Today’s 13 is from Dare!!

Contemp Erotic Romance

Olivia’s been dared by her best friends…and she’s found the right man to help her with it …

Excerpt © Kacey Hammell, 2013:

“You know. I can’t believe I was dared twice in one night. That’s definitely a first. I’ll have to remember to get retribution someday.”
“You never know. After I’m done with you, you might thank us all,” Darren said huskily, his voice confident.
She shivered, his words washing over her.
“And one other thing, sweetheart.” Darren slung his arm over her shoulder and led her toward the exit. “My buddies didn’t nickname me Dare for just any reason.”
Olivia stumbled.
She had a feeling she’d never be the same after tonight.

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