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I’m thrilled to have one of my writing idols on my blog today. Cherry Adair is an author that I have read since about age sixteen and I’ve never missed a story. Her stories have carried me on many adventures, wild rides with delectable heroes, and inspired me to always write from the heart.

And I was thrilled to meet her in Chicago at RT in 2012! (See a pic at the end of this interview *g*)

Cherry is here to discuss her newest release, ICE COLD, # 17 of her fabulous T-FLAC series!

Hello, Cherry, and thank you for being here.
Thanks for having me, Kacey 🙂  I brought Mocha Frappuccino’s, and  breakfast cookies to enjoy while we chat. What? You’ve never had a chocolate chip breakfast cookie?!

When did you know you wanted to be an author?
I started “writing” long before I knew how to write or read. I’d scribble something in crayon, then force- I mean- persuade my long suffering mother to sit beside me while I “read” her my story. I never stopped writing in some form or another. I was an interior designer for many years, and was a voracious reader. Finally I stared jotting down story ideas in long hand, and eventually finished one, and then another. Writing for me is like eating potato chips. I always need to write one more. I eventually sold my Interior Design business, to write full time about twelve years – and 36 books- ago.
What drives you every time you sit down to write? Is it the story itself or does it begin with the characters?
Always with the characters.

Have you ever scraped a book when almost finished because it wasn’t really “working”?
Yes.  One.  It was my second single title.  I started a book, and loved the characters, but for some bizarre reason I set the book in a small rural town.  I don’t ‘do’ small rural towns, I have no idea what I was thinking! Lol  So I kept the characters, but changed the story completely.  It was extremely confusing to readers because the publisher had put the first chapter of the scrapped book in the back of Kiss and Tell, and everyone wanted to know where that book was. (Hard to explain to everyone that book was in the shredder. Lol)  I later used Hunt and Taylor in Hot Ice.

You’re a legend in Romantic Suspense/Romance genre, what has changed the most since you first started writing?
The explosion of self-published eBooks has been huge. Not only for brand new author’s testing the publishing waters, but for many multi-published, New York Times authors who publish with large New York publishers.  Either with new books (like myself with ICE COLD) or with their backlist.  There’s the chance of discovery – for both new authors, and also for readers, with this new frontier of self-publishing in e-Book format. It’s still the Wild Wild West of publishing out there, and I’m not sure that anyone really has a good grip on this ever changing new world. But personally, I find it hugely exciting and invigorating, and can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

What can you tell us about what is in the pages of ICE COLD?
For those who have not read any of my books – let me sum them up quickly for you. Running-chasing-shooting-wild monkey sex-action-adventure. A little over the top-a lot sexy.
ICE COLD is the story of two counterterrorist operatives. Cyber-geek Honey Winston and bomb ‘whisperer’ Rafael Navarro as they race across Europe in search of a bomber determined to bring the organization they work for to its knees.

ICE COLD, is #17 of your T-FLAC series. What can you tell us about the series overall?
Terrorist Force Logistical Assault Command is a privately owned counter-terrorist company based in Montana. T-FLAC was conceived on a very long, very smoky return flight from Italy many years ago.  Eight T-FLAC, and six T-FLAC/Psi books, and two new series later, I’m back in the world of terrorists and hot sexy espionage. I had SO much fun writing ICE COLD, it was like being back with old (incredibly sexy lol) friends.

Who controlled writing the most – you, Rafael or Honey?
This is a great question. I’ve heard other author’s answer that the character just “took over” and wrote the book for them. Lol  Nope. I’m the boss of my characters, if they don’t do what I want them to do, I delete them.  Lol.

How much research goes into each of your books? I mean, there’s explosions, guns, terrorists, operatives, etc. Does Cherry Adair specialize in any of that? LOL *g*
I do a lot of research, and I have really great sources who are eager to help me with everything from weapons to treasure hunting. I’ve never shot anyone (although I’ve been shot. lol) Usually I understand enough of what I’m told to write the scene in a believable way. But in one book I had a character who was a nuclear physicist.  I contacted  a nuclear physicist through one of my other contacts, and was thrilled when he agreed (with alacrity) to help me. I gave him the set up, and asked what my heroine would say in response to a question. What the kind gentleman told me, (with bewildering enthusiasm!) I did not understand in any way, shape or form! Lol I wrote the scene, had no freaking idea what I was saying, and sent him the pages so he could tell me if what I’d put in my character’s mouth made sense. Apparently it did. To this day, I don’t understand a word of what she said in that book. lol

Tell us about Rafael … what makes him tick?
Rafael is known as the bomb whisperer but he’s also known as the Spanish Stallion for his perceived love life. Raised by a single mother he loves women, and knows his way around their bodies and minds. A dangerous guy, indeed. lol

What makes Honey the perfect match for him?
Honey’s a challenge for Rafael. He’s not used to women telling him no.

Are you currently working on another T-FLAC story?
I write three different series – T-FLAC (my counter-terrorist operatives) CUTTER CAY (Treasure Hunters) and LODESTONE (Sixth sense GPS tracking). October is the release of  a T-FLAC novel – ICE COLD.  March sees the next LODESTONE novel RELENTLESS, and in July the next CUTTER CAY novel STORMCHASER. As you see- sleep is highly overrated! Lol

Some fun:
Soda or Snapple? Need you ask? Snapple Diet Lemon.  Night and day, hot or cold. *g*
Puppies or kittens? Both
Lingerie or cotton undergarments?  A lady never tells!
Which T-FLAC operative is your personal fave?  I love them all equally. *g*
Watching TV or reading by the pool?  Watching TV if I’m in the middle of a book, reading by the pool when the book is finished.
Heels or running shoes? Heels, unless I’m walking around the lake.
M&M or skittles? M&Ms 17 at a time.
Music or no music when writing?  I like quiet while I write. Each book has a rhythm to it as I write. I want to listen.

ISBN # 9781937774776
T-FLAC operative Rafael Navarro will never allow another woman to suffer the consequences of his dangerous life. But in a world where a terrorist can do more damage with a keyboard than a bomb, he needs the expert help of a cyber-geek. And fast.

Fellow operative, and cybercrimes specialist Honey Winston prefers computers to people. But when a serial bomber threatens the world’s financial infrastructure, she’s forced to work closely with Navarro, whose notorious skill in the bedroom is as
legendary as his dexterity defusing bombs. 
Honey and Rafael must fight sparks hot enough to melt their resolve, and push beyond fear itself, as they join forces in a bid to race the clock before a sinister and lethal bomber proves just how much they both have to lose.

T-FLAC is back, and the timer is counting down in the most pulse-pounding explosive op yet…
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Thank you so much for being here, Cherry.
Thanks for inviting me, Kacey. This was a lot of fun. No, please keep the rest of the breakfast cookies, I insist *g*

Kacey & Cherry

As I said, I got the privilege to meet Cherry in April this year. A HUGE dream come true for me 🙂

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