Friday’s Fave Five 8/2


Happy August!

Who’s up for another glance at great covers? There are a lot of books coming out, as always, and it’s always fun to browse the online bookstores — not so much fun for my wallet though. Damn that one-click option!

This week’s faves are…

I like when there’s a strong woman on a cover. And a biker too — awesome! Sexy.
Fantastic. Bit menacing, eye-catching. Good stuff.
Sexy. Naughty. I definitely want to read.
Very eye-catching. Colors all work. Dramatic. On TBR List.
Suspenseful, a thriller for sure. Imagery is great.


See you all next week. Enjoy the sunshine!


One thought on “Friday’s Fave Five 8/2

  1. Thanks so much for showing off my cover! I’ll definitely be entering it in cover contests 😉

    Kat, my heroine, is a strong and sassy southern gal, I think you’d enjoy her.

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