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Gavin is trying to watch over the woman he’s supposed to be protecting. However, he is … distracted by her …

(c)KaceyHammell, 2017

Strains of a familiar song spread over the room.

Gavin leaned back against the wall to the right of the stage. The main event was about to happen. Cat growls and birds’ high-pitched chirps filled the air. The lights dimmed.

He smiled inside, pleased with a little G‘n’R to enjoy while he worked. His gaze roamed around the room again before focusing on the stage. Midnight definitely knew what music to choose.

She was a sight to behold, and sexy as hell in her tight cheetah-print leotard. Snug in all the right places with high, red stilettos that graced her feet and made her legs look GMtoppickincredibly long. Her black hair hung to her waist in waves, brushing her backside as she turned and danced in time to the music.

How her tits stayed inside the leotard he had no idea, but he’d love to find out.

Damn, that body was hotter than a blowtorch bending metal.

She moved with ease and grace, but she commanded attention and confidence oozed from every move she made. Every toss of her hair, every gyration and time her ass shifted, Gavin wanted to rush the stage and carry her away.

He admired her spunk and sass. It was a bit of a contradiction to what he’d seen in the gym earlier, but he loved the contrast. Small bits of shyness during the day, an exotic hell-raiser and tease at night.

He wouldn’t mind having a show all to himself.

His dick shifted behind the zipper of his jeans.

Aren’t you supposed to be working?

Gavin ignored the voice in his head, gaze locked on stage.

He watched, salivating, as she grabbed a zipper on the front he hadn’t noticed before.

She wasn’t…

He stood up straight, fists clenched as the silver slid down, opening the leotard. She turned her back to the room, ass shaking to the beat, and pulled her arms out.

Arms crossed over her chest, she swiveled back, her legs spreading out at the sides.

Good God almighty. He was going to hell. She was his one-way ticket there.

Maneuvering into the perfect splits showed her flexibility. His heart raced. His cock fought against its confinement.

Gavin started toward the center of the stage. The catcalls and whistles echoed through his head. She knew exactly what she was doing to the crowd.

Welcome to the jungle indeed.



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