Mid Week Tease: What started out as an innocent evening had become more… #MWTease #Contemp #Erotic

MWTease15Happy Wednesday Friends! Hope the week has been kind to you. It’s been very cold in my burg of Ontario this past week, and we had a dumping of snow that I think we could have done without. *g* I can handle bitter cold without snow, and vice versa, and would prefer one or the other.

And thank you for the kind comments on last week’s tease.


This week, a bit of a hot and spicy tease from DARE ….

Olivia couldn’t remember ever feeling so seductive or unleashed. This man did things to her, made her feel things she never had before. What started out as an innocent evening had become more than she ever thought imaginable.

The dare had frightened her a bit at first. She seldom made the first move with a guy, but seeing Dare across the bar, knowing what kind of man he was, gave her the courage to approach him.74940-darecover373

She was thrilled she hadn’t gone with her original plan to just watched movies or talk. He’d unleashed a sensual side of her that she hadn’t been sure existed.

She wanted to explore this new found freedom more. With him.

He was everything a woman could want. His body amazing—muscled and sculpted to perfection—cock high and thick. His gaze branded her from the inside out.

Feeling alive for the first time in…she couldn’t recall. She’d meant what she’d said about feeling like a real woman in her bedroom. But with Dare, she felt like a tigress going after her prey.

His mouth on hers, she breathed him in, the hint of the beer still on his tongue. His masculine scent was outdoorsy with the hit of chamomile.

She could get used to having his scent on her sheets and all over her body. Very easily.

Drawn from her thoughts, she focused on his lips and hands wandering over her. He had strong hands, sure and soft, with calloused palms that held her captive. Her body tingled wherever he touched.

Dare’s mouth moved down her neck, nibbling, biting. She rolled her hips, and his cock rubbed against her clit. She turned her head and drew in a much-needed breath.

His hands were relentless and intoxicating as they moved over her. He pinched her nipples, rolled them between his fingers until they were hard peaks. Her body quivered. His touch and mouth created goosebumps all over her skin.

She had never been so worshipped or aroused. She heard her own gasps and groans, her body moving restlessly against the silk comforter. Arms wide, she lay helpless as his mouth moved over her breasts. Unhurried, he nibbled her nipples gently, while he explored her body.

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