#MidWeekTease ~ “…evil, it never stops.” #Awakenings #MWTease #Suspense


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Special thanks to Angelica Dawson for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease is from my upcoming suspense title, AWAKENINGS.

Here, Detectives, Alicia has already been suspended from the force for her actions and she now has her cousin to deal with, when they receive terrible news.
(C) Kacey Hammell,2017
“Alicia, you know you’re not to blame for what happened to Monica. It wasn’t your fault.”
Alicia should have known Brady would tap into everything she might feel and think. There was no way to hide from him. A seer, he sometimes had a sense of what others were going through—horrific or joyful. But without him, she wouldn’t be alive right now. She owed him her life and someday she hoped she’d be able to repay him.
Her hand on his arm, Alicia smiled into his clear-blue eyes. “I know. I do, but it’s really mind over matter isn’t it?” She lowered her hand and gave him a weak smile, then turned her back on KH_Awakenings_V1_400X600him. “This too shall pass…someday.”
“Ali….” Whatever Brady was about to say, Isabella’s curse rent through the apartment, interrupting him.
“Fucking Christ! Some days are just fucked. God dammit!”
With a flurry of movement, Isabella grabbed her coat from where she’d thrown it on the sofa and jammed her arms into the sleeves.
Alicia breathed a sigh of relief, glad Brady couldn’t lecture her on all the reasons she shouldn’t blame herself.
“Izzy, what is it?” Brady walked to her and clasped her shoulders with both hands. Instantly, Isabella’s movements slowed to a crawl and she heaved a deep sigh.
Alicia’s heart clenched at the display before her. Brady was the best thing to ever happen to Isabella. He was the calm in her soul, the root beneath her that kept her holding on. Alicia was envious of the connection the two had.
Once upon a time, she’d fantasized of her own knight in shining armor coming into her life. Now, she figured love and happily-ever-after were not all they were cracked up to be. She couldn’t keep herself safe. How the hell would she ever keep a husband or children safe in the world she lived in?
Pulled from her own thoughts by the sound of Isabella’s voice, she lifted her gaze to her cousin’s face. From the sadness and anger within her gaze, the call she’d received couldn’t be good.
“What is it?”
“Connor was on the phone. I have to get over to the Hopeful. Hannah’s been hurt.”
Alicia’s breath hitched at the thought of her friend, Hannah Isaacs, being injured. The Hopeful Shelter took in the homeless, helped battered and abused women seek another place to live, to escape an abusive husband or significant other.
Hannah helped so many women in their town, and even in surrounding areas, she deserved a medal for her goodness and her constant caring of others. She was a godsend to many children, abused women, the homeless.
“What’s happened?”
“I shouldn’t even be telling you this….”
“Save it, Isabella.” Alicia moved closer to her cousin. “You can’t give me vague answers and then just quit! We’re friends. What’s happened to her?”
With a hard sigh, Isabella met her gaze. “She was found this morning by one of the shelter’s volunteers. I don’t have all the details yet, but she’s on her way to Memorial Hospital. She was beaten and possibly raped.”
Alicia grabbed the back of the couch.
Dear God—evil, it never stops.

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#MidWeekTease ~ Payback’s A Bitch #Contemp #Erotic #MWTease @EvernightPub


Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

Special thanks to Angelica Dawson for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from my fun and light-hearted contemporary erotic story, PAYBACK’S A BITCH!  I had so much fun writing this story.

Lark is a woman on a payback mission for her bff, but as we know, sometimes even the best laid plans can go astray …


Lately, no men interested her enough to go beyond short conversations. The thrill of meeting someone new, feeling instant chemistry, and seeing where things might lead held little appeal. The older she got, the less she cared about being a part of the singles’ scene. It was exhausting to fight off the creeps out there.

She turned her back to him and circled her hips. His guttural “Mother of God” had her glancing over her shoulder. Lark winked at him.

His fingers were white from gripping the chair too tight and his gaze fixed on her ass. He licked his lips.

Likes that, does he?

Lark reached behind her and clasped the zipper of her skirt. As she bobbed her hips left then right, she lowered the tab one tooth at a time before pushing her skirt off her hips.

His sharp intake of breath slithered up over her back. She swore the air curled over her tits.

A shiver curled through her.

Damn it, this is really turning me on. This wasn’t in the plan. I’m only here to pay him back.

She shoved those thoughts away, stepped out of the skirt, and made a show of kicking the garment to one side, her thong snagging her swollen lips with each dip and shimmy. An intense tingling sat in the pit of her stomach and threatened to break free.

She wasn’t supposed to get turned on by this guy. Eli wanted her to give him a taste of his own medicine for a prank done to him. She needed to focus on that, not on the devilment in his eyes making her wobbly at the knees.

Lark glanced over her shoulder at him, caressed her thighs, and inched her palms over her bottom. She angled her legs wider, giving her the freedom to bend over farther. With one palm planted on the floor, she gave him a look at her lace-covered pussy.

At his groan, she grinned and waggled her ass from side to side. She had him where she wanted him: absorbed in her and what she had to offer.


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Mid Week Tease: “Oh, darlin’, everything is better with cream.” #MWTease #StirringUpDirty


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Special thanks to Angelica Dawson for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from STIRRING UP DIRTY, book 1 of “Stirred by Love” series — and connected to DARE.

And book 2, Stirring Up Glory will be out later thisnyear!!!

© Kacey Hammell, 2017
“What can I get ya?” a voice said from behind the bar.
She glanced up, and the smile slowly fell from her face. Dear Lord, did Alberta grow their men fine.
This hunk, with short curly black hair and deep brown eyes… She licked her lips. Gosh, she was thirsty. She loved a tall, dark and extremely handsome man, and this one, dressed in a tight red t-shirt, fit the bill.
If only she was here for fun and frolic time. But she wasn’t.stirringupdirty1l
She lifted her gaze to his. Damn work. Letting out a deep sigh, she leaned her chin on her hand. “Could you make me a strawberry daiquiri?”
“Sure.” He winked at her. “My brother is the true mixing god around here, but I’ll do my best, darlin’.”
Oh, what a charmer this one was. His face had a gentleness that she already liked. A bit weathered she supposed from the sun, but still had a freshness she found endearing. He had a look of toughness and she read him as a man’s man but there was a shyness in his eyes that drew her in. She guessed him to be near to her age of thirty-seven.
Candy swung around on the stool and nestled her knees under the bar, eager to admire this man work. His back was to her for a moment, and she raked her gaze over him from head to toe, admiring his ass cupped nicely into dark blue jeans. Probably a few inches taller than her five-six, he was a man who seemed to take good care of himself. His biceps flexed as he mixed her drink.
He glanced at her. “You’re new around here.” Liquid sloshed as he shook up her drink in a tall hand mixer.
She eased back against her seat and nodded. “Brand spanking new.” She smirked when he chuckled. “Just got in a few minutes ago, actually. This is my first stop.”
He poured her drink into a fresh glass, tucked in a long straw, added a tiny dollop of whipped cream on top and set the cocktail on a napkin in front of her. “Needed a drink that badly, did you?”
“Yes and no. I’m meeting someone here, actually.”
Brown Eyes leaned on the bar, arms crossed. “Well, welcome to St. Albert, then. We’re not the most exciting place in the world but we’re one of the safest. And fun once in a while.”
She took a sip of her drink. Closing her eyes, she basked in the sweet and smooth taste of strawberries and rum. The sugar rushed to her head, warming her all over. “I’ve never had it with whipped cream before.”
He stared at her and let out a loud laugh. “Oh, darlin’, everything is better with cream.”

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#MidWeekTease ~ “I have a job to do.” #CanadianMuscle


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This week’s tease comes from the 2nd Canadian Muscle story, Guarding His Anchor.


He exited Charlotte’s office, then headed out the back door and around the corner. He took the stairs to his temporary home, let himself in, and came face to face with two of his best buddies.

But the glares on Marc and Gavin’s faces were anything but friendly. Movement from the corner of the room caught his attention, and Shree stepped into the light, arms crossed, and daggers shooting from her eyes.

Aw, hell.

Let the interrogation he’d been expecting begin.

“I need answers, Frank. A lot of them.”

Frank sighed, closed the door behind him, and headed to the fridge. He withdrew a beer and held one up in offer one to them, which they all declined. After opening the tab, he lifted it and consumed half of it in a couple deep gulps.

He snatched a kitchen chair, turned it, and straddled it, resting his arms over the back. “Let me have it.”

“Why did you come back like this? No forewarning, nothing?” Shree ranted, pacing between him and the sofa where her husband sat. “Charlie deserves better. And going after Sean?”

“Shree, honey,” Gavin interrupted.

“Don’t honey me. This is bogus bullshit. It has to be. Gavin, you’ve known Sean most of your life. You can’t believe he’d shoot Frank.”

“People change.” Gavin glowered. “I hate to say it, but based on the info Frank’s given us, and what I’ve received from my contacts, he’s way under. I don’t think there’s any coming back for him.” Sadness coiled in Gavin’s eyes but disappeared when he caught Frank’s gaze on him.

Frank remained mum. He’d stated his case and given the evidence he had—there wasn’t much else to say. No one else had been there, had stared into the dead eyes of Sean Weber. The man was gone. Completely. A stone-cold killer lived behind that emptiness. Frank had seen it before when he was in the Army. The terrorists he’d once fought against. The destruction of battle, losing children and souls, had him transferring and moving from New Brunswick to the United States at the first opportunity. To change his profession, become an FBI agent to help from home base to stop the bastards and threats to nations, was why he’d wanted to join the bureau.

He’d crossed the border to make a difference. It was a bonus to have citizenship status in Canada, too. The bureau used him in each country, taking advantage of his logic and profiling instincts to the max. Frank was proud of what he’d accomplished in his forty-two years. He’d never turn his back on the job.

“I’m sorry, guys, but the real sad thing of this is Charlie,” Marc argued, fury in his eyes. “I don’t like this back and forth anymore, man. You”—he pointed a finger at Frank—“are not here to see what she goes through after you leave. The sadness takes longer and longer to bounce back every time. We’re friends, buddy, but don’t make me choose sides.” Marc stared him down, his gaze unwavering.

Frank gave him a small nod, understanding what he was saying.

Frank hated leaving every time. Charlotte was … he didn’t really understand it. She calmed him, gave him a different outlook in many ways, but he was a tortured man who didn’t have the options to settle down.

“I agree. Frank, when this is all over, will you stay?” Shree demanded, her hands on her hips.

He couldn’t lie to himself. Staying wasn’t an option. He could never repeat the sins of his father. The abuser, the alcoholic, the bastard who’d gotten off on torture and dominance of his wife and son. Frank had reached the brink of anger and loss of control a few times. It was in him to fall off the edge; he lived with the darkness in his soul for years now, and he would never forgive himself if he hurt a woman someday. Especially Charlotte.

Frank lifted the can and drained the last of his beer. “Probably not.” He stood and tossed the can into the recycle bin.

“Holy shit. You idiot.”

“For fuck’s sake, asshole.”

“You big dickhead.”

Frank welcomed their comments. He was everything they said and more. But they didn’t know him that well. As much as he loved his mother, aunt, and Vikki—the only remaining family he had—he would stay a single man forever.

“I get it. Be pissed off all you want. But also consider, Charlotte will never forgive me for going after Sean.” Frank eyed them, meeting each gaze for a few seconds. “It’s as simple as that.”

“Doesn’t stop you from wanting her, does it, man?” Gavin questioned, brow arched but his gaze sympathetic.

Frank smirked. “Nope, not at all. I’m hard as a stone around her. I’d do anything for her. I would.” Frank locked gazes with Shree. “Sorry, but I have a job to do.”


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#MidWeekTease ~ “Welcome to the jungle indeed.” #MWTease #99Cents


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This week’s tease comes from GUARDING MIDNIGHT. Which is on Sale currently for $0.99 cents !! Grab a copy while you can at a great price.


Gavin is trying to watch over the woman he’s supposed to be protecting. However, he is … distracted by her …

(c)KaceyHammell, 2017

Strains of a familiar song spread over the room.

Gavin leaned back against the wall to the right of the stage. The main event was about to happen. Cat growls and birds’ high-pitched chirps filled the air. The lights dimmed.

He smiled inside, pleased with a little G‘n’R to enjoy while he worked. His gaze roamed around the room again before focusing on the stage. Midnight definitely knew what music to choose.

She was a sight to behold, and sexy as hell in her tight cheetah-print leotard. Snug in all the right places with high, red stilettos that graced her feet and made her legs look GMtoppickincredibly long. Her black hair hung to her waist in waves, brushing her backside as she turned and danced in time to the music.

How her tits stayed inside the leotard he had no idea, but he’d love to find out.

Damn, that body was hotter than a blowtorch bending metal.

She moved with ease and grace, but she commanded attention and confidence oozed from every move she made. Every toss of her hair, every gyration and time her ass shifted, Gavin wanted to rush the stage and carry her away.

He admired her spunk and sass. It was a bit of a contradiction to what he’d seen in the gym earlier, but he loved the contrast. Small bits of shyness during the day, an exotic hell-raiser and tease at night.

He wouldn’t mind having a show all to himself.

His dick shifted behind the zipper of his jeans.

Aren’t you supposed to be working?

Gavin ignored the voice in his head, gaze locked on stage.

He watched, salivating, as she grabbed a zipper on the front he hadn’t noticed before.

She wasn’t…

He stood up straight, fists clenched as the silver slid down, opening the leotard. She turned her back to the room, ass shaking to the beat, and pulled her arms out.

Arms crossed over her chest, she swiveled back, her legs spreading out at the sides.

Good God almighty. He was going to hell. She was his one-way ticket there.

Maneuvering into the perfect splits showed her flexibility. His heart raced. His cock fought against its confinement.

Gavin started toward the center of the stage. The catcalls and whistles echoed through his head. She knew exactly what she was doing to the crowd.

Welcome to the jungle indeed.



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#MidWeekTease: “Poor guy seems nervous…” #MWTease #IntheArmsoftheLaw

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope everyone is doing great!

Special thanks to Angelica Dawson for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from Illusions.

Isabella Knowles has kept her relationship with Brady Jacobs a secret from everyone including her family. Now she’s starting to realize that perhaps she’d been only fooling herself to think that she could get away with no entanglements…

Her current lover had just heard about a night, albeit long ago, between her and another man. She couldn’t help but wonder what he thought, if it would bother him. From the angry look on his face when she finally met his eyes, she had her answer. It bothered him a lot.

illusions-lrg“I hope I am not interrupting anything crucial, detectives.” Brady’s detached tone raised her ire.

Who was he to be pissed? She didn’t care about his past relationships and what she and Connor didn’t come close to that. But one night of unbridled, crazy sex with Connor didn’t even compare to having sex with Brady. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing it, though.

“What brings you down here?” With nonchalance, as if she had no cares in the world, she made her way to her chair and sat down. She tossed the Gazette on top of the desk and took a sip of her coffee.

“Have a seat, man.” Connor motioned to the small loveseat in their office, then moved to his desk and sat on the corner of it.

Poor guy seems nervous, she thought with amusement. It was a bit awkward, but really, they were all adults.

Brady looked from one to the other, holding her gaze for too long. She looked away. She picked up a file from her desk, hoping he would get on with why he was paying them a visit.

“I came to tell you I had a glimpse of Melody Mason in the grocery parking lot.” Brady didn’t seem too happy about sharing the information but they hurled questions at him.

“What do you mean? What did you see?” Her voice seemed louder than her partner’s. “Did you see the unsub? Anything of his face?”

“Whoa, whoa, you two.” Brady held up a hand, staying their questions and offered Connor a file. “Everything I know is in there. After I got up about six this morning and had a shower, I sat down to get my thoughts on paper. It’s all there.”

She hurried to Connor’s side, placing an arm over his neck and reading over his shoulder. This could be the break they were looking for. Looking up, she saw Brady watching them. There was a naked look in his eyes, a raw intensity she had never seen before.

When he glanced at her arm on Connor’s neck, she quickly removed it, cursing at herself for letting his obvious upset get to her.

God, one would think he was her boyfriend. She couldn’t breathe. Oh, God


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#MidWeekTease ~ “I’m tired of this. Dammit.” #SweetestSalvation #MWTease #ERom


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Special thanks to Angelica Dawson for rallying authors together to share teases every week.


This week’s tease comes from SWEETEST SALVATION. Hunter’s frustration with Andy has him reaching his limits. If he’s not careful, he might just confess his true feelings for her …

Hunter sighed, which caught Andy’s attention. Her eyes met his briefly before lowering to her hands, which were clenched tight in her lap.SweetestSalvation

“Look, Andy,” he began.

“What do you want, Hunter?” Her forest-green-eyed gaze met his. Anger swirled in their depths.

“I’m tired of this. Dammit.” He snarled, rising, and crossed to the fireplace. He ran his fingers through his hair and leaned one arm on the mantel. He looked over at her, stomach churning with indigestion and pain. He’d loved Patrick and Peter too. Could she not understand that she wasn’t the only one suffering?

“Tired of what? I never asked you here.”

“This!” Hunter spread his arms wide. “You. I’m so tired of seeing you locked away in this house, never leaving and pictures gone.”

“Go to hell,” Andy spat and leapt to her feet. She moved behind the loveseat, obvious fury making her hands shake as she laid them on the back of it. “You don’t have any say in how I live. I never asked for your opinion. If you don’t like it, get the hell out of my house. And my life!”

Hunter breathed deep, nostrils flaring. He could no more walk away from her than he could from the Sheavers. She was as much a part of his life, and his heart, as they were.

But his love for her went far beyond sisterly.


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