SSS 10/21

Happy Six Sentence Sunday. 

Thank you to everyone for stopping by in previous weeks and commenting. I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts each week.

This week’s 6 is from current Contemp. Erotic Romance, SINFUL.

Standing, Mikayla looked herself over in the mirror. Normally after work she’d dress in an old, comfortable pair of jeans, sweatshirt and running shoes, but tonight that wasn’t an option.
For her meeting she decided to keep her black halter-top on that she’d worn onstage, and pleated black dress slacks that were comfortable, yet professional. She still wore her red heels with straps at the ankles. Though her slacks covered the straps, they were her favourite pair and she looked sexy as hell in them.
Nothing like a pair of fuck me shoes to give a girl a boost.

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