, I mean no. Dammit, I’ve screwed this up.”
“Relax.” He put a hand on her knee. “It’s okay. Let’s try this—do you want me to have sex with you?”
Olivia groaned. Dare love that sound, and heat filled his groin.

Dare’s Book Page

**An aRe Bestseller!**

Evernight Publishing
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Stirring Up Dirty is served!! #Contemp #ERom #Erotic #NewRelease

StirringUpDirty-evernightpublishing-JayAheer2015-3DrenderSTIRRING UP DIRTY

Stirred by Love: Book 1

By Kacey Hammell

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-77233-425-8

115 pages

Available with Evernight Publishing

Connected to DARE


Shaken and Stirred with a splash of dirty.

Candy Wilson arrives in St. Albert with one mission—to sign the next young, hot model to her modeling agency. She has no time for distractions and isn’t prepared for bartender Eric McKenna—the brother of her young client-to-be, Melissa. Eric challenges her on all counts, irritates her daily, and heats her body to boiling temperatures with just one touch. He’s hard to ignore and impossible to resist.

Eric McKenna will be damned if his baby sister signs any contracts with Candy Wilson. No way in hell will he allow anyone to whisk Melissa off to a foreign country and lead her on a path that’s not right for her. And yet Candy pushes him further than he’s ever been before and drives him crazy. Eric can’t control his need for her or the desire to engage with her … on so many levels.

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2015

Laying her on the bed, he grinned and shoved his pants down, then stepped out of them. She latched her gaze onto his hardness, which stood straight out, proud and happy. He lowered a hand to his shaft, pumping it as he walked to the side table and pulled out a foil packet.
Holding it up in one hand and rubbing his dick with the other, he strode back to her. “This is why we came in here.”
Realization dawned and she giggled. “Glad one of us was thinking.”
Dropping the packet on the bed, he touched her shoulders and laid his body over hers. He tugged her skirt up to her waist. “Let’s not think anymore.” He kissed her, slow and lazy, addicted to her sweet taste.
Candy’s fingers inched the back of his shirt up, then pulled it over his head completely. Her palms slid up over his chest, skimming over his nipples. Tingles skated down his spine, the pleasure shooting down to his cock, hardening it even more.
He laid his forehead against Candy’s, his eyes boring into hers. “I want to fuck you so bad. Get in that hot pussy and never come out.”
“Do it,” she said, breathless, her chest heaving.
Eric shook his head. “Not this time. I want to take you nice and slow.” He pressed his dick against her heat. His body trembled, his cock more than eager and ready to claim her. Grabbing the foil packet, he ripped it open and covered himself with protection. “Slow and lazy. One inch at a time. I want to stay in this hot body for a long time.” He drew his hand over her chest, over each breast and back to her cheek. “I don’t want to rush.”
Sitting back on his legs between hers, he slipped her panties down her legs and tossed them over his shoulder. Drawing down the straps of her dress, he peeled it away from her upper body, exposing her gorgeous breasts.
“Eric,” she pleaded, her arms outstretched.
He skimmed his hands along her thighs, closer and closer to her beckoning heat, wanting to take his time while need built in his chest, nearly cutting off his breath.
“Christ, you’re stunning. Truly, how’d I get so lucky?”
His touch never left her, and he absorbed every gush of air that rushed from her as he feathered along over every inch of her. Her nipples pebbled as his fingers moved over her chest, down her navel to her inner thighs.
Lowering his body over hers, unable to resist the urge to feel her skin against his, he sifted his fingers into her hair and kissed her forehead, then each cheek. Closing his eyes, he savored the feel of her against him, the quiet of the day and the two of them here together. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt such peace and relaxation.
He wanted to laugh. This woman irritated him. She wanted to whisk his sister away, and still he was helpless to deny the hunger and need he had for Candy. It made him uneasy in many ways. The way she’d wormed her way into his thoughts with her charms, the way she titillated his mind with the challenges she tossed at him all the time.
No one had ever affected him like this.
Shifting, he positioned his cock near her entrance and rolled his hips. Holding his shaft, he slid it up and down and over her clit, spreading her juices.
“Oh God,” she moaned, leaning her head back, the veins in her neck showing. “Eric,” she sighed, her body shaking. She lifted her ass off the bed, jerking against him, trying to drag him into her cunt.
“Jesus, woman, you’ll be the death of me.” His body shuddered as he pushed the tip of his shaft inside her.
Candy gasped, holding her body still while her legs shook. Plunging deep, his cock sank into her wetness.
She moaned.
“Heaven,” he whispered, and started to move.
Up on his elbows, he thrust hard, over and over. His gaze locked with hers, he put everything he had into making love to her. She lifted her legs, surrounding his hips with them and lifted her arms to grip the pillow with her hands.
Uninhibited, free and passionate, she gave herself over to him, allowed him to lead them to bliss. He sank in and out, his breath rushing from him, his chest getting heavy, needing to control his breaths. She destroyed him. Body, mind and soul. He was her prisoner—in lust and need.
Dragging her fingers over his back, her nails bit into the skin. He hissed through his teeth, loving the pleasure and pain. So fucking awesome. She was all he needed.

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