Mid Week Tease: “You’re a little tense back here.” #MWTease

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! Hope the week has been kind to you. This is my first time participating in Mid Week Tease. I hope you all like what’s shared below. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the crazy snow/cold weather. Hope it all ends soon!!


A bit of a tease from Mustang Maddy.
Here, Maddy is reacting to Grey, the object of her affection, but is too scared to act on her feelings.

“Your skin is burning,” Grey murmured near her left ear. Tsking, he poured more into his Cover_Mustang-Maddypalm then spread it over her.
The chill of the lotion as he smoothed it into her skin did little to cool her down. Not with the scalding heat of his hands gliding over her, along her sides and down to the waistband of her shorts. Her skin tingled warmed. She wanted to stretch like a kitten getting massaged by its favorite owner. She fisted her hands in her lap, dropping her head forward as he applied the cream to the back of her neck.
“You’re a little tense back here.” Grey commented, his voice rough but gentle near her ear.
“Mmm,” she couldn’t gather anything else comprehensive to say. Mindless to his attention, she wanted to sit like this for hours and let him pamper her. Of course, if she remained under his masterful fingers, she’d need a cold shower. Her body tingled, his touch twisting around every nerve inside her, each one sparking hot.
“I think that should do it. You’re protected from the sun for about an hour at least.”
Despite his words, Grey’s touch never disappeared. He glided his fingers along her arms, then over her shoulders and back, down to her hips.
Lord have mercy. Heart thudding, Maddy glanced at him over her right shoulder. “Thanks for taking care of me.”
His gaze locked on hers. Desire, power and heat stared back at her. No one ever looked at her like that. She shuddered. Should she consider her ego a bit out of whack if she thought he stared at her as if she were the only woman in the world? As if he wanted to eat her alive?
Drawing in a deep breath, she tried to focus on pulling more weeds while her thoughts drifted.
She didn’t have a huge, vast list of men in her past who gave her this kind of attention. Her love life wasn’t as exciting as she wished it to be, and her sex life didn’t have high volumes of seduction, orgasms or thrilling moments either.
Yet, Grey could take her higher with just one look than any other man in her life. It’d been like this for months. Since they’d fallen into the easy comfort of flirtation, smiles and heated words.
If only she could bring herself to make a move. She never made the first move. Never. It was foreign territory for her, but her fantasies lately were becoming bolder and pushing her to be brazen.
She shivered at the memory of the dreams that had plagued her the last month or so. Since the last time she’d been at Grey’s place to watch a ball game with him and a few friends he knew from work. She’d been reaching into a cupboard for a bowl to put popcorn in and it was just out of reach. He’d moved in behind her, his body pressed into hers as he grabbed the bowl. In seconds, her breath left her and the room had spun.
His hard shaft had pressed against her, warming her ass, and the realization that he might want her too had shaken her. Neither had spoken about it, and the afternoon game went unnoticed for her as passionate images of the two of them alone ran rampant through her mind.
Since then, night after night, images as if on a movie screen filled her thoughts. And her body demanded her attention. Finding pleasure alone had gotten old quick. Hunger and desperation chased her every day. But she was too chicken to act on her cravings for him. Even though it drove her nearly mad to resist claiming him as her own.


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