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Dirty Irish
Book 5: Sinners and Saints Series
by Sara Brookes
BDSM, Romantic Suspense, Erotic, Contemporary
Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN # 978-1-68252-288-2
Length: Novel

He refuses to be owned. She won’t settle for anything less…

Natalie has done everything she can to forget the man who gave her the most erotic power exchanges of her life. He wasn’t her first lover, but he was the first to submit to her. McKinley wasn’t a docile submissive. Whenever she pushed him to the edge, he became commanding and domineering. Perfect. She was prepared to give him her heart, but he abandoned her when she needed him the most.

McKinley swore he would never give up control again. But his reclusive existence has eroded his soul so much, there is nothing left but his need for the only woman he ever loved. Back on familiar soil for a St. Patrick’s Day ride with his Riding Irish brothers, McKinley seeks to repair the one relationship he is convinced will cure him of his relentless cravings. This time their reckless games won’t break him.

In the secret dungeon at the clubhouse, memories of their wild past rouse sinfully dirty thoughts. Then one fateful moment leaves two rival clubs in an all-out war where Natalie and McKinley are in the crosshairs. They could end up losing everything—including each other.

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Reading Order:
Book 1: Riding Irish
Book 2: Branded Irish
Book 3: Craving Irish
Book 4: Twisted Irish
Book 5: Dirty Irish


Natalie tried her best not to stare. She also did her best not to slap the man standing in front of her. The one who deserved every form of inventive punishment she could conjure.

Thousands of things she wanted to say danced on her tongue. Instead of unleashing them, she bit each one back, smiled, and sidestepped him without a word. The burn of those unspoken words made her eyes water.

McKinley had once been hers. Utterly and completely. She buried those memories as well as she set the tray on the table along with the assortment of other finger foods she’d transported from the hotel.

This was her vacation. Yeah, it was only to the other side of the island, but to her it was another world. A few days away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki tourism. As hard as she’d been working, she desperately needed the break. And then he’d strutted in. Thrown her world into chaos with that slight, almost smile that made her knees shake and her heart lurch.

When she finally worked up the courage to turn around, she saw McKinley stroking the ring of condensation puddling around the bottom of his glass as he stood next to Isla. The movement drew her attention to his hands. His fingers. She’d adored those hands once. Strong enough to hold her in place over his straining erection for however long she’d ordered. Yet patient enough to build her up to the gentlest, most fulfilling orgasm while she denied him.

McKinley’s confident stance filled the space around him. He wasn’t a small man by any means, but he possessed a unique kind of beauty rarely seen with a solid frame better suited for a man twice his size. He also had a rare knack for making his presence known, yet ensuring he was still approachable. She knew what it felt like to have those ropes of hard flesh yield to her command. He’d been an enticing display of a man on his knees. Desperation shining through those gorgeous, multicolored blue eyes. All that aggressive manliness restrained for her, and her alone.

“Natalie.” Her name uttered with buttery softness brought to life every dark fantasy she’d quelled. His voice. God, that decadent voice. Filled with velvet tones that made him sound like he was balls-deep in a woman. Though it was even and level, she noted the hints of strain. He stayed a good ten feet away from her, hands shoved deep in the pockets of his cargo pants.

When had he crossed the room?

Though she saw no sign of nerves, she knew him well enough—intimately enough—to tell he was slightly off kilter finding her at the clubhouse.

“McKinley.” She kept her tone crisp despite her shortened breath and the crazy things taking shape in her body. He’d walked away from what they’d had just as things had started to get interesting. No phone call. No text. Nothing but a silent “fuck you” she still felt the sting of even after all this time.

She wanted him to clasp his hands. Go to his knees. Request permission to speak. But if what she suspected was true, none of the Riding Irish membership knew of McKinley’s preference to submit. Damn it. She was supposed to be done with everything their short, tumultuous relationship represented. Especially when she’d learned after the fact that he’d been on Oahu last year for the annual ride and hadn’t contacted her.

The desire to know what he’d been up to overrode her judgment. She’d regret it in a few days. But she hadn’t lived her life avoiding things she felt badly about later. Too many brushes with death had already taught her time was fleeting. “How have you been?”

“Well enough.”

Which was a hell of a lot better than she could claim. She bit her tongue. Again. “Same here.” She didn’t offer more because she didn’t owe him a damn thing. Five minutes ago, she’d been ready to enjoy a few days off for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities the club had planned. But that had all changed when her past reached out and grabbed her by the throat.

He tapped the rim of his tattered baseball hat, shifting the dark hair brushing his shoulders as he flashed her a half smile. She masked her gut reaction to reach forward and brush away the strands that feathered across his brow. Everything about this powerful man was pure, sweet temptation.

“Can we go talk in private?” He dropped his gaze away from hers. Not quick enough for her to miss the frown. It had cost him to ask.

Silence stretched out. She’d wait him out as long as necessary. Hell, she’d waited around this long. Waited for Danny to pull his dick out of his ass and smarten up about serving his time.

Natalie Conklin was the queen of patience.

McKinley cleared his throat. “I really would like to speak with you alone.”

There. The slightest strain edged his words. “No.”

His head shot up, an instant flare of anger and confusion flashing through his eyes. McKinley wasn’t a man who handled rejection well. She’d toyed with that particular character trait plenty. Especially when she’d realized how much he disliked being told he wasn’t going to get his way.

“Please, Natalie.” His voice lowered, showing the shards of need stabbing at him.

Fuck you, Grant McKinley. She clamped her mouth shut. Dug her nails into her palms. Used the pain to focus her resolve. She would hold firm. She had to because she knew this man had the power to break her.

“You don’t want to talk. You want me to take away reason and logic. Make you feel something again. Just like last time.” She had no responsibility to him. “You want me to strip you of accountability. To take away your ability to choose. To hate-fuck you.” His eyes flashed with heat. Yeah, there’s the truth, you bastard. “But that was your mistake when you chose your male ego over me.”

“You have that low of an opinion about me?”

“Considering the last thing I saw was your bare ass as you walked out on me two years ago—yeah, I’d say that’s exactly what my opinion is.”

He stepped into her so she was forced to angle her face up to look at him. The peppery scent of his aftershave played havoc on her thoughts. On her resolve to stand firm. Emotions permeated the stagnant air, acrid and brittle like spent gunpowder. He was guarded. More than she’d ever seen before. Yet he was also exposed. “I can’t change what I did that day, Natalie. But that doesn’t mean I’m like other men.”

No, you’re certainly not. McKinley was a former Marine who handled explosives during his time in service. As a civilian, he’d rushed into burning buildings. He rode a motorcycle. Liked rough sex. McKinley was a man who wasn’t afraid of danger. And she gravitated right to him.

“I’m not a naive woman. Not like I used to be. Flash that charming smile. Flutter those baby blues. Insist you need to talk to me all day long. It worked once. Got you what you wanted. It won’t happen again.” Her quick descent, guided by his more than capable charms, had already dragged her down once.

He scowled, drawing his eyebrows together. “I know. I don’t deserve—“

“That’s right, you don’t. Good luck during the poker run.” She breezed through the doorway and out into the Hawaiian sunshine. She had her keys in her hand before she made it to the parking lot.

Her plan had been to party it up in the days preceding the ride, then wait at the club with all the other families while the riders made the required stops for the run on Friday. To celebrate their return in traditional Irish fashion. But she couldn’t. Not knowing McKinley was back on the island.

For months, she’d imagined how they’d react when they saw each other. In her mind’s eye, everything had been proper and respectable. He’d kiss her cheek, then go to one knee. Perhaps both. Cross his arms behind his back while he apologized. Profess his undying love for her.

What a load of fuckery.

Copyright © Sara Brookes




About Sara:
Sara Brookes has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this geekiness, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story.

Sara is a PAN-level member of RWA and the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal & the Virginia Romance Writers chapters of RWA.

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Challenge Accepted By Annabeth Leong (@annabethleong) #BDSM #Excerpt @CW1985

After being shamed for her dominant desires too many times, Christine has resolved never to date a vanilla man again. She needs a man who knows he’s submissive, and she’s determined to hold out until she finds one.

Until she meets Sam, that is. Christine can’t bring herself to turn down the handsome parkour aficionado, so instead she tries to scare him off with an intensely kinky first date.

When Sam meets her extreme challenges head-on, Christine must decide if he can become the man to serve her every need—in the bedroom, and in her life.

Warnings: m/f anal play; BDSM content includes impact play, foot worship, dominance and submission, clamps placed in fairly extreme locations, and implied piercings.


Even seeing only her back, Sam had no trouble recognizing Christine as he carried a sack of dirty clothes into the basement laundry room of his new apartment building. He’d liked her tall, thick frame the moment he’d caught her watching him, and he liked the way she moved. She folded clothes with sure, clean gestures. He’d been an athlete for enough of his life that he could immediately spot a woman in full control of her body and presence.

He hefted the laundry onto his shoulder and assumed a casual stance. He made his movements feel easy so they would look easy. “Christine.”

She turned. He liked that she didn’t jump. Maybe she knew he was coming.

He saw her reacting to him—gaze flicking down his body, body shifting to emphasize her hip. Her eyes were fierce, not welcoming. She looked as if she might be about to set him on fire. Apart from that, though, her nod was polite and distant.

Stretching and making a show of it, he set the laundry down beside a free machine. He didn’t know what to think of the contradictions he read in her body language. He was intrigued and wanted to get to know her. She, on the other hand, wasn’t being clear about what she wanted. He couldn’t tell if she was hoping he’d strike up a conversation or wishing he’d drop his clothes into the wash and get the hell out.

Sam had been raised in the type of family that communicated in code, and he didn’t like it. The only way he knew to make sense of the world was to speak his mind. “You up for company?”

She hesitated. “I think so,” she said finally.

“I’m glad.” His voice came out softer than he’d intended, his tone deferent.

There was something about Christine that made him want to address her that way. He stole glances as he started a washer. She dressed professionally, but not in an imposing way. Her body looked strong, but her shoulders were relaxed, her face at ease. She didn’t loom or intimidate, though he imagined she could if she wanted to. She had big, dark eyes and rich, brown skin. Her features weren’t delicate—he liked the bold lines of her nose and jaw—but neither were they harsh. The only hint of real severity he could see was in the way she wore her hair—straightened to within an inch of its life and sharply restrained.

“The weather’s gotten nice,” Sam said, reaching for an easy conversation starter. “Anything you’re looking forward to doing now?”

Christine shrugged. “Not wearing a heavy jacket.” Was that a touch of humor in the curve of her lips? He wasn’t sure.

“Definitely.” Sam kept his voice light. “You recognized parkour. Is that your sport?”

She laughed. “Afraid not.” Sam wondered if she was warming to him, but she was still so difficult to read. He hated the idea of lingering where he wasn’t wanted.

“Look,” he said. “I’d like to get to know you. I’d like to take you out sometime. Are you interested?” He had a nice Italian restaurant in mind if she said yes. If she said no, he’d ignore the flickers of interest he kept feeling from her.

She didn’t agree or refuse, though. Instead, she looked pained. “Why would you ask me that? We’ve got nothing in common.”

Sam stepped back, holding up his hands. “I asked because I wanted to know your answer,” he said, the words low and even. “If you’re not, it’s cool. I won’t bother you about it.” He’d be disappointed, of course, but he wasn’t the kind of jerk who would try to make a woman feel guilty about turning him down.

Christine reached toward him but dropped her arm just before she made contact. “You couldn’t handle me.”

Sam probably should have walked away at that point, but he’d noticed the way she’d almost touched him and the stubborn part of him couldn’t let the challenge pass. “What do you mean, I couldn’t handle you?”

Familiar anger rose to his chest. In high school, everyone had assumed he was a nerd because he was Chinese. He’d been told he wouldn’t be able to handle being on the football team, wouldn’t be able to handle American-style boxing—though everyone also seemed to expect him to be an expert at Wing Chun—and wouldn’t be able to handle going with the other guys on the team to play pranks on the local rivals.

Sam had responded to each of those challenges by proving his doubters wrong, doing everything better and harder than the people who had questioned him. He’d given up on obligatory popular sports to focus on parkour, but there was still a part of him that thrilled each time he pulled off a difficult move, exulting that, yet again, he’d shown them.

Christine’s skin darkened with a blush, but she lifted her chin defiantly. “I’m kinky, okay? I doubt you’re ready for that.”

Sam blinked. “Wow, okay. That seems like something we could sort out after we go on a date and find out if we like each other. No need to jump ahead.”

“No point.” She shook her head, the gesture firm and dismissive. “It’s a waste of time to get to know each other if we’re just going to wind up incompatible.”

“Really?” Sam bristled. It irritated him when women assumed a Chinese guy wouldn’t know anything about sex, and he hoped that wasn’t what was going on. “I have heard about that book, you know. The one all the women are reading.”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about. I like to be the one on the handle end of the flogger. You don’t want it, trust me.”

Sam had almost no idea what that entailed, but he pressed, annoyed that she’d presumed to tell him what he would and wouldn’t want. “How do you know? Talk to me about it first. Try me.”

“If you don’t already know about it, it’s just not going to work. I promise.”

Sam had never been aware of an interest in kink, but he couldn’t stand assumptions. “Tell me straight-out what you want to do,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’ll tell you whether or not I want to do it.”

Christine stared as if he’d suggested a really strange plan. It reminded Sam of so many movies he’d seen, times when characters acted like telling the truth was such an odd and original thing to come up with. “I don’t know…” she said.

He grabbed his now-empty laundry bag. The fabric snapped as he yanked it through the air. The fresh, warm scent pouring from the dryers seemed sour in that moment. “Or turn me down. Just don’t tell me what I can and can’t handle.”

Again, she moved as if she wanted to take hold of his wrist and stop him. Sam paused, trying to make it clear he would let her if that was what she wanted to do. They were still for a while, and then he gave up and walked to the door.

“Wait,” Christine said before he could leave.


“Maybe. Do you use IM? Can we talk later?”

He shrugged. “Sure.” This was probably another part of the brush-off. Maybe she thought it would be nicer if she offered to chat online. He didn’t particularly like that tactic, but he didn’t feel like criticizing it now. Without expecting to hear from her again, he gave her his username.

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Loose ID: http://www.loose-id.com/challenge-accepted.html

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1JtPabF

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All Romance eBooks: http://bit.ly/1R3TXHJ

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/challenge-accepted-1


Annabeth Leong wears high heels and frequents the former haunts of H.P. Lovecraft. She is obsessed with baseball and marine life, and is an enthusiastic member of New England Feet. She is frequently confused about her sexuality, but enjoys searching for answers. Her work appears in more than 50 anthologies, including Best Bondage Erotica 2013, 2014, and 2015, Best Women’s Erotica 2015, and Best Erotic Romance 2014 and 2015. She is the author of a number of erotic novels, ranging from sweet to dark. Find Annabeth online at annabetherotica.com, and on Twitter @AnnabethLeong




Excerpt of Branded Irish by Sara Brookes #BDSM #Erotic #SinnersandSaints

SB_Branded-Irish_coverinBranded Irish (Sinners & Saints #2)

Contemporary Erotic Romance/BDSM

Loose Id


All Romance eBooks


She’s a genius with biotechnology. He’s a sadist in tailored suits. Their business arrangement is about to get personal…in more ways than one.

For workaholic Arden, the vacation to a tropical paradise was supposed to be relaxing. But when a past lover unexpectedly crosses her path, every desire she has been smothering roars to life. When Garvey offers her a lucrative business proposition handling technology that will revolutionize the industry—and change the world—like a moth driven to flame, she can’t resist.

One year as president of Riding Irish, and Garvey is struggling to balance the burdens of the motorcycle club, his personal life, and his security firm. Weighed down with responsibilities he is convinced he can’t manage, he is near the breaking point. But Arden’s reappearance is a perfect distraction. And his second chance with the only woman he ever loved.

When Garvey teaches Arden to turn the pain he gives her into the pleasure she craves, dark desires are awakened. Limits are tested. And the line between play and love starts to blur. Just as they discover how far they’re willing to go, a heart-breaking deception is revealed that threatens to extinguish their rekindled passion.

Warning: Take a sadist with a talent for edge play, add in a masochist who craves his masterful touch, mix in a belt, some ropes, and a set of special knives and this is one second chance love story that will have you aching to get marked.


Copyright © SARA BROOKES, 2015
All Rights Reserved, Loose Id Publishing

The rumble of a motorcycle ruined the quiet atmosphere. Stupid tourists couldn’t appreciate the easy, laid-back rhythm and flow of the island. The roar of the engine grew louder as it drew closer, the noise echoing off the hotel’s covered driveway.

Annoyed, she frowned as the biker appeared around the corner and pulled up to the far end of the circular drive, his back to her. She had to admit, the bike was a beauty. Sleek chrome, leather, and glittering blue accents.

The engine died, plunging the area in silence once again. The rider swung his leg, encased in denim, over the seat and stood. His height was impressive. Menacing even. The leather vest didn’t help matters.

A large off-white patch took up most of the back. An arm and fist ran vertically in the center of the circle. The forearm was decorated with the intricate patterns that comprised Celtic knotwork. Lettering had also been embroidered around the circle, a vivid kelly green that stood out in the sea of off-white.

Riding Irish.

Huh. The name sounded familiar, but she couldn’t place it.

The last thing she would have thought was a motorcycle club in Oahu. While the population was substantial, bordering on a million, she didn’t think the land mass was enough to merit such a club. But she guessed all that was necessary to have one was a few people organizing together.

Either way, her interest was piqued. She looked closer, especially when he bent to stow his helmet. The denim stretching across his ass certainly gave her an image.

Tattoos. Motorcycle. Leather.

A bad boy who liked things very, very wicked. He wouldn’t know a suit if it jumped off the rack and smacked him on that delectable-looking ass.

As the rider removed his helmet, she caught more flashes of ink on his forearm. One bit of the artwork was identical to the large patch on the vest. Suddenly something clicked. She knew that tattoo. She’d stared at it for a week when she hadn’t been ogling bright purple running shorts.

Shiiiiit. Didn’t expect that.

The expensive attire Garvey had worn for their meetings hadn’t alluded to the fact he was the very same man walking toward her. He certainly hadn’t ridden a motorcycle all those years ago. And those ropes of muscles had been free of ink as well.

Though she didn’t think it possible, he kept surprising her.

“Well, if the saint didn’t just present himself as a sinner.”

He leaned closer and brushed a kiss against her ear before he whispered, “You have no idea how much of a sinner I truly am.”

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#NewRelease ~ Riding Irish by @Sara_Brookes #BDSM #LooseId #AdultExcerpt


BDSM & Fetish, Contemporary, Erotic Romance ISBN# 978-1-62300-154-4

Mayhem is a way of life for Avery. The last thing she needs is a complication like Kane. The medal-winning swimmer who comes to her rescue is the ultimate golden boy. Everything this woman from the wrong side of the tracks shouldn’t want and everything she can’t stop thinking about. But emotion—and vulnerability—are liabilities she can’t afford.

Kane can’t understand why he experiences such dark, forbidden and kinky desires when he is around Avery. But her touch sparks a hunger deep inside him, and unleashes an erotic discovery where pain becomes pleasure. Their uninhibited passion reveals Kane’s dominant nature.

As Avery submits to Kane, exploring boundaries and pushing limits, she discovers a life she never expected. The unlikely pair forge a bond so tight, their unyielding trust gives way to a love like no other. But Avery’s brothers—members of Oahu’s most notorious motorcycle club—have other plans. Now Avery is forced to make a decision where her loyalty resides—with her family or with a lover who brings peace to the chaos surrounding her.

Warning: Ignition point hits hard and fast for this Dom and sub as an Irishman discovers his delightful talent for breath control, spankings and clothespins. You may just want laundry day to come more often.

Buy Links:

Loose id: http://www.loose-id.com/riding-irish.html
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KR1N6FI
All Romance eBooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-ridingirish-1532504-147.html
Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/riding-irish


Adult Excerpt:

Everything about Avery was a complete contradiction to the type of woman Kane usually found himself spending time with. His girlfriends had always been calm and reserved. Wore frilly dresses and spiky heels. Spent hours doing whatever females did to their hair. They’d neatly hang up those dresses before sliding into bed with him.

They fucked as restrained as they lived. Hell, they didn’t even fuck. The word was probably too vulgar and harsh. Avery fucked with wild abandon, giving as much as she took. She was unapologetic and loud. Jesus, the sound of her voice when she’d come each time he’d shoved her over the edge last night had nearly undone him.

And he hadn’t even been inside her yet. What the hell was his state of mind going to be like when he finally buried himself in all that hot sweetness he’d only gotten a taste of?

She made him want to tear off her clothes, baring her to his gaze so he could stare at those glorious tits while he slammed inside her. Over and over. Losing himself in the sheer madness of their fucking.

Closing his eyes, relaxing as the hammock swayed in the gentle breeze, he let his mind wander. He imagined arriving at her house after a long day, seeing her emerge from the surf at sunset, the glowing rays of the sun glinting gold through her red tresses as she walked straight for him. He’d tell her she needed to be nude by the time she arrived at his feet, her mouth wet and hot as she dropped her knees to accept his straining cock. Order her to bring him right to brink, but never climax, just so he could bend her over the back of that tattered couch of hers and fill her cunt. Drive them both fast and furious, commanding her to come so he could feel the tight fist of her heat squeeze around him.

“Now that is a fantasy I better be a part of.”

Holy shit.

His eyes popped open, found Avery standing a few feet away, leaning against the board she’d speared into the sand. A smile turned up one corner of her mouth. For a brief second, he feared he’d repeated the previous night and started trying to manhandle himself. Looking down, he found his hands were clutched around the rope, his knuckles white with tension.


“Yeah.” He licked his dry lips, wondering what the hell had brought on such thoughts. He didn’t normally think that way. So…feral and raw. “You were.”

“Gonna share?” Panic iced some of the heat curling through his gut. No way could he tell her what he’d been thinking—wishing. Needing. Wanting. Talk about deviant behavior.

Instead he grinned, releasing the weathered hemp rope to reach for her hand. “You are a bad influence on my self-control.”

“Bad influence is a matter of perception. I think I’m a pretty good influence on helping you express hidden desires. Embracing what gets you off makes getting off all the more enjoyable.”

She got him off. In more ways than one.

“Thought you were gonna go ride the waves for a few hours?”

“I was. Then I thought better of it because I decided I wanted to ride you instead.”


Author Bio:
Sara Brookes is an award-winning author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story. Born and bred in Virginia, Sara still lives there with her husband and daughter. The entire family is owned by two cats, Galahad and Loki, who graciously allow the family to cater to their every desire.

Author Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sara_Brookes
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Sci-Fi with Sizzle Tour! @amgriffinbooks @cynthiasax @carabristol @lowriter

sizzle button 2

What makes a great hero and heroine?

There needs to be a certain nobility about them. They have to have strength of character that will win out over their flaws. They should appear realistic so readers can identify with them, but need to be a little bit larger than life. They should represent our best and worst motives.

For me, a great hero or heroine has a sense of purpose, a mission or goal that isn’t self-serving. The motivation for this mission might be private or misunderstood by other characters. For example: In the first three Barbarian Claims stories (Warlord’s Bounty, Warlord Unarmed, Warlord Reunited), Tolui is the baddie. He has a mission that the other Warlords feel is self-serving, selfish. When we read his own story (Warlord Reunited), we find out that he’s not concerned about his own interests are all. He is making a sacrifice for the people he loves.

Of course, it helps if the hero is sexy also. (grins)

A.M. Griffin:
A great hero is someone who is strong, not just physically but in mind, body and soul. He’s determined and loyal. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it. He doesn’t have to be particularly handsome. I like a man with some flaws. A great heroine is quick witted and always a step ahead of everyone else. I like my women to be strong and independent. I think both Rasha and Jess of Dangerously Hers fit these characteristics well. Neither is perfect, but you want to root for them all the same.

I think great heroes and heroines have to be real. They need to be relatable and flawed. They need to give us (readers) a reason to cheer them on toward their happily ever after.


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a Rafflecopter giveaway


I’m just your everyday dirty-book-writing mama. I live in Texas with my Viking throwback husband and a mischievous preschooler. You can find me online at www.lolitalopez.com and on Facebook (goo.gl/UsNFM). My newsletter (eepurl.com/mlTcX) provides updates on new releases, free reads and other cool stuff.

I also write scorching hot romances with a dash of suspense and plenty of sexy tattooed bad boys as Roxie Rivera(www.roxierivera.com) including the bestselling Her Russian Protector series and the Fighting Connollys trilogy.
Grabbed, Book Three

To escape her father’s debt to a loan shark, Dizzy seeks refuge in the upcoming Grab. She’d rather belong to one of those terrifying sky warriors from the battleship Valiant than to the sleazy criminal who wants her as his plaything.

The years of constant war haven’t been kind to highly decorated sniper Venom. Only the promise of earning a wife kept him going through deadly battles. Catching and collaring Dizzy fills him with incredible hope. Finally he has a woman of his own, a mate to love—and bind and adorn with his ropes.

After a brazen Splinter attack, the Shadow Force uncovers secrets about Dizzy’s late mother that entangle her in a web of deceit. To save Venom, her father and an operative named Terror, Dizzy digs deep and risks it all.

Venom refuses to stand idly by while Dizzy’s haunted past threatens the future they’re trying to build. He finally has a reason for living—and he’s not giving her up.

Read an excerpt: http://www.lolitalopezbooks.com/1/post/2013/11/sneak-peek-2-saved-by-venom.html

Buy links:

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Cynthia Sax lives in a world where demons aren’t all bad, angels aren’t all good, and magic happens every single day. Although her heroes may not always say, “I love you”, they will do anything for the women they love. They live passionately. They fight fiercely. They love the same women forever.

Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research, while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.

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Tolui, a clone of a powerful Warlord, is a male without a homeland or a future. Doomed to never mate, he ruthlessly wages war, seeking to give his clone brothers a planet system to call their own, a place where they can live without persecution.

When Tolui crashes on a deserted planet and meets a small human female, he discovers everything he knows about clones is a lie. Lea, his destined mate, frees the passion he’s suppressed over his lifetime. He wants her. He needs her. He’ll do anything to bond with her.

But he won’t share her. Tolui’s greatest battle will be the fight for Lea’s heart. To win her love, he’ll face hundreds of his clone brothers, men who look exactly like him.

Read an excerpt: http://tasteofcyn.com/2013/11/17/warlord-reunited/

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A. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies.

For more information please visit www.amgriffinbooks.com
Loving Dangerously, Book Three

Jess hates aliens. After the invasion that destroyed Earth, the extraterrestrial bastards sold her to a brothel as a sex slave. She may have escaped but the old memories and fears still linger in the dark corners of her mind. Supposedly Sonis is just the place for her—somewhere safe, where she can heal and start fresh. She’s almost hopeful…until she meets Rasha, her new boss.

Rasha, captain of the Sonis Royal Guard, is a warrior through and through. He’s huge, sinfully sexy and could have any woman on Sonis—but the woman he wants is Jess. He’s very much an alien and Jess knows she should hate him or at least be wary, but whenever he’s around, she loses control. She tells herself it’s only sex—amazing, mind-blowing sex like nothing else she’s ever experienced—but there’s something about Rasha that shakes her soul. The feel of his skin against hers, the look in his eyes as he touches her—they make her want to believe it’s possible to find love and begin again.

Read an excerpt: http://www.amgriffinbooks.com/uploads/1/1/6/5/11654190/dangerously_hers.excerpt.pdf

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Cara Bristol has written everything from mainstream long and short fiction to nonfiction magazine and newspaper articles. She sold her first erotic romance in 2009. Now multi-published, she has ten erotic romances and two anthologies to her name. The author of the popular Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series, Cara writes spanking fiction most often, but her published works also include contemporary and paranormal erotic romances. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, traveling, and watching reality TV shows.  Breeder is her first science fiction novel and the start of a series. She lives in the Midwest United States with her husband

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To secure his legacy, Commander Dak, a ruling Alpha of planet Parseon, purchases Omra, a breeder slave. He intends to impregnate her, produce a son, and hand her off to his anointed beta partner. As Dak and Omra discover a sexual bliss banned by law, he begins to question the traditions and ways of his people, causing him to jeopardize his command and endanger the life of the woman he has come to love.

Breeder contains M/F and M/M sexual practices and domestic discipline.

Read an excerpt: http://carabristol.com/my-books-2/breeder-science-fiction-romance/

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