Interview with Sara Brookes

Today we welcome, Award-winning, multi-published and uber-talented author, Sara Brookes. I know quite a bit about this wonderful woman already, but I confess, I learned a few things through this interview too *g*

So, Sara, what’s new in your life? I know you’re a Mom, Wife, Tech-Guru, you work full time as well as writing – there has to be some fun though right?

I’m getting really excited for the summer movie season. Movies are my escape. I buy them as frequently as I buy books. But, I mean, really – Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast and Furious 6, Man of Steel, Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, Pacific Rim, The Wolverine – I could go on and on, but wow. That’s quite an impressive lineup and I’m looking forward to spending my summer in air conditioned bliss!

What 3 words would your husband use to describe you?

Creative, Passionate, Caring (yeah, he got a big sloppy kiss for those *g*)

What is a day in the life of writing like for you – take a Saturday when you don’t have to work outside your home and your family is off somewhere, and the house is quiet?

 I’m an early riser, usually around 5 am, so I’m up before the rest of the family. First order of business is always coffee. I usually work through any pending email I didn’t get to during the week, catch up on Twitter and Facebook, peruse through Ebay (ok, so yeah, that’s totally not work related at all) and then settle in to handle edits or get some new words.  I’ll take a break around noon, grab lunch and on Saturdays, send off the family (husband golf, daughter teaching dance). Which means another three or four hours of uninterrupted work for me. Word counts aren’t always high, but any day I can get in more than a thousand words, I’m happy. It’s rare I can get words in during the week because of work, which is why I write so slow.

You write in many different genres…which is the most fun? Which is the most challenging?

Believe it or not, the most fun genre is also the most challenging – which is anytime I work with a book that involves BDSM. Her Master’s Collar has D/s elements because it works for the two characters. They don’t consider themselves in the lifestyle, but they do have the Dominant/submissive dynamic between them sexually.  Not every book is like that however. The Edge series books (Ragged Edge and Reclaiming the Edge) are definitely heavier and more prevalent, the scenes are more intense. The BDSM lifestyle is ingrained in the character’s minds and bodies. I tend to write those scenes with a heavier hand toward more frank language. The Geek Kink series (Taking Over Me, Rock Your Soul, Break Me In and Glad You Came) are BDSM as well, but not as edgy. They’re small town erotic romances where the characters just happen to like tying one another up. *g* The frank language isn’t as frequent or heavy in that series.

I mentioned above that you’re a Tech-Guru – you share a lot of knowledge with us on Techie Tuesdays on your blog – have you always been interested in techie stuff?

Yes! My parents gave me a Commodore 64 when I was around 10 or 11. They also gave me a book that taught me how to write small programs and from there, my love of tech was born. I’ve always had a computer since then, even if it wasn’t top of the line. Usually I preferred it not to be so I could fiddle and add stuff as I needed. I spent a few years studying computers in college and I even work in a tech-rich field for my day job. 

If you were to be swept away into a Sci-Fi world – what would the setting be like?  What type of hero would come along to save you?  Set up the type of Sci-fi adventure you’d like to be the heroine in?

It would be a cross between Star Trek, Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Matrix and Firefly. Just throw all my favorite futuristic/sci-fi worlds & heroes into a blender and hit Frappe.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set outline?

My characters usually hit me upside the head so hard I see stars or they kick my ass until I notice them. I rarely ever have a plan going into a book other than a basic idea of where I want to start, where I want to hit for the climax and the end. Sometimes this process is fabulously freeing and other times it’s frustratingly obnoxious. LOL

What books/authors have most influenced your life?

I started reading Stephen King’s books at a very young age. Probably way younger than I should have been. But I was hooked on how rich and vibrant these worlds he created were. Even if the oddest things were occurring to the characters, he kept me captivated with everything that was happening. I cared about these characters – a lot.

Now, about your story, HER MASTER’S COLLAR.  A Sci-Fi/BDSM Romance available with Ellora’s Cave – the Aeon line – what insight can you give us into the story/the characters? 

It’s a reunion story about two people who are very much still in love with one another. But Korene’s anger and Roland’s shame have kept them apart for the past ten years. Now they’re forced to work with one another and the sparks start flying right off the bat. But Roland has secrets and once they’re revealed, Korene has to decide if Roland is still the man she fell in love with years ago.

For those that may not know — what is Ellora’s Cave’s “On the Hunt” series about? How does Her Master’s Collar fit into it? 

Ellora’s Cave put out a call for hot bounty hunter stories last year. Her Master’s Collar was in the works already, but without the bounty hunter hook. I’d actually been looking for the defining thing that would hold the story together, and when I heard about the sub call – I knew this was it. Her Master’s Collar is actually the kick off book for the series – so keep an eye out for other On The Hunt books by other authors throughout the month of May!

Did anything specific influence the idea for this story?

Yes! A fortune cookie – I’ll actually talk about it in another stop on the tour. It’s actually quite an amusing and interesting story.

What was the most difficult thing/scene to write in this story?

Not so much difficult as surprising was the first time Korene submitted to Roland again after his return. Why did it surprise me? Here I’d written this incredibly strong woman who used her anger at Roland to build a highly-profitable company and she drops to her knees the moment he commands it. I’m not new to writing BDSM and I’m very familiar with the ins and outs, but I had to pull back and actually ask why. Even on her knees in front of him, she is still this amazingly strong woman. I loved writing her.

What do you love most about the Sci-Fi genre?

The endless possibilities. In Her Master’s Collar, the story starts in New Washington. Since I was working in the future (roughly 45 years in the future) I had the freedom to create the world how I wanted. Washington DC as we know it doesn’t exist anymore, the city is in total disrepair as the Government doesn’t exist as we know it today. Instead there is a World Government. Cars are auto-driving and react to voice commands. Roland and Korene travel to Mars on an elite-class cruise transport (think of a cruise ship in space) and they wear a special mask and suit to walk around on Mars (far less bulky than our current astronaut’s space suits). I love the freedom of creativity that writing sci-fi allows me.

Did the story turn out the way you planned from the beginning? If not, what change happened that you didn’t expect?

It’s not exactly as I envisioned, but it is certainly better than I expected. The bounty hunter angle came later and I had to rewrite the story when I realized that was the hook I’d been looking for. The hard work was worth it in the end though as I’m very pleased with the way it turned out!

If this book is part of a series…what is the next book? Any details you can share?

I would love to be able to write a few additional books about the rest of Roland’s team members. The snarky back and forth between Markus and Finley is hiding something more between them – I just know it! And Valentine? Phew. That man has some really big issues and after the events on Mars, he has even more problems. I would love, love to delve deeper into his mind. Of course, writing those stories comes down to time and commitments. Right now, I have to finish the last two books of the Geek Kink series and those are keeping me pretty busy. But I never say never!

What’s next from your  bookshelf of coming soon titles? Any dates you could share with us to mark on our calendars?

May 31st, the next book in my Geek Kink series, Rock Your Soul releases from Ellora’s Cave under their Taboo line. Two strangers united by a passion so intense, their erotic bond threatens to shatter both of their already broken souls.

Fast & Fun: 
Flannel or silk? Flannel
Wonder Woman or Xena? Wonder Woman
Iron Man or Thor? Iron Man
Wine or beer? Wine
Favorite Food? Currently, anything involving bacon
Heels or running shoes? Running shoes
Comfy sweats or jeans? Jeans
Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Where can readers contact you? 

Announcement List:

Thank you very much for being here. We all wish you the best of luck!!

Thanks so much for having me here!

Sci-Fi / BDSM Erotic Romance
The last thing Korene needs in her life is a former Master who abandoned her ten years ago. But when her employees are taken hostage on Mars, she’s forced to work with Roland whether she likes it or not. Sparks fly the moment the perfectly chiseled man saunters into her conference room; a sign their incredible chemistry is still just as potent.

Roland has a job to do, but he struggles with his unrelenting desire for the only woman he ever loved. Seeing the strong-willed Korene on her knees again is enough to shatter Roland’s willpower. And give him a raging hard-on.

Their distracting lust could flame out of control if they aren’t careful.

WarningFire up your thrusters to embark on a secret mission with a snarky submissive who knows the meaning of courtesy and her smoking hot former Marine Dom who isn’t afraid to wait one more day. The sexual chemistry between these two is so sinfully hot, it’ll melt the plastishield of your spacesuit helmet. Houston, we have a problem.

Her Master’s Collar is published by Ellora’s Cave, and will be available from Amazon UKAmazon USBarnes & NobleKobo and more as of 1st May.

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