Thursday Thirteen 4/17…thanks to Pinterest …

Pinterest…oh Pinterest…what have you done to me? LOL

Since joining a few months ago, I’m obsessed with cute/stunning/animal adorable pix! I spend a lot of time perusing pix when I should be doing other things! 
I’ve always loved animals of course, having grown up on a cattle fan where we had rabbits, chickens, pigeons, cows, pigs, you name it – but the sweet pix on Pinterest just make me all mushy inside. *g*

So I chose 13 of my faves. And the 1st two pictures are actually my own – my own puppy and 2 of the latest calves born here.

Hope you enjoy!

My Sweet Cockapoo, Peaches.
Two of our newest calves
cute furry bunny
this just made me smile!
I printed out this sweetie and framed it over my desk. Too Sweet!
Always loved elephants. This baby is sweet.
Havenese Puppy…those eyes!!! Love!
Sweet Mom / Baby smoochie
9 precious babies!
Sleepy Panda!
Romantic Swans. Love!
Huggin’ Wolf Cubs

All just too cute/sweet for words really.
So how about you? What animal (doesn’t have to be any of the above) is your favourite, the one that you find most adorable?

Have an awesome week ahead.