Prank Me Snippet #Contemp #Erotic #Quickie

Contemporary Erotic Quickie
Contemporary Erotic Quickie

Prank Me

Contemporary Erotic Quickie

Snippet © Kacey Hammell:

“Adam won’t know what hit him. He’ll definitely understand the meaning of ‘payback’s a bitch’ when I’m through with him.” Lark laid all four outfits on the bed and gazed at them.
Red, blue and two black mega short skirts with silk midriff-baring halter tops—but which would be best for a fun prank?
“Just don’t hurt him.” Bobby’s gruff voice hinted at concern for his longtime friend, who was about to be punked.
“Don’t be worried. I’ll treat him as I would my Chevy Impala and shift him gently.”
They both laughed.
She lifted the red set. This one would do nicely. Kneeling beside the bed, she looked underneath and reached as far as she could. Once she touched the tops of the matching red stiletto knee-high boots, she grinned. Perhaps topping her outfit off with her vibrant red wig would be the icing on the cake. Yes! She yanked the heels free from their hiding place.
“There’s nothing to worry about. You go do your business deal with Fairfax Motors and land us a new sponsor, and I’ll take care of your good friend.”
“Adam’s been talking about financially backing us too. That would be great for us.”
Lark sat on the side of the bed. “Great. We definitely won’t turn away money. But,” she frowned. “You’re not pimping me out, to score some green, are you?”

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