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Menage(M/F/M) Erotic

Hands All Over

Contemporary Erotic Romance/Menage

Content Warning: M/F/M, M/M, M/F


Snippet © Kacey Hammell:

The seductive blonde rushed away.

A damn fine ass beneath dark-blue scrubs. Her perfect-sized globes would fill his palms nicely and then some. He loved a woman with plump curves that he could explore for hours.

Once she had disappeared from sight, he let go of the door and strode across the room to the small table in the corner where his best friend and coworker, Brody, sat.

He took his seat and pulled the plate of fries toward him. He added a dollop of ketchup and sprinkled salt over his lunch.

“You’re going to kill yourself eating like that,” Brody groused.

Chase shrugged. “Eating like you do, I’d starve. Men don’t eat salads.” He bit into his burger, savoring the brilliant succulent mixture of beef, onions and relish. It might be a cafeteria burger, but hunger filled him and he needed fuel to make it through the rest of the day.

“This is my kind of healthy and the garden greens are good. A man should be conscious of what he puts in his body. If he wants to live beyond forty.”

He scowled at Brody’s salad, garlic bread, pizza slice and two apples. The man ate like that all the time. It always amazed Chase that his friend had any energy with such wimpy foods. In his opinion, a man needed loads of meat and grease after long hours of work.

Brody put in a lot of time at the gym as well—as if lugging pounds of wood, tools and steel weren’t enough—and took great care of himself. His workout regimen kept him fit and muscular. His best friend was built like a house.

But Chase couldn’t leave good food—burgers especially—behind.

He swallowed. “I can kick your ass any day. My body’s healthy and strong.”

“We’ll see who wins next time we’re at the gym. So, did you get her number?”

Chase chuckled at the disgust in his friend’s voice. “No and I didn’t get her name, either.”

Brody arched a brow. “Wow, I’m impressed with her then. The first woman to say no to you.”

“Oh, she didn’t say that. She issued a challenge to find out her name, if I wanted to. She’s flat-out interested.”

“I can’t imagine why.”

“Women love me, what can I say?”

“And you love them back so much more.”

“Well, hell yes. Isn’t that why God made women? For us mere men to worship and cherish?”

Brody shook his head and swallowed. “If you say so.”

“Come on. I know you don’t do the dating thing, choosing to love ‘em and leave ‘em, but you love women as much as I do.”

His friend nodded. “I’ll give you that. But I don’t do the hunting.”

“The hunt is half the fun. Plus, this woman, she had a different vibe. Did you get a good look at those ocean-colored eyes? Damn, my dick swelled from them alone.”

Brody shook his head. “You’re so poetic. But yeah, I saw them. She has a nice ass, by the way.”

“I knew you wouldn’t be immune to her.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m going to join your challenge to find out her name. You’re on your own there, pal.”

“That’s okay. Then she’ll be all mine.”

He met Brody’s stare across the table. He practically saw Brody’s thoughts running the same journey as his.

They’d shared many women in the past, all the way back to the first one. Mrs. Schuster who’d lived four blocks from where they lived.

A divorced, smokin’ hot woman, she loved wearing short skirts, tight tops and high heels. Once they’d come to appreciate women, he and Brody had found every excuse possible to be on her block to catch a glimpse of her tits nearly popping out of skirts riding high enough to expose a smidge of flesh.

She loved to taunt and tease many of the boys in their neighborhood, but she only allowed him and Brody to cross her doorstep. They became eighteen within days of one another and had gotten jobs at Chase’s father’s construction company.

After she’d hired them to reconstruct her back porch, she’d tutored Chase and Brody about women, sex and everything in between. Neither had been virgins, mind you, but they’d been learned more than they ever thought possible about pleasuring women from Audrie Schuster.

Though they didn’t share every woman they met, the number was high enough that they just went with the flow. They didn’t plan every encounter with women to involve both of them, and allowed things to happen as they worked out. If they both happened to be attracted to the same woman, then they took advantage of a threesome if she showed interest. Chase had yet to find a woman whod said no to them.

“I suppose if you’re going to make the effort to find out more about her, then you should get the girl in the end,” Brody pulled Chase from his thoughts.

“You’re not interested at all?”

Brody met his gaze head-on and smirked. “She’s fuckin’ hot.”

“I noticed. We won’t close any doors yet, all right? I can tell already that you’d like to have five minutes with her.”

“Fuck five minutes. She looks like at least an hour to me.”

Chase chortled and gathered their garbage. No time to sit around and moon over the mystery woman — work needed to get done.

The new Neonatal Wing of the hospital would not build itself and needed its two managers to oversee everything. With his father’s waning health, Chase had taken over the huge task of managing Dunn Construction.

Thankfully, he had Brody, also a project manager, to help him.

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