Thursday Thirteen 8/8


My kids return to school on Sept 3rd, so now I start the “Mom on a Mission” of school shopping, getting medical information together, adjusting schedules, arguing over what clothing to wear and what not to wear, and preparing for early morning routines.

So for the next few weeks, I’ll probably be dreaming about the following Thirteen things…


The great debate of Under Armor or Nike shoes – my oldest is a track athlete). Thank goodness he pays for these expensive buggers himself.

Aeropostale vs Old Navy vs Walmart shirts – the youngest says it depends on the material. *sigh*)

Backpacks – straps for both shoulders is best, we go through it every year but I hear the same grievance annually.

Pencils, Pens, Markers



Plastic report covers – daughter has to have all high school reports looking smashing, and we buy probably 50 of these a year.

USB Jump Drives – Personally, I think the schools use computers too much, but they all need a usb for everything.

Combination locks – these are especially fun for my uncoordinated youngest who can’t quite get the hang of it. LOL

Juice boxes – I go a little crazy when juice boxes are on sale. LOL

Printer Paper & Ink cartridges – now with a second in high school, I expect even more paper & ink flying.

Agendas/Day Planners – school wants to charge $8.00 for an agenda for my youngest since he’s still in grade school. Thanks but I’ll get one from the dollar store! Thankfully the older two can use their cell phones!

Skinny jeans & too-tight of jeans – a Mom’s nightmare. My 17 y.o. is conservative for a lot of things but the jeans nowadays are just ridiculous. Too tight, too constricting, I’m surprised the girls aren’t in the hospital with bruises on their thighs and butts.


So that’s it. The craziness that will be my life for the next few weeks.

Until next week,