Cover Reveal ~ In the Arms of the Law Series #Suspense #ComingSoon #ERom @silverphxlabs

I’m thrilled to share not one, but two fabulous cover reveals with you all!! The In the Arms of the Law series is very near and dear to my heart. They were the first 2 book I ever wrote years ago, were published with a company 4-5 years ago and have been “out of print” for a couple years now due to contract expiration. I’m very pleased new readers will get a chance to enjoy them, and old readers might revisit them again.

Illusions & Awakenings are going through some revisions, nothing major as far as plot goes, but every release needs to be edited, proofread and read again! *g*

Each book will also contain a bonus short story within the digital copies as well.

Cover artist: Silver Phoenix Labs
Thank you to Sara at SPL for doing these covers! They far exceeded my imagination.

Book 1: In the Arms of the Law series.
Suspense/Paranormal (Seer Element), Erotic Romance
Release date ~ January 2016


Protection. Adventure. Love.
It’s all found within The Arms of the Law…

Detective Isabella Knowles, a tough-as-nails cop, lives by the law, and knows what she wants out of life. And it doesn’t include marriage or all that comes with it. Everything Isabella has ever known seems like an illusion when a new relationship makes her feel more alive than ever before. She isn’t happy about it and fights it every step of the way.

Burned by his fiancée years ago, seer and P.I., Brady Jacobs never wants another commitment in his life. But his bachelorhood and heart are threatened when he has one of his visions and see a killer striking too close to the woman he has recently come to love.

Danger lurks close to home and neither Brady nor Isabella like that they can’t control every situation…especially matters of the heart.


Book 2: In the Arms of the Law series.
Suspense/Paranormal (Seer Element), Erotic Romance
Release date ~ February 2016


Protection. Adventure. Love.
It’s all found within The Arms of the Law…

Detective Alicia Knowles once believed good existed in everyone. But a traumatic experience changed her entire world. Now dangerous and cynical, she moves through the darkness of her once sunny world, unsure how to handle her pent up feelings of fear and anger.

Even her new boss, Cole Douglass, spins her out of control. One night, years ago, he made her feel things she’d never felt with any other man. Business comes first, however, a child is missing and a murderer is on the run.

But old flames never die out as Alicia quickly discovers when temperatures and passion flare. On the trail of a killer, she is forced to deal with her past as she tries to make decisions about her future.


Excerpts coming soon!!


Cover Reveal~ Guarding Midnight by KaceyHammell #RomSusp #CanadianMuscle #ComingSoon


Guarding Midnight
Series: Canadian Muscle 1
Contemporary/Suspense/Erotic Romance
Coming Soon with Evernight Publishing
Cover Artist: Jay Aheer


Being the hired muscle just got a whole lot harder…..

GuardingMidnight-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-FinalCoverNo one knows sacrifice better than former Army Sergeant Gavin Bennett. He’s witnessed firsthand the emotional, physical and mental toll of being caught in the crossfire. Being a bouncer-slash-bodyguard may not be Gavin’s dream job, but he’s willing to do just about anything to help out family. When Gavin reports for his first day of work, he quickly discovers a woman who threatens to crack his legendary cool.

Shree Walker is on the run from a dark past she tried to shut away. Battered and broken, a happily ever after doesn’t exist for her. Ready to start fresh with a new life in a new city, she is happy dancing at the Vixen Club. She’d be even happier without the presence of the prickly new bouncer who won’t let anyone or anything get past his carefully guarded defenses. He’s a distraction she doesn’t need. And a temptation she can’t resist.

When Shree is kidnapped by the criminal mastermind hell-bent on taking the club at any cost, Gavin has to make a decision. Hold tight and continue to keep Shree at arm’s length. Or break down his walls and take a chance on something more powerful than them both: Love.


Coming Soon at Evernight Publishing

#CoverReveal ~ Campus Cravings Multi-Author Anthology #M/M #Romance @Cassandra_Carr

ebook 3d bundle2

Welcome to Cathia University, where school is in session! Nine of today’s hottest gay romance authors have crafted brand-new interrelated novellas celebrating everything wonderful about college, with over 200,000 words featuring sophisticated professors, sexy teaching assistants, ambitious grad students, and spirited undergraduates, all looking for the same thing: an A+ in true love.

Authors Included:

Annabeth Albert: Winning Bracket

Cassandra Carr: The Eloquent Jockebook 3d bundle3

Dalton Diaz: Lesson Learned

Mia Downing: Switching Leads

Whitley Gray: Artistic Endeavor

Bianca Sommerland: Solid Education

KyAnn Waters: Private Lessons

LA Witt: Did Somebody Order a Pizza?

Sara York: The Dust Of Everyday Life


Add Campus Cravings to your Goodreads to-be-read-list here:

Expected Release Date: Late August 2014!!!

ebook 3d bundle1_HiRes





#CoverReveal ~ Mustang Maddy by Kacey Hammell #ComingSoon #Erotica #RevvedandReadySeries


Coming Soon, the 2nd Revved and Ready book, Mustang Maddy!!


Cover art by PJ Friel Contemporary Erotica

Grey Burkhardt is an expert at a lot of things. Including keeping his feelings for Madison Evans in check. Sexy as sin and sweet as honey, she’s always revved his engine. But she’s his next door neighbor. No way is he going to muck up friendly neighborhood relations just to satisfy the heat simmering between them.

Madison has never seen anything sexier than the tricked out GT Mustang Grey has been keeping under wraps. Other than the glint of danger and intrigue in Grey’s eyes when he offers her a ride. Now is her chance to act on the deep passion swirling inside her because this may just be her one shot at taking control.


Contemp Erotic Romance

Book 1 currently available. Click HERE for buy links.


S.J. Maylee’s Taking Courage #BlogTour #Giveaway @SJMaylee @EvernightPub

Taking Courage Tour Image

Taking CourageBlurbJanna’s ready to make over her life and get out from under the controlling thumb of her father. She doesn’t want another failed arranged marriage. She’s ready to do whatever it takes for the career she wants, enter the lifestyle she craves, and to earn the trust and love of the man that has captured her heart, but heartbreak and career hiccups seem to be her destiny.

Simon’s still recovering after his last submissive lied her way into his life. He’s not ready for Janna and how she pushes against his prejudices. He needs to decide if he’s willing to lose her or if he’ll fight for her love and submission.




“Head up now.” Something was agitating the tender bundle in his arms. Simon wanted to help her through it. He may have taken a step back on his training responsibilities since his last experience, but Janna felt perfect under his hand. He’d have to find out if she’d be back.

“Yes, Sir.”

“What’s troubling you, pet?”

“I forgot to mention something earlier.” She tucked the blanket under her chin.

“Oh?” He rubbed in big circles around her back. “Why don’t you tell me now?”

“This was my first time, Sir.”

“Your first?” His confusion was thick. She tried to hide her eyes from him, but he saw shame. Sometimes newer submissives struggled with firsts. “Is this your first time being a guest?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Is your home club much different?” The safe rules of BDSM clubs were pretty universal, a real gift to traveling kinksters, but sometimes a scene in a different setting could be unsettling.

“I don’t have a home club, Sir. Well, not one that I physically visit.” She rubbed the edge of her blanket. “I’m an active member of their chat rooms.”

He hadn’t heard her right. No. She felt like an experienced submissive. Was she just playing the part? Anger ticked a quick pace up his spine.

“Are you telling me I just gave you your first scene?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Why did you withhold this information?” When she didn’t answer he added, “Why weren’t you honest with me?” He pushed her slightly, in part to get some distance and to keep her safe from him. “Answer me, now.”

“I forgot. It all happened so fast, and I forgot one of my lines.”

“Lines.” He finished shoving her from his lap and stood. “I hope you had fun tonight.”

“I did, Sir,” she said as she stood to join him. She tugged at the edge of the blanket that had stuck in the couch. “Please, let me thank you for tonight.”

“There is no need. You lied to me, and you had your fun.” He scratched his brow. “Go home now.” He took two storming steps away and stopped. He forced himself to return to her, disgusted by how good it felt to see her face once more. He stopped within an inch, forcing her to look up. “Do yourself a favor. Enter that club at home, get yourself in a training program, and do not ever lie to a Dom again.”

He wanted to hit something. What was it with submissives and their lies? The lie might have been smaller this time, but it was still a lie.

He thundered past the scene areas and kept walking, increasing his speed. Folks saved themselves and moved out of his way. Fury radiated down his arms curling his fingers into fists, almost there.

Some members thought Keller was crazy when he’d installed the small gym next to the club. When the roster quickly filled, it was Keller that was laughing all the way to the bank. Simon had a regular date with the bag hanging in the corner. He may no longer enter the ring, but the regimented workouts kept him strong and centered.

A couple more steps and he’d entered the gym and saw the innocent bag hanging right where he needed it to be. He slammed his fist into the bag. Pressure reverberated from his hand straight to his heart, but it didn’t release the revulsion.

“Damn her.”

He needed to get this out and get back on the floor. One of his best friends was about to collar his sub. The bag swung around. He walked around it and rolled his shoulders back. He wanted to witness the happiness a pair could have when things worked out and no one lied.

It was just a scene, something he could shake off, and she was just a guest sub. There was no possible way she could have felt as right as he thought. The anger was tricking him. She was just another lying sub. A sub to forget. A sub he would never see again.

“Damn her.”

An image of her regret filled face tugged at his resolve. His fingers flexed as he remembered her velvet channel. His cock twitched, and he hit the bag again.


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Author Bio

S.J. Maylee fell in love with storytelling at a young age and with it came a deep-seated desire for everyone to find their happily ever after. She’s finding the happy endings for her characters one steamy story at a time.

When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her caring for her garden, laughing with her two young sons, or dancing to her husband’s music. She’s a PMP (Project Management Professional), Nia instructor, and coffee addict.

As a writer she has a tendency to break hearts, but she always glues them back together.


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Simon definitely sees Janna again. Do you think she’ll get a second chance with him?

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#CoverReveal ~ Hot Summer Nights Box Set #DasiaIsland #Anthology

HSN-BoxSetHot Summer Nights
Volume One

A multi-author anthology by: Alicia Michaels, Carly Fall, Casse NaRome, C.J. Baty, Elise Marion, Kacey Hammell, Natalie G. Owens, Peggy Martinez, and R.K. Ryals

Genre: New Adult/Adult, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal, Time Travel

Release Date: July 30, 2014





Welcome to the exotic paradise of Dasia Island. In the Elysium Resort, nestled among the lush beauty of the rainforest, adventure and romance await. In these nine short stories by bestselling and award winning authors, passion ignites between people from all walks of life, with stories ranging from New Adult to Erotic Romance, and even a bit of Paranormal and Time Travel thrown in—after all the island itself has a mystical history, with mysteries and legends to explore. Lose yourself in the magic of the island … you’ll never want to go home again!

Beauty and the Brain by Alicia Michaels (New Adult Contemporary Romance)
Chloe Sanders would rather be anywhere than on vacation with her parents. It’s not like they ever pay any attention to her, and being a witness to their constant fighting and boozing isn’t exactly her idea of fun. Still, when they drag her along on a trip to the Elysium Resort for a week, Chloe is determined to have a good time—knock back some drinks, spend all her spare time shopping or at the spa, and maybe even in the arms of a hot surfer. She certainly doesn’t count on Chase, who’s roughing it in the rainforest with a research group, studying wildlife. He’s an annoying know-it-all, and not shy about letting Chloe know what he thinks of her bratty ways and expensive lifestyle. The two couldn’t be more different, but in the swelter and mystery of the island, opposites just might attract.

The Laws of Attraction by Carly Fall (Contemporary Romance)
High-end criminal attorney, Jared Greer, has spent his adult life working for his father’s legal firm and chasing the next big client. The legal world is shades of gray, and he doesn’t think about right and wrong when representing a client—he thinks of the paycheck. His hard work has paid off, and he lives a lavish lifestyle filled with expensive cars, a luxury apartment, and the best of everything.

He takes a private jet to Dasia Island for a meeting about possible representation with a CEO of a toy company accused of knowingly producing toys that killed 15 children. As Jared and his assistant, Monica, work through the case documents and share some of what Dasia has to offer, their passion on the magical island makes Jared consider the way he lives his life, especially if he wants Monica in it.

The Art of Losing Inhibition by Casse NaRome (Contemporary F/F Romance)
One man’s trash is another woman’s treasure.
Reeling from the loss of her husband to a carefree socialite, uptight Kennedy retreats to Dasia Island for a little bit of R and R. Will she learn to let loose in the arms of Basil, the wild-child trust-fund baby with a silver tongue?

His Island Paradise by C.J. Baty (Contemporary M/M Romance)
Gar Lancaster wasn’t depressed, no matter what his sister said. He didn’t need a trip to a tropical island to meet some guy for a vacation romance. But when Mike Peters kissed him on the balcony under a sea of stars with the pounding waves hitting the shore below them, things changed.

Maybe, he didn’t need a happily ever after. Maybe happily for right now would be okay. Whatever happened, Gar was pretty sure he was in way over his head.

Life After Death by Elise Marion (Contemporary Romance)
When his friends invite him for a guys’-only vacation to the exotic Dasia Island, the last thing Jameson Blake expects is to run into Victoria, his ex-wife. The loss of their son in a tragic accident left their marriage in tatters, and together they were never able to move past it. But in the wilds of the rainforest, revelations will rock them both, forcing them to confront their past. In the process, the realization that love has never died between them will rise to the surface. With that knowledge, will Jameson and Victoria be able to overcome the past and strive for a future together?

Layover by Kacey Hammell (Contemporary Romance)
Hand’s off. That’s Gemma Sands’ cardinal rule when it comes to dating co-workers. Even though she’d like to get her hands on Michael Harmon.

Michael has his own idea about where he’d like to put his hands. But Gemma’s steadfast rule means Michael simply admires from afar.

But fate has other ideas when an unexpected layover on Dasia Island pairs the couple in less than ideal conditions. Forced to share tight quarters, and unable to resist their passion, they finally surrender to every touch they need so desperately.

Woman in the Mist by Natalie G. Owens (Paranormal Time Travel Romance)
A free spirit and sole heir of the 5-star Euthykhia Hotel, Garrick Kaili ‘Kai’ Langston remains on Dasia Island out of loyalty to his family. But this sprawling, recently renovated building, originally built in the thriving period between the two major world wars, harbors some dark secrets. Unsolved mysteries that continue to haunt at least one of its oldest residents…

A man shot to death, his murderer never found…and a young woman disappearing into thin air on the same night in 1965. A curse, or simple foul play? Some say Poppy Drummond’s fate was to be swallowed by deadly mists near the ruins of Dasia. Others claim such notions are merely fruit of the meanderings of a crazy mind…

But Kai is just about to find out—the truth is never what it seems…when the walls between fantasy and reality come crumbling down. 

Guide me Gently by Peggy Martinez
~ Blurb Coming Soon ~

City of Sin by R.K. Ryals (New Adult Contemporary/Paranormal Romance)
On the Island of Dasia, there’s a legend about a city of sin, a tragic story that ended in a mist of death. Haven Ambrose is a Journalism major on a mission. River Brayden is a meteorologist with a tropical system to follow. Their love is strong, but is it strong enough to survive a storm that leaves them stranded them with an ancient evil?





#NewRelease ~ Riding Irish by @Sara_Brookes #BDSM #LooseId #AdultExcerpt


BDSM & Fetish, Contemporary, Erotic Romance ISBN# 978-1-62300-154-4

Mayhem is a way of life for Avery. The last thing she needs is a complication like Kane. The medal-winning swimmer who comes to her rescue is the ultimate golden boy. Everything this woman from the wrong side of the tracks shouldn’t want and everything she can’t stop thinking about. But emotion—and vulnerability—are liabilities she can’t afford.

Kane can’t understand why he experiences such dark, forbidden and kinky desires when he is around Avery. But her touch sparks a hunger deep inside him, and unleashes an erotic discovery where pain becomes pleasure. Their uninhibited passion reveals Kane’s dominant nature.

As Avery submits to Kane, exploring boundaries and pushing limits, she discovers a life she never expected. The unlikely pair forge a bond so tight, their unyielding trust gives way to a love like no other. But Avery’s brothers—members of Oahu’s most notorious motorcycle club—have other plans. Now Avery is forced to make a decision where her loyalty resides—with her family or with a lover who brings peace to the chaos surrounding her.

Warning: Ignition point hits hard and fast for this Dom and sub as an Irishman discovers his delightful talent for breath control, spankings and clothespins. You may just want laundry day to come more often.

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Adult Excerpt:

Everything about Avery was a complete contradiction to the type of woman Kane usually found himself spending time with. His girlfriends had always been calm and reserved. Wore frilly dresses and spiky heels. Spent hours doing whatever females did to their hair. They’d neatly hang up those dresses before sliding into bed with him.

They fucked as restrained as they lived. Hell, they didn’t even fuck. The word was probably too vulgar and harsh. Avery fucked with wild abandon, giving as much as she took. She was unapologetic and loud. Jesus, the sound of her voice when she’d come each time he’d shoved her over the edge last night had nearly undone him.

And he hadn’t even been inside her yet. What the hell was his state of mind going to be like when he finally buried himself in all that hot sweetness he’d only gotten a taste of?

She made him want to tear off her clothes, baring her to his gaze so he could stare at those glorious tits while he slammed inside her. Over and over. Losing himself in the sheer madness of their fucking.

Closing his eyes, relaxing as the hammock swayed in the gentle breeze, he let his mind wander. He imagined arriving at her house after a long day, seeing her emerge from the surf at sunset, the glowing rays of the sun glinting gold through her red tresses as she walked straight for him. He’d tell her she needed to be nude by the time she arrived at his feet, her mouth wet and hot as she dropped her knees to accept his straining cock. Order her to bring him right to brink, but never climax, just so he could bend her over the back of that tattered couch of hers and fill her cunt. Drive them both fast and furious, commanding her to come so he could feel the tight fist of her heat squeeze around him.

“Now that is a fantasy I better be a part of.”

Holy shit.

His eyes popped open, found Avery standing a few feet away, leaning against the board she’d speared into the sand. A smile turned up one corner of her mouth. For a brief second, he feared he’d repeated the previous night and started trying to manhandle himself. Looking down, he found his hands were clutched around the rope, his knuckles white with tension.


“Yeah.” He licked his dry lips, wondering what the hell had brought on such thoughts. He didn’t normally think that way. So…feral and raw. “You were.”

“Gonna share?” Panic iced some of the heat curling through his gut. No way could he tell her what he’d been thinking—wishing. Needing. Wanting. Talk about deviant behavior.

Instead he grinned, releasing the weathered hemp rope to reach for her hand. “You are a bad influence on my self-control.”

“Bad influence is a matter of perception. I think I’m a pretty good influence on helping you express hidden desires. Embracing what gets you off makes getting off all the more enjoyable.”

She got him off. In more ways than one.

“Thought you were gonna go ride the waves for a few hours?”

“I was. Then I thought better of it because I decided I wanted to ride you instead.”


Author Bio:
Sara Brookes is an award-winning author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story. Born and bred in Virginia, Sara still lives there with her husband and daughter. The entire family is owned by two cats, Galahad and Loki, who graciously allow the family to cater to their every desire.

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