Thursday Thirteen 7/18


I love a good tv show. Hubs & I record probably 20-30 shows every week. Some we tape a whole season and then watch during the summer or a rainy weekend, others we watch within a couple days. I grew up watching a lot of old westerns with my folks, crime shows, and family comedies. I find these days that there isn’t enough family tv on the air, at least not like when I was a kid.

So I thought I’d take a step back into my childhood — I’ll be 39 later this year — so these are the shows that I remember the most and ones I enjoyed immensely and wish they were still on the air (some I do have DVD copies of) but they should still be on the air.

This week’s 13 … TV Shows I Miss …

Though these Dads weren’t gay … this show was ahead of the game with 2 men raising one child.
Ernest Borgnine & that awesome helicopter…need I say more?
Oh the shenanigans of this show!!! Have all seasons on DVD. Had a blast watching with my boys.
My 1st real exposure to females in law enforcement. This show was one of the best.
Good morning Charlie ! I always disliked that there was no redhead on this show LOL
Have watched my dvds so many times. Loved Shannen Doherty a lot, but was pleased with Rose McGowan when she came in. Love witches!
Alex P Keaton … need I say more???
Spending some time this summer watching dvds with the kids. The Olsen twins were adorable then weren’t they?
My kids get a kick out of these old shows. And all now know how to do the Carleton dance. Iconic & classic comedy. And still love Will Smith … hard.
AAAAAYYYYYY! Fonz was awesome!
Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver…my first real teen crush. OMG he was hunky. Hoping to get the full seasons for my oldest boyo for Xmas this year.
These guys were so much fun. Loved watching this with my dad. He loved that muscle car — Ford Gran Torino.
Mrs. Garrett made everything seem so small. Loved the advice she gave out. And Tootie … unique name for a girl. Plus this show also first introduced us to George Clooney…mmm

Any shows from the “old” days you miss? Tell me!

See you all next week.