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Thank you for hosting me for my latest release with Evernight Publishing, Dancing with Fire a standalone contemporary ménage.  If your readers would like to they can post questions to me on Twitter using @Maiadylanauthor and I will answer them as I see them.

Five questions for the author

Q: Every book is special to an author.  What is it about this book that makes it special for you?
A:  This is my first attempt at a contemporary ménage.  The story came to me one night when I was working on a book in my Grey River series, and the characters wouldn’t let up until I had finished their story.

Q:  Sometimes things happen when you are writing a series that wasn’t expected at all.  Have you had this happen to you?
A:  Heaps!  I am not a planner.  I am a write-by-the-set-of-your-panties kinda girl.  There have been moments where I will finish up a scene and be like WTF?  I did not see that coming!  This story came from an image I saw when trawling through Facebook one night and a few weeks later, Lucabella, Hayden and Zac’s story was born!

  1. Why do you always include a danger element to your books?
  2. I write what I love to read. I love books that take you on a journey, but where the characters face a challenge that adds an element of urgency to them and to the book.  As a reader, there is nothing I like more than getting that goose bump, hair rising on the back of my neck feeling as I join the characters within the book I am reading on the journey to solve their mystery.  I want to give that to my readers.
  1. What are you working on at the moment?
  2. I have book nine of the Grey River series, book two in a new paranormal series is underway and another little ditty I am writing for a ménage anthro. There is also a new Shifter Ménage series coming soon.  Soooo many stories to tell, so little time!
  1. Do you have anything to say to your current readers or to those that haven’t yet read you work?
    If you have read any of my books, thank you so very much! It blows my mind that someone has actually read something that I wrote, but gosh I hope you enjoyed it!  Did you?  Please let me know, I find I suffer from a slight case of needy-nelly with my writing.  If you haven’t read my book, but you love erotic romance stories between strong men and an independent woman, where the path to their happily ever after can be a bumpy one, but there is always a happily ever after, and their love and laughter is real on every page, then you’ll find my books right up your alley!




There is always a risk of being burned when you dance with fire…

Lucabella Strand is tired of waiting for the Firestone playboys to honor her request for a meeting. Raising rents, and hiring a musclebound douche-bag as a building manager to threaten and torment them is not how reasonable landlords treat their tenants.

Zac and Hayden Firestone have no idea they even own a residential building, and when Bella accuses them of unfair treatment they immediately deny it. Until she shows them her proof.  She leaves both men reeling, but believing that she might be the one meant for them. Seeing her for the second time leaves them in shock.

A misunderstanding and a hidden secret quickly come between them, and finding a way back together proves difficult.  Will taking a chance and dancing with fire lead Bella to a future she had never thought she’d have, or will she be burned by love and left alone?

**erotic romance, MFM, Contemporary, anal sex












“Fine, I’ll tell you and risk the swelled heads I know it is going to give you both. This past week has been fantastic, and I love that we are getting to know each other slowly. But you have to know that the two of you are pretty potent in the arousal building department, and I have learned that I turn into quite the potty mouth when I am sexually frustrated.”

Zac leaned in with a growl and placed an open mouthed kiss on her neck. “Damn, that is good to hear. I go home every damn night harder than I have ever been, and have to take matters into my own hands, if you catch my drift.”

Bella gasped, her heart rate speeding up.

Hayden growled as he leaned in and pressed a similar kiss on the opposite side of her neck. Bella moaned and dropped her head back, immediately granting them both better access. “Fuck, Bella. Beautiful, beautiful Bella. It’s not our heads that are swelling at your admission.” He reached down and gently took her hand, tugging it gently and placing it in his lap.

“Oh, God,” Bella moaned at the feel of his erection behind the zipper of his suit pants. She squeezed him in her hands, eliciting a groan of approval from Hayden, and wanting to hear Zac, she reached over with her free hand to do the same to him.

“Fuck,” Zac growled against her skin before she felt his teeth pressing gently on either side of the tendon that ran down the side of her neck.

“Baby, we have been giving you time, and if you need more, then we will stop everything right now and back off.” Hayden’s voice was thick with arousal.

Before she could change her mind, or get so lost in them both she ended up naked with them on her damn couch, she pushed to stand up in front of them. The looks of disappointment that filled their expressions morphed quickly to understanding, and Bella felt the last part of her heart, the tiny part she had been holding back from the two of them, become theirs. She was in love with them both.


She held out a hand to each of them. “My bed is not big. It’s only a queen size. But I think among the three of us we can find a way to make it work.”




Author bio:

Maia Dylan lives, loves and works in beautiful New Zealand.  She married her best friend and they have two adorable, but stubborn children who obviously take after their father.

Maia’s career has featured a lot of travel, and she has filled her time at airports and in the air with books, books and more books.  Her love of erotic paranormal romance has seen her amass a huge library.  She has been an avid reader and lover of ménage romances since she read her first book in this genre about three years ago.

Outside of writing, Maia loves to eat, so she loves to cook!  Her herb garden is legendary, but she still has issues getting tomatoes to grow.  She’s been a performer for years, and has even sung on international stages, she would love to own a classic Ford Mustang one day and of course have the opportunity to race it on a race track without fear of a speeding ticket.

Although ultimately her dream is to be able to write full time on a sandy beach with a Mai Tai at hand, she is quite happy to fit her writing in when she can.  As long as someone reads her books, gets a laugh and maybe come to love her characters and much as she does, then she feels that she is living her dreams no matter what!

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Interview with Jessica E. Subject!

Good morning! Hope Spring is treating you well. Today is a good day, we have the wonderfully talented Jessica E. Subject back with us. I was able to coerce her into an interview, and she also shares info about one of her latest releases, ALIEN ADORATION.

Good morning Jess! 

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Kacey! It’s always a pleasure to be here with you and your readers.

Jessica, you pen mainly Science Fiction stories … what is it about the genre that keeps you writing in this genre regularly?

I do. For me, I love thinking about the possibilities of life beyond Earth. Plus, the aliens and clones in my story are representative are those that are different from us. I guess my stories are a reflection of society in a universal sense. But hey, who doesn’t want a sexy alien? Or, maybe that’s just me. LOL

Were you a fan of sci-fi movies/books when you were growing up?

I didn’t read a lot of science fiction growing up. Mostly because the books I was aware of didn’t have the romance/relationships that I enjoyed in stories. I did take a science fiction English class in high school though.

And yes, I did watch a lot of sci-fi growing up. I watched Star Trek (TNG, Voyager & Enterprise), Space: Above & Beyond, Out of this World, plus some others that we got up here in Canada. Can’t remember them all.

Who is your favourite Sci-fi hero/heroine?  What is your favourite Sci-fi movie?  Who is your favourite Sci-fi author?

Hero/Heroine – Cooper Hawkes from Space: Above and Beyond

Sci-Fi Movie – Star Trek (2009) Though the new one is coming out at the end of the week, plus other great sci-fi movies this year, so that may change.

Sci-Fi Author – Gosh, I have to pick just one? Three of the most memorable stories for me are written by D.L. Jackson, Barbara Elsborg, and Pippa Jay. I’ve also enjoyed other sci-fi titles from Gini Koch, Nora Roberts w/a J.D. Robb, and more. I simply can’t choose just one.

When did you begin your writing career?

I started writing for publication five years ago when on maternity leave with my youngest. Though, I didn’t submit anything until 2011.

What would we find you doing on a quiet Friday night at home (aside from writing)?

I’m pretty boring. I’d likely be cuddled with my hubby on the couch while watching a movie. And I’d fall asleep in the middle of it, as I usually do.

If you were to be swept away into a Sci-Fi world – what would the setting be like? 

Have you ever seen the movie Contact? Remember the scene when Ellie meets the extraterrestrial life form? That’s exactly what it would be like.

What type of hero would come along to save you? 

A man exactly like my husband. I couldn’t ask for a better hero.

Set up the type of Sci-fi adventure you’d like to be the heroine in?

Oh, I’m not always nice to my characters. I don’t know if I’d want to write myself into a story. Though I’d love to explore space and meet other life.

Are you reading any good books right now?

Right now, I’m reading Strangers by Barbara Elsborg. And I have so many on my Kindle and Kobo to read.

What do you like to do for fun and relax?

I like to go for walks with my daughter, get out into nature. I love waterfalls. I also enjoy singing, dancing, reading, watching movies, and more.

Now, about your story, ALIEN ADORATION.  Rachel & Luke. She’s had some disastrous dates, he’s come to her rescue … give us some really good deets about this story!

Yes, in this story, Luke rescues her from two disastrous dates. With the first, her drunk boyfriend tries to take advantage of her. She manages to get away from him, but loses her shirt in the process. As she’s walking home in the rain, Luke pulls up on his motorcycle to offer her a ride.

On the second date, she’s at a church potluck at the park. Her date tries to get frisky with her, and when she rebuffs him, she ends up falling into the river. Luke saw the entire incident from a distance and comes to her rescue again.

What makes Luke, an Alien, so attractive? What do you think readers will love most about him?

Luke is humanoid, so, except for his eyes (which he can change), he looks very human. He’s a motorcycle-riding carpenter, sexy as sin, and although he has the reputation of a playboy, he really isn’t. He has a vulnerable side that he hides very well.

What influenced the idea for this story?

This song was inspired by the song Spaceman by Bif Naked. Some of the scenes in Alien Adoration are my interpretation of the lyrics.

Which character was the most difficult to work with – the hero or heroine?

They both had their difficulties. Rachel was just too shy, couldn’t work up enough courage to approach Luke. And Luke had no idea how to talk to Rachel. He was worried she wouldn’t want him because he’s an alien. It was a challenge to finally get them together.

What makes this couple perfect for one another?

Luke has a connection to Rachel that he can’t control. It formed the first time they met as children. And Rachel really needs someone to love her. She’s never had that. Luke can be that person if only she’ll let him into her life.

Do the characters come first or the storyline/plot?

With this story, they both seemed to come at the same time as I listened to Spaceman. Though with any story I write, the storyline always changes from the original outline.

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share?

This is the first of the Alien Next Door series. The next book will be the story of Luke and Rachel’s son, and the woman who lives in the cottage next door. The third book is the story of their daughter who moves into the city, and a neighbor in her apartment building.

What’s next on Jessica Subject’s bookshelf of coming soon titles? Any dates you could share with us?

I have two stories coming out with Decadent Publishing within the next couple of months. Another Night, Another Planet is a sexy sci-fi romance that is part of the 1Night Stand and Elatia lines. The second is the next book in The Underground series, Never Gonna Desert You. It is a sci-fi/dystopian lesbian romance.

I have the third story in that series ready for submission, and I’m working on a Christmas sci-fi romance, and Alien Next Door #2.

Fast & Fun:

Silk or satin? satin
50 Shades of Grey or no thank you? No thank you. Though, I do read BDSM.
Joe Manganiello or Channing Tatum? Joe Manganiello
Iron Man or Thor? Can’t decide. They’re both awesome!
True Blood or Game of Thrones? Eek! I don’t watch either. *hides in my hole*
*GASP* Jessica! We must buy you Netflix !! *g*
Wine or beer? Neither.
Chocolate or Vanilla? White chocolate.
Favorite Food? Pasta.
Heels or running shoes? Running shoes.
Comfy sweats or jeans? Both
Coffee or Tea? Neither.
Camping or Hotel? I refuse to sleep in a tent.
Do you believe in second chances? Depends on the situation.

Where can readers contact you?

Thank you very much for being here. We all wish you the best of luck!!

Thanks again for having me!

Alien Adoration
Alien Next Door book 1
By Jessica E. Subject
Erotic Sci-Fi Romance
ISBN: 978-0991932009

Erotic dreams fill her with need…
Night after night, Rachel fantasizes about her sexy, playboy neighbor. But in her small town, no one changes, least of all the bad boy next door. But when Luke rescues her not once but twice from disastrous dates, she dares to believe her knight in black leather armor may be the right man for her after all.  
Until she learns the truth…
Life on Earth has never been easy for Luke. Stranded as a little boy, he struggled to craft an existence for himself, but he never forgot the first human he met–and he never stopped wanting to see her again. Returning to Hanton, Luke longs for Rachel. Yet, nothing goes as he plans, and Rachel barely notices him. Convincing her he isn’t like all the jerks she’s dated means telling her the truth, but can she handle it? 
Can she overcome her fears, or will she deny her alien adoration and leave him stranded once more?

Buy Links:


Book Trailer:

“Need a lift?”
The voice was deep and masculine, one she didn’t hear very often, but would recognize anywhere. Luke. Wonderful! He wouldn’t talk to me before, but now that I’m topless and sopping wet, he notices me.
She circled slowly to stare at the leather-clad figure sitting atop his motorcycle. The visor of his helmet covered most of his face, leaving only his luscious lips and deep, jutting chin, covered in light stubble, exposed. What would they feel like against her lips? Between her legs? Her body tingled.
“Earth to Rachel. Do you need a lift, or should I leave you here in the pouring rain?”
Oh God, he knows my name. Since they’d never actually talked—she’d only heard him greeting his dates—her name on his lips came as a surprise. “Um, yes, I’d appreciate a ride.” On his Harley, and if she was lucky, in his bed. Anywhere. Her romance-first rule didn’t apply to him. He’d already seduced her plenty in her dreams.
Remaining on his bike, he yanked a helmet from his saddlebag and held it out to her. “What happened to your pretty blouse?”
Pretty blouse? He’d seen her earlier? “I….” Fluttering rolled through her stomach. “I don’t want to talk about it.”
She grabbed the helmet from him, fit it over her soaked hair, and buckled the chinstrap. Straddling the seat behind him, she fumbled with her hands, wondering where to place them, no bar behind her to hold on to. Oh, what it would be like to wrap her arms around him, lean against his wide back covered in leather. But what if he didn’t want her to touch him?
Luke pushed off from the curb. “I suggest you hold onto me or you’re going to fall off.”
The bike lurched forward with a roar. She clasped her hands around his waist, her fingers coming together temptingly close to his manhood, cheek pressed to his cowskin jacket. His deep chuckle reverberated across her skin.
“I told you to hang on.”
And she could lean on him forever. Being so close to him with pure raw power between her legs moved her better than any fantasy she had ever created. But what is going to happen when he takes me home? Or will he invite me to his house instead?
She pressed her lips together. Sure, she wanted to know what lay under his tight pants, but she refused to be another conquest. I can’t handle it.
He drove into her driveway too soon, leaning the bike over enough for her to slip off. She removed the helmet and handed it back to him. “Thank you. I appreciate the ride.”
Tucking the helmet away, he nodded. “You want to come over for coffee?”
That and more. Though she refused to go anywhere in her state of disarray. “Um, no, I’m kind of wet.”
“Another time, then?”
She nodded. Shit, why did I say no? They could strip down together and have all kinds of fun. But he drove away before she had a chance to retract her words.

Jessica Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotica. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two. You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous. 
When Jessica isn’t reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk. Fast. But she just may slow down if there is a waterfall nearby.
Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children. And she loves to hear from her readers.
Jessica is a member of RWA and the Toronto Romance Writers chapter, EPIC, and Savvy Authors.

She blogs weekly at Backward Momentum, and monthly at Paranormal Romantics. You can find her at jessicasubject.comand on twitter @jsubject.

Other Works

From Decadent Publishing

1Night Stand

The Edge


The Challenge series

The Underground

Single Titles

Coming Soon

Another Night, Another Planet (1Night Stand/Elatia)

Never Gonna Desert You (The Underground)

Indie Titles

Free Read

Jessica Subject will be giving away a $25 Amazon e-gift certificate at the end of the Alien Adoration tour. Plus, three other winners will receive Alien Adoration swag packages. No purchase necessary. Contest is international. Must be 18 years of age or older. Just sign in to Rafflecopter with Facebook or your email address on any post during the tour to be entered. Odds of winning are dependent upon how many people enter during the tour. Good luck!

Interview with Sara Brookes

Today we welcome, Award-winning, multi-published and uber-talented author, Sara Brookes. I know quite a bit about this wonderful woman already, but I confess, I learned a few things through this interview too *g*

So, Sara, what’s new in your life? I know you’re a Mom, Wife, Tech-Guru, you work full time as well as writing – there has to be some fun though right?

I’m getting really excited for the summer movie season. Movies are my escape. I buy them as frequently as I buy books. But, I mean, really – Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast and Furious 6, Man of Steel, Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, Pacific Rim, The Wolverine – I could go on and on, but wow. That’s quite an impressive lineup and I’m looking forward to spending my summer in air conditioned bliss!

What 3 words would your husband use to describe you?

Creative, Passionate, Caring (yeah, he got a big sloppy kiss for those *g*)

What is a day in the life of writing like for you – take a Saturday when you don’t have to work outside your home and your family is off somewhere, and the house is quiet?

 I’m an early riser, usually around 5 am, so I’m up before the rest of the family. First order of business is always coffee. I usually work through any pending email I didn’t get to during the week, catch up on Twitter and Facebook, peruse through Ebay (ok, so yeah, that’s totally not work related at all) and then settle in to handle edits or get some new words.  I’ll take a break around noon, grab lunch and on Saturdays, send off the family (husband golf, daughter teaching dance). Which means another three or four hours of uninterrupted work for me. Word counts aren’t always high, but any day I can get in more than a thousand words, I’m happy. It’s rare I can get words in during the week because of work, which is why I write so slow.

You write in many different genres…which is the most fun? Which is the most challenging?

Believe it or not, the most fun genre is also the most challenging – which is anytime I work with a book that involves BDSM. Her Master’s Collar has D/s elements because it works for the two characters. They don’t consider themselves in the lifestyle, but they do have the Dominant/submissive dynamic between them sexually.  Not every book is like that however. The Edge series books (Ragged Edge and Reclaiming the Edge) are definitely heavier and more prevalent, the scenes are more intense. The BDSM lifestyle is ingrained in the character’s minds and bodies. I tend to write those scenes with a heavier hand toward more frank language. The Geek Kink series (Taking Over Me, Rock Your Soul, Break Me In and Glad You Came) are BDSM as well, but not as edgy. They’re small town erotic romances where the characters just happen to like tying one another up. *g* The frank language isn’t as frequent or heavy in that series.

I mentioned above that you’re a Tech-Guru – you share a lot of knowledge with us on Techie Tuesdays on your blog – have you always been interested in techie stuff?

Yes! My parents gave me a Commodore 64 when I was around 10 or 11. They also gave me a book that taught me how to write small programs and from there, my love of tech was born. I’ve always had a computer since then, even if it wasn’t top of the line. Usually I preferred it not to be so I could fiddle and add stuff as I needed. I spent a few years studying computers in college and I even work in a tech-rich field for my day job. 

If you were to be swept away into a Sci-Fi world – what would the setting be like?  What type of hero would come along to save you?  Set up the type of Sci-fi adventure you’d like to be the heroine in?

It would be a cross between Star Trek, Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Matrix and Firefly. Just throw all my favorite futuristic/sci-fi worlds & heroes into a blender and hit Frappe.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set outline?

My characters usually hit me upside the head so hard I see stars or they kick my ass until I notice them. I rarely ever have a plan going into a book other than a basic idea of where I want to start, where I want to hit for the climax and the end. Sometimes this process is fabulously freeing and other times it’s frustratingly obnoxious. LOL

What books/authors have most influenced your life?

I started reading Stephen King’s books at a very young age. Probably way younger than I should have been. But I was hooked on how rich and vibrant these worlds he created were. Even if the oddest things were occurring to the characters, he kept me captivated with everything that was happening. I cared about these characters – a lot.

Now, about your story, HER MASTER’S COLLAR.  A Sci-Fi/BDSM Romance available with Ellora’s Cave – the Aeon line – what insight can you give us into the story/the characters? 

It’s a reunion story about two people who are very much still in love with one another. But Korene’s anger and Roland’s shame have kept them apart for the past ten years. Now they’re forced to work with one another and the sparks start flying right off the bat. But Roland has secrets and once they’re revealed, Korene has to decide if Roland is still the man she fell in love with years ago.

For those that may not know — what is Ellora’s Cave’s “On the Hunt” series about? How does Her Master’s Collar fit into it? 

Ellora’s Cave put out a call for hot bounty hunter stories last year. Her Master’s Collar was in the works already, but without the bounty hunter hook. I’d actually been looking for the defining thing that would hold the story together, and when I heard about the sub call – I knew this was it. Her Master’s Collar is actually the kick off book for the series – so keep an eye out for other On The Hunt books by other authors throughout the month of May!

Did anything specific influence the idea for this story?

Yes! A fortune cookie – I’ll actually talk about it in another stop on the tour. It’s actually quite an amusing and interesting story.

What was the most difficult thing/scene to write in this story?

Not so much difficult as surprising was the first time Korene submitted to Roland again after his return. Why did it surprise me? Here I’d written this incredibly strong woman who used her anger at Roland to build a highly-profitable company and she drops to her knees the moment he commands it. I’m not new to writing BDSM and I’m very familiar with the ins and outs, but I had to pull back and actually ask why. Even on her knees in front of him, she is still this amazingly strong woman. I loved writing her.

What do you love most about the Sci-Fi genre?

The endless possibilities. In Her Master’s Collar, the story starts in New Washington. Since I was working in the future (roughly 45 years in the future) I had the freedom to create the world how I wanted. Washington DC as we know it doesn’t exist anymore, the city is in total disrepair as the Government doesn’t exist as we know it today. Instead there is a World Government. Cars are auto-driving and react to voice commands. Roland and Korene travel to Mars on an elite-class cruise transport (think of a cruise ship in space) and they wear a special mask and suit to walk around on Mars (far less bulky than our current astronaut’s space suits). I love the freedom of creativity that writing sci-fi allows me.

Did the story turn out the way you planned from the beginning? If not, what change happened that you didn’t expect?

It’s not exactly as I envisioned, but it is certainly better than I expected. The bounty hunter angle came later and I had to rewrite the story when I realized that was the hook I’d been looking for. The hard work was worth it in the end though as I’m very pleased with the way it turned out!

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share?

I would love to be able to write a few additional books about the rest of Roland’s team members. The snarky back and forth between Markus and Finley is hiding something more between them – I just know it! And Valentine? Phew. That man has some really big issues and after the events on Mars, he has even more problems. I would love, love to delve deeper into his mind. Of course, writing those stories comes down to time and commitments. Right now, I have to finish the last two books of the Geek Kink series and those are keeping me pretty busy. But I never say never!

What’s next from your  bookshelf of coming soon titles? Any dates you could share with us to mark on our calendars?

May 31st, the next book in my Geek Kink series, Rock Your Soul releases from Ellora’s Cave under their Taboo line. Two strangers united by a passion so intense, their erotic bond threatens to shatter both of their already broken souls.

Fast & Fun: 
Flannel or silk? Flannel
Wonder Woman or Xena? Wonder Woman
Iron Man or Thor? Iron Man
Wine or beer? Wine
Favorite Food? Currently, anything involving bacon
Heels or running shoes? Running shoes
Comfy sweats or jeans? Jeans
Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Where can readers contact you? 

Announcement List:

Thank you very much for being here. We all wish you the best of luck!!

Thanks so much for having me here!

Sci-Fi / BDSM Erotic Romance
The last thing Korene needs in her life is a former Master who abandoned her ten years ago. But when her employees are taken hostage on Mars, she’s forced to work with Roland whether she likes it or not. Sparks fly the moment the perfectly chiseled man saunters into her conference room; a sign their incredible chemistry is still just as potent.

Roland has a job to do, but he struggles with his unrelenting desire for the only woman he ever loved. Seeing the strong-willed Korene on her knees again is enough to shatter Roland’s willpower. And give him a raging hard-on.

Their distracting lust could flame out of control if they aren’t careful.

WarningFire up your thrusters to embark on a secret mission with a snarky submissive who knows the meaning of courtesy and her smoking hot former Marine Dom who isn’t afraid to wait one more day. The sexual chemistry between these two is so sinfully hot, it’ll melt the plastishield of your spacesuit helmet. Houston, we have a problem.

Her Master’s Collar is published by Ellora’s Cave, and will be available from Amazon UKAmazon USBarnes & NobleKobo and more as of 1st May.

Contest Info:
One winner will be chosen from the Rafflecopter entries for a special Swag Pack (with a Never Take It Off bracelet supporting the military). Entries will be accepted from midnight 5/6 and run through midnight 5/10 (all times EST).

Guest Author/Interview: Elyzabeth M. Valey

Today we welcome one of my fellow Evernight Publishing authors, Elyzabeth M. Valey. 
Get ready for one awesome excerpt!!

Welcome Elyzabeth!

Can you tell us something quirky about yourself that readers might not know already?

I love Disney! Before checking the rest of the channels on TV I always see what they’re showing on Disney Channel first. Phineas and Ferb is one of my current favorite shows.

What would we find you doing on a quiet Friday night at home (aside from writing)?

Aside from writing, you’d find me watching a film or a series (How I met your mother and Dr. Who are old favorites and I just started on The Newsroom).

What did you want to be when you grew up?

It might sound cliché but I always wanted to be a writer and when I turned 8, I wanted to be a journalist.

What do you like to do for fun and relax?

I enjoy going out with friends for tapas and walking my dog. A lot of my ideas have developed while out on a walk with my lab.

Where do you reside? If I was to come visit you for vacation, what one landmark is a MUST see that you’d take me to?

I live in Madrid, Spain. Only one? Madrid has loads of places that should be seen, but I guess the Plaza Mayor is a must. The origins of the plaza go back to 1576 and it’s been home to an assortment of activities. Christmas is a fun time to visit because it has stalls with a variety of objects that range from classical nativity scenes figures to funny prank and gag toys.

Now, about your story, THE GOLDEN COCK. A heck of a title by the way!! What can you tell us about it?

The Golden Cock is a naughty fairy tale, loosely based on the story of The Golden Goose. It’s the story of a Vincent, a good man that after being subject to the cruelty and ridicule of his brothers receives a kind of compensation that will change his life forever. His counterpart is “Ice duchess” Brielle, a woman that has never achieved orgasm.

Did you second-guess yourself at all when coming up with the title?

Nope, strangely enough, (because it’s usually not the case) one of the things I had clear from the start was the title of the book.

What influenced the idea for this story?

I was doing some cleaning and found an old drama script of when I was in middle school of The Golden Goose. The wheels in my head started turning…

What was the most difficult to thing/scene to write in this story?

The mirror scene. I had to go back to it several times.

Which character was the most difficult to work with – the hero or heroine?

The heroine, Brielle. She’s the daughter of a duke and appears to be strong and confident but she’s not.

What makes this couple perfect for one another?

Besides the sexual chemistry between them, they’re both incredibly sweet and good people. They share many of the same interests and complement each other: where Brielle is impatient Vincent is patient, where he’s forgetful, she’s detailed, where’s he’s compliant, she’s stubborn.

Did the story turn out the way you planned from the beginning? If not, what change happened that you didn’t expect?

No, it didn’t. Initially, it was going to be set in medieval times, but then Brielle appeared and she didn’t fit the era. So I had to go back and rewrite everything.

What do you hope readers take with them after they’ve read this story?

First of all, I hope they enjoy the story! But there’s also a message in the story about self-confidence and how important it is to believe in ourselves.

Fast & Fun:

Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs!

Silk or satin? Silk

Joe Manganiello or Channing Tatum? Joe Manganiello ❤

True Blood or Game of Thrones? Both? But if I have to pick Game of Thrones. 

Wine or beer? Beer

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Favorite Food? Spaghetti

Heels or running shoes? Running shoes.

Baseball or hockey? *cough your host is a HUGE hockey fan – just saying *g** LOL Hockey (but not because I’ve been coerced into picking it, I swear! I know little about the sport but I have a fondness for it since we sometimes had to play at school during gym class and I took the opportunity to hit the bullies with the stick.)

Coffee or Tea? Coffee with milk and two spoonfuls of sugar, please. *the host agrees w/ those ingredients! *g**

Camping or Hotel? Hotel

What place to travel is on your Bucket List? Finland!

Was it love at first sight for you when you met your spouse? I’m a single lady! *now I have Beyonce in my head!!*

Where can readers contact you?

Thank you very much for being here. We all wish you the best of luck!!


Kind-hearted Vincent Stowe spent years with an inferiority complex until, one day, after accepting to help an older woman with an odd request he receives a life-changing gift.

“Ice Duchess” Brielle is desperate for a solution to her inability to orgasm, so when word about a man with a magical cock reaches her ears, she decides that he just might be what she needs.

Will Vincent’s “Golden Cock” be enough for the “Ice Duchess”, or will something else come to play along the way?

Be Warned: multiple partners, MFM, FFM, m/m sex, f/f sex

And more!

I love hearing from readers! Keep in touch with me at any or all of these places:


“Turn around.” His voice was gruff, his need evident to his ears. Could she hear it too?

His fingers rested for a fraction of a second against the nape of her neck. She froze. Skimming his digits over her shoulders and down her back, the corner of his lips lifted as he heard her exhale heavily. Skillfully, he worked the clasps of her corset and tossed the material on the bed. Wandering back to the mirror, he continued to adjust it. He needed to distance himself from her before succumbing to the temptation she was.

When he looked up again, she had removed her chemise. Pale, perfect skin gleamed under the dancing candle light. Terse breasts with large pink nipples waved hello and a honey-colored thatch called him to come closer and explore. He swallowed dryly. His balls felt heavy and his cock was stiff as a rod. This was going to be much harder than he thought.

“Lie on the bed, lean back on your elbows and keep your legs open.” His voice came out husky and low and he cleared it loudly. Brie nodded and obeyed without a word.

“Can you see your pussy?” he asked, moving the mirror.

She shook her head. “No,” she croaked.

Vincent bit his lip, unsure how to proceed. He needed to prop her up on something so she could gather a better view of her sex. By her words, he had the distinct feeling that Brie was never excited enough when she took men into her chamber. She needed to see how wet and desirable her pussy became when it was really ready to be plundered and she needed to experience her own touch. He swallowed hard as an idea occurred to him.

“Here.” Placing the mirror in a slight angle, he climbed up in bed with her. Spreading his legs around her, he sat so that her back was resting against his chest and her ass was resting between his thighs.

“Open up,” he whispered into her ear. Nodding, she spread her legs. Vincent clenched his fists at his side. He wanted to touch her, to feel that soft skin underneath his fingertips, to taste every inch of that delectable morsel.

“Can you see now?”


He took in a deep breath. Darn, she smelled good. Clean, like lilacs. She wriggled and her hair tickled his nose, the skin of her thigh rubbing against his leg and making his dick throb with unspent desire.

“What do you see?”

“Hair,” she murmured. He felt her swallow and tremble slightly. Oh, how he wanted to wrap himself around her. No, Vincent.

“Use your hands and open yourself wider.”

“What?” She tilted her head to look at him, her expression confused.
Unable to hold back, Vincent brushed his lips over hers. A current of sorts zinged over his lips at the contact.

“Okay,” he said. “Let’s start slower. Caress your thighs, up and down. That’s right.”

He watched carefully as Brie rubbed her fingertips over her skin, coming closer to her quim at every upward stroke. Vincent closed his eyes. The view was the most erotic thing he’d ever experienced. His cock wept, hidden underneath his robe, and pressed to her back. “Gently, pass your hand over your pussy.”

He felt her breath hitch as her mouth fell open in shock. However, she did not deny him but simply followed his command with a dry swallow. His Adam’s apple bobbed as she ran her hand over her damp thatch.

“Do it again,” he whispered. “Only this time, allow your fingers to touch more of that area,” he urged, his own breath coming out in a rasp.

He briefly glanced at his reflection in the mirror. His hair was disheveled, his face flushed. He wanted to buck his hips but he kept steady, giving Brie the opportunity she’d probably been denied all her life: to find her own release. Her hands found her vagina again, but this time she didn’t skim over the curly hairs, but parted them and explored the sticky wetness in between. Had he been standing further away he would have missed it, but pressed behind her, her moan was like a punch to his stomach, feeding the flame of his passion. Vincent closed his eyes, swallowing the groan in his throat and willing himself to relax.

“Again,” he said without opening his eyes.

She repeated the movement, but just as she was about to slide her fingers down to her thighs, he grabbed her hand with his left. Spreading her fingers, he forced her to delve deeper and slide the digits over the fold and curls of her pussy, spreading the wet dew lingering there.

“Vincent,” she whispered his name, her head falling against his shoulder, her body tensing slightly as he led her fingers to caress and touch her vulva repeatedly. Her wet moisture spread from her fingers to his, coating them. He groaned loudly.

“Don’t stop.” Pulling back, he brought his fingertips to his mouth and licked off the sweet honey. Their eyes met briefly in the mirror, desire clashing against desire.

Author Bio:

Defined as weird since she was about eight, Elyzabeth honors the title by making up songs about her chores, doodling stars and flowers on any blank sheet of paper and talking to her dog whenever he feigns interest.

Losing the battle to the voices in her head is her favorite pastime after annoying her younger sister with her singing. Writing stories full of passion and emotion where love conquers all is her happy pill and she’ll forgo sleep to make her readers live the dream. 

Guest Author: C.R. Moss

Today, I’m thrilled to have C.R. Moss as a guest! Learn more about this wonderfully talented author and her stories… 

Thank you, Kacey, for having me on your blog today!

Hi everyone, my name is Chris, and I write under the names C.R. Moss for erotic and mainstream romance and Casey Moss for mainstream dark fiction (horror, suspense, urban fantasy). My professional bio for C.R.: An eccentric and eclectic writer, C.R. Moss pens stories for the mainstream and erotic romance markets, giving readers Worlds of Possibilities when it comes to love.

The bio for my other persona: Casey Moss delves into the darker aspects of life in her writing, sometimes basing the stories on reality, sometimes on myth. No matter the path, her stories will take you on a journey from the light-hearted paranormal to dark things unspeakable. What waits around the corner? Come explore…

Q: Do you write under a pen name? Why?
A: Yes, I do. The names C.R. Moss and Casey Moss are pen names. When I first started writing and publishing erotic romance, I decided to use my initials. That seemed the easiest way to come up with a pen name at the time. For my mainstream stuff, I’m using a childhood nickname. As for the last name, my real last name isn’t too ‘general public friendly’ or ‘writer sounding’ so I used an English translation of it.

Q: What did you want to be when you were a child? Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
A: For a very brief period of time, I had ideas of becoming a teacher or an astronaut. Both occurred before the age of ten. But for the most part, I knew I wanted to write at a young age, as early as I learned to read. I was always cooking up stories to entertain myself in the rural area I lived in. Had to since there were no other kids around to play with. My defining moment came when I received an A in English in grade school. I was just shy of being a teenager when I had my ‘calling.’ Ever since then, most of my choices in life have revolved around my goal of becoming a full-time fiction writer and being published.

Q: When did you start writing toward publication?
A: Upon my ‘calling’ I wrote a story for a magazine. It’d been rejected, but that was my start. After that, I began studying the craft of writing. It started with working on the school newspaper in middle school to creative writing classes and Teens Art Festivals in high school. I received a BA in Communications, Information and Library Studies from Rutgers College with a strong concentration in English Lit/Writing and Interpersonal Communications/PR. Studying under the mentorship of Terri Valentine (author of ‘Sands of Time,’ a Zebra Historical Romance), I honed my novel writing skills. In the mid to late 2000s, I finally put my foot down, got over my nerves and took the plunge into submitting stories to publishers. I’ve been published since 2008, and as for the craft, I’m still learning things by taking the occasional online class, attending industry conferences, and devouring all the writing how-to books I can get my hands on.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: I get ideas from everywhere…conversations, news headlines, television, songs. On occasion I’ve been known to pull from my old careers and the people I’ve known, drawing out tidbits of personalities for characters, places for settings and information to assist with subject matter—for example, using the basis and background knowledge of energy work that I learned in the massage field for paranormal stories I’ve worked on.

Q: Has anything in your real life ever inspired scenes for your books?
Of course it has. I love using the places I’ve lived in and visited as the settings. There was one story I wrote (it’s not available at the moment) where I used a situation I’d been in one night on a beach. Granted, I elaborated on the situation and made it much more intense than it had been, but the foundation was there.

Q: What are you currently working on?
A: Under my C.R. name, I’m in the process of working on my parts of the third Wild West book that my writing partner and I are writing which will complete the first draft of that manuscript, then it’s onto the fourth Wild West story. There are two more Sunset stories (Sunset Temptations & Sunset Heat) I’m doing for Decadent Publishing’s 1NightStandline.
For Casey, I have an urban fantasy series started, a horror series in the works and some editing and republishing of several other stories.

Q: What book are you going to tell us about today? Is it part of a series? If so, what’s the order in which the books should be read? Please tell my readers a little bit about your book.
A: Today I’m talking about my erotic romance/chick-lit Sunset books. It’s a series I’m doing for Decadent Publishing’s 1NightStand line. Originally, I had some outlines for stories that I wanted to submit for a particular publisher’s ‘destination’ line. When I attended a conference and met the people from Decadent and heard about Decadent’s 1NS series, I was excited to rework and apply the story ideas to their line. I’m thrilled to be a part of their series now.
Sunset Desires, the first of my Sunset books, is available at Decadent Publishing. Inspiration for the story came from my love of sunsets and a trip to Grand Cayman. In that book, which is set on the Caribbean island, four women relatives are introduced, and the one woman, Gwen, has her date that her cousin, Heather, set her up on. Sunset Seduction, the second Sunset book which takes place in a hotel room in Las Vegas, is also available at Decadent, and follows Heather and her date. The third and fourth stories, Sunset Temptations and Sunset Heat, are currently works-in-progress. Temptation will be a M/F/M to M/M/F erotic romance that centers around Ivy. Heat will be a M/F erotic romance that will follow Seana and her date. And, I’m proud to say, both Sunset Desires & Sunset Seduction are All Romance eBook Best Sellers! 🙂

Here’s the blurb for Sunset Desires:
* A blind date. A hot tropical evening. She’ll be someone he can’t forget. He’ll fulfill her ultimate fantasy.
* Gwendolyn Tramonto is stunned to learn her cousin set her up with sex on the beach and it’s not the drink. But after a several year dry spell of no relationships, no dates…no sex, Gwen decides to take her cousin up on her offer and go out on the blind date. For once, she’d like to indulge in a fantasy, be wined and dined instead of the other way around, and if she and the man ended up in bed together, that would be a nice bonus.
* Evan Cadell is looking forward to the date his uncle arranged for him through an exclusive matchmaking service and taking a one night break from work, life and all its demands. From Gwen’s profile, Evan knows what her fantasy is and believes he’s the man who can make it come true.
* But will one night in paradise be enough to satisfy their desires?

The blurb for Sunset Seduction:
* One evening. One date. Easy, right?
* Heather Tramonto, a business woman with only her career and a quickie on her mind, is all set for her 1NS date and a bit of adult fun–no conditions, no commitment–when a surprise shows up at her door.
* Lane Stanwyck is entering the dating world after years of an estranged marriage and the passing of his hostile wife. When Madame Eve schedules an anonymous tryst for him–no conditions, no commitment–he believes it to be the perfect arrangement for his first time out in the dating field in ages. That is until he sees the woman of his dreams.
* One night. No strings. That might be a problem for this pair.

~ PG Excerpt for Sunset Desires ~
* Gwen. The match up. A distraction for a night. A short break from the drudgery of life. Uncle Lane wanted him to start a relationship. He only wanted a fling. That’s all he’d promised his uncle, who seemed gung ho to have him settle down. Weird idea coming from a man who hadn’t had a happy marriage. Evan’s habits of living alone and immersing himself in work were ingrained. He had thirty-five years of bachelorhood to his credit. If it weren’t for Lane, he’d still be at the office poring over figures. Not much else to do when you lived so far away from friends and family, and on an island.
* But Uncle Lane, a recent returnee to the dating pool, had decided all the single males in the family needed to dive in with him. He put Evan at the head of the matchmaking line. Lucky me. Shrugging, he downed the rest of his beer. The least I can do is make the best of it and show her a good time. Glancing down at Gwen’s profile, he focused on the main words of her fantasy—vacation, exotic location, handsome man, sensual rendezvous.
* Handsome? Check. At least he’d been told he had above-average features. Exotic location? Check. He had the perfect spot to take her. Erotic tryst? Though friends and family called him charming and women praised his skills, he hoped he could give her what she wanted and make her dreams come true.

~ Where can readers find you & your books?
Find C.R. Moss/Casey Moss here ~
C.R.’s Website:
Casey’s Website:
Double D Ranch Tales:
Evernight Publishing – C.R. Moss:
Evernight Publishing – Casey Moss:
Decadent Publishing – Sunset Desires:
Decadent Publishing – Sunset Seduction:
All Romance Ebooks:
Bookstrand: &


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Guest Interview with Cherry Adair!

Good morning readers!

I’m thrilled to have one of my writing idols on my blog today. Cherry Adair is an author that I have read since about age sixteen and I’ve never missed a story. Her stories have carried me on many adventures, wild rides with delectable heroes, and inspired me to always write from the heart.

And I was thrilled to meet her in Chicago at RT in 2012! (See a pic at the end of this interview *g*)

Cherry is here to discuss her newest release, ICE COLD, # 17 of her fabulous T-FLAC series!

Hello, Cherry, and thank you for being here.
Thanks for having me, Kacey 🙂  I brought Mocha Frappuccino’s, and  breakfast cookies to enjoy while we chat. What? You’ve never had a chocolate chip breakfast cookie?!

When did you know you wanted to be an author?
I started “writing” long before I knew how to write or read. I’d scribble something in crayon, then force- I mean- persuade my long suffering mother to sit beside me while I “read” her my story. I never stopped writing in some form or another. I was an interior designer for many years, and was a voracious reader. Finally I stared jotting down story ideas in long hand, and eventually finished one, and then another. Writing for me is like eating potato chips. I always need to write one more. I eventually sold my Interior Design business, to write full time about twelve years – and 36 books- ago.
What drives you every time you sit down to write? Is it the story itself or does it begin with the characters?
Always with the characters.

Have you ever scraped a book when almost finished because it wasn’t really “working”?
Yes.  One.  It was my second single title.  I started a book, and loved the characters, but for some bizarre reason I set the book in a small rural town.  I don’t ‘do’ small rural towns, I have no idea what I was thinking! Lol  So I kept the characters, but changed the story completely.  It was extremely confusing to readers because the publisher had put the first chapter of the scrapped book in the back of Kiss and Tell, and everyone wanted to know where that book was. (Hard to explain to everyone that book was in the shredder. Lol)  I later used Hunt and Taylor in Hot Ice.

You’re a legend in Romantic Suspense/Romance genre, what has changed the most since you first started writing?
The explosion of self-published eBooks has been huge. Not only for brand new author’s testing the publishing waters, but for many multi-published, New York Times authors who publish with large New York publishers.  Either with new books (like myself with ICE COLD) or with their backlist.  There’s the chance of discovery – for both new authors, and also for readers, with this new frontier of self-publishing in e-Book format. It’s still the Wild Wild West of publishing out there, and I’m not sure that anyone really has a good grip on this ever changing new world. But personally, I find it hugely exciting and invigorating, and can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

What can you tell us about what is in the pages of ICE COLD?
For those who have not read any of my books – let me sum them up quickly for you. Running-chasing-shooting-wild monkey sex-action-adventure. A little over the top-a lot sexy.
ICE COLD is the story of two counterterrorist operatives. Cyber-geek Honey Winston and bomb ‘whisperer’ Rafael Navarro as they race across Europe in search of a bomber determined to bring the organization they work for to its knees.

ICE COLD, is #17 of your T-FLAC series. What can you tell us about the series overall?
Terrorist Force Logistical Assault Command is a privately owned counter-terrorist company based in Montana. T-FLAC was conceived on a very long, very smoky return flight from Italy many years ago.  Eight T-FLAC, and six T-FLAC/Psi books, and two new series later, I’m back in the world of terrorists and hot sexy espionage. I had SO much fun writing ICE COLD, it was like being back with old (incredibly sexy lol) friends.

Who controlled writing the most – you, Rafael or Honey?
This is a great question. I’ve heard other author’s answer that the character just “took over” and wrote the book for them. Lol  Nope. I’m the boss of my characters, if they don’t do what I want them to do, I delete them.  Lol.

How much research goes into each of your books? I mean, there’s explosions, guns, terrorists, operatives, etc. Does Cherry Adair specialize in any of that? LOL *g*
I do a lot of research, and I have really great sources who are eager to help me with everything from weapons to treasure hunting. I’ve never shot anyone (although I’ve been shot. lol) Usually I understand enough of what I’m told to write the scene in a believable way. But in one book I had a character who was a nuclear physicist.  I contacted  a nuclear physicist through one of my other contacts, and was thrilled when he agreed (with alacrity) to help me. I gave him the set up, and asked what my heroine would say in response to a question. What the kind gentleman told me, (with bewildering enthusiasm!) I did not understand in any way, shape or form! Lol I wrote the scene, had no freaking idea what I was saying, and sent him the pages so he could tell me if what I’d put in my character’s mouth made sense. Apparently it did. To this day, I don’t understand a word of what she said in that book. lol

Tell us about Rafael … what makes him tick?
Rafael is known as the bomb whisperer but he’s also known as the Spanish Stallion for his perceived love life. Raised by a single mother he loves women, and knows his way around their bodies and minds. A dangerous guy, indeed. lol

What makes Honey the perfect match for him?
Honey’s a challenge for Rafael. He’s not used to women telling him no.

Are you currently working on another T-FLAC story?
I write three different series – T-FLAC (my counter-terrorist operatives) CUTTER CAY (Treasure Hunters) and LODESTONE (Sixth sense GPS tracking). October is the release of  a T-FLAC novel – ICE COLD.  March sees the next LODESTONE novel RELENTLESS, and in July the next CUTTER CAY novel STORMCHASER. As you see- sleep is highly overrated! Lol

Some fun:
Soda or Snapple? Need you ask? Snapple Diet Lemon.  Night and day, hot or cold. *g*
Puppies or kittens? Both
Lingerie or cotton undergarments?  A lady never tells!
Which T-FLAC operative is your personal fave?  I love them all equally. *g*
Watching TV or reading by the pool?  Watching TV if I’m in the middle of a book, reading by the pool when the book is finished.
Heels or running shoes? Heels, unless I’m walking around the lake.
M&M or skittles? M&Ms 17 at a time.
Music or no music when writing?  I like quiet while I write. Each book has a rhythm to it as I write. I want to listen.

ISBN # 9781937774776
T-FLAC operative Rafael Navarro will never allow another woman to suffer the consequences of his dangerous life. But in a world where a terrorist can do more damage with a keyboard than a bomb, he needs the expert help of a cyber-geek. And fast.

Fellow operative, and cybercrimes specialist Honey Winston prefers computers to people. But when a serial bomber threatens the world’s financial infrastructure, she’s forced to work closely with Navarro, whose notorious skill in the bedroom is as
legendary as his dexterity defusing bombs. 
Honey and Rafael must fight sparks hot enough to melt their resolve, and push beyond fear itself, as they join forces in a bid to race the clock before a sinister and lethal bomber proves just how much they both have to lose.

T-FLAC is back, and the timer is counting down in the most pulse-pounding explosive op yet…
Find ICE COLD at …
Connect with Cherry/Learn more about her books via …

Giveaway runs from Today (Oct 15) to October 22nd.
Prize: One ebook copy of ICE COLD or an ebook of winner’s choice from Cherry’s backlist.
How to enter: Simply leave a question/comment for Cherry below, along with your email address so we can reach you, and be entered in the giveaway.
Good luck!

Thank you so much for being here, Cherry.
Thanks for inviting me, Kacey. This was a lot of fun. No, please keep the rest of the breakfast cookies, I insist *g*

Kacey & Cherry

As I said, I got the privilege to meet Cherry in April this year. A HUGE dream come true for me 🙂

Interview/Spotlight with Lucy Felthouse

 I’m pleased to welcome Lucy Felthouse here today. A very talented woman, on many levels, settle in and get to know her…
Who is author, Lucy Felthouse – author, Mom, wife?
Not a mom, not a wife. Just me! And an author, avid reader, Supernatural obsessive (I’m a Sam girl!), friend, puppy owner, history buff.
You also run/own Erotica For All & Writer Marketing Services. How do you juggle all aspects of your daily life?
I often ask myself the same question. The key for me is prioritizing and organization. It can be tough at times, when lots of things all come in at once, but I just keep my head down and make sure everything is done to the best of my ability.
Can you tell us something quirky about yourself that readers might not know already?
I don’t know if this is all that quirky, but I’m probably the youngest member of English Heritage (a charity that looks after heritage properties in the UK).
When did you begin your writing career?
I guess my career in writing started with my first publication, which was back in 2006. I didn’t really know what I was doing then, I was just writing erotica for fun, and because I was dared to. But once I’d seen my name in print, I was addicted. It was a sideline for a long time, but once I quit my job and started working for myself it gave me more time to write, and since then I’ve been working hard on building up my backlist.
Has anything happened in your career that you found surprising? Something unexpected? If so, what was it?
Yes, very recently. I went to a local chapter meeting of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and when one of the organizers went round and introduced me to people, most people knew who I was already. Apparently, I posted something from one of my erotic romance pieces on the group’s Yahoo loop which has now made me infamous. When I looked around and considered what many of the other members of the group had achieved, I found it crazy that people knew who little old me was!
How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set outline?
For short stories, I tend to just sit down and write and see what happens. But I’ve written a novella and am currently writing a novel, which have both taken lots more planning. I tend to let character development come naturally, for the most part, because I often change things as I’m writing, and surprise myself!
What do you think makes a good story?
Personally, I like characters that are engaging. Whether they’re good girls, bad boys or whatever, I want to like them, or at least love to hate them. An interesting plot that keeps you guessing is great. And of course lots of hot sex! 😉

Is there a genre(s) that you’d like to write that you haven’t tackled yet?
I don’t think so. I’m steadily checking them on in terms of pairings, i.e. m/f, f/f, m/m, m/f/m, m/f/f. And genres I’ve tackled are contemporary and paranormal. I think I’ll probably stick with that for now. I’m not keen on sci-fi, so I’d probably never write it. Historicals terrify me because I’d be too scared of getting a fact wrong. I do, however, have a hankering to write a spy thriller. I’ve already started plotting a paranormal crime novel, but who knows when I’ll actually get time to start writing it!

What books/authors have most influenced your life?
I wouldn’t say any have influenced my life, as such. But they’ve certainly influenced my career, in terms of spurring me on to write more and write better. And because I read so much and so widely, I won’t name any authors, there are just too many. But basically, anyone who is successful influences me, because that’s what I want to be. *sighs wistfully*

What book are you reading now?

I’m reading Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child. I’m eating up thrillers at the moment.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be an author. Sometimes a vet, sometimes a teacher, sometimes a nurse. But I always came back to author. *g*

What do you like to do for fun and relax?
What does relax mean? *gets dictionary* Oh yes, I remember that! 😉 Hehe, no seriously, I love to read, watch films and TV, go out exploring the countryside, visiting stately homes and historical places, spend time with my family and other half, play with and walk my dog, etc.
Fast & Fun:
Boxers or briefs? Boxers
Star Trek or Star Wars? I’ve never seen either
Dean Winchester or Sam Winchester? SAM!!!! But I wouldn’t turn Dean down, either.
Supernatural or Vampire Diaries? Supernatural. But I love Vampire Diaries, too.
CSI or NCIS? Never seen either
Brad Pitt or George Clooney? George Clooney
Harry Potter or Twilight? Harry Potter (I’m wearing a Harry Potter T-shirt right now!!)
Big Bang Theory or 30 Rock? Never seen 30 Rock, but I love the Big Bang Theory. Raj is hot! 😉
HBO’s Game of Thrones or True Blood? True Blood, but I love Game of Thrones, too.
JD Robb or JR Ward books? I’ve never read either!
Silk or satin? Ugh, neither.
Long and slow kisses or rough kisses? It depends on the mood. I’m a sucker for both, dependent on the situation.
Wine or beer? Vodka!
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
Heels or running shoes? Running shoes
What place to travel is on your Bucket List? It would be easier to say where is NOT on my bucket list. I’ve been lucky to do quite a bit of travelling, but there’s soooo much more I want to see! Pretty much everywhere in America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, etc…
When traveling do you prefer hotels or Bed & Breakfasts?Bed & Breakfasts. Though I usually camp!
Was it love at first sight for you when you met your spouse?Nope.
What did you notice first when you met your spouse? His eyes.
Where can readers contact you?
Thank you very much for being here. We all wish you the best of luck!!
Private Damien Stone is living in a nightmare. He’s out on exercise on Salisbury Plain with Lance Corporal Michael Scott—who also happens to be a huge pain in the arse. He’s a teacher’s pet who seems to delight in bossing Stone around. But that’s not the real reason Stone appears to dislike him so much. It’s because Stone—who’s bisexual—is seriously attracted to his superior, but he can’t do anything about it, because Scott is straight. Or is he?