New Release!! and Mid Week Tease: “Guilt filled him. He should have returned sooner…” #MWTease #shifter #reading #mustread

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This week’s tease comes from Fighting For Honor, which is now available at some bookstores, coming soon to all others!

I can’t believe I have a shifter story to add to my list of releases. I’m very excited!! *g*

Here, Dominic has returned to take his rightful place as Alpha, and hasn’t seen his mother in a couple years…

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
As the last notes of Staying Alive ended, he caught sight of his mother across the room. Her long, dark hair was braided as usual, but he was surprised to see the weathered lines on her face. He hadn’t seen her in two years, and while she turned fifty today, the days had pushed her beyond her young years and stress wrinkled her face.
Guilt filled him. He should have returned sooner, but it had taken weeks to set things up as he had—to set his plan in motion.
He strode further into the room. The whispers and
Paranormal Erotic Romance/Cat Shifters

shocked gasps filled his ears as those of his pride realized who he was. Heading toward his mother, a cloud of white from off to his right side distracted him. His heart pitched to his gut. He couldn’t be sidetracked by the one woman in the valley whose hair reminded him of soft pillows and clouds in the sky.
His mother’s stare cut toward him, then away, only to return as recognition dawned. Tears filled her eyes as she broke free from the people she’d been conversing with, and met him halfway across the room.
The scent of spring breezes, of vanilla and strawberries, wrapped around him as she cuddled into his chest, her arms locking tight around his waist.
“Dominic,” she whispered, squeezing him hard.
“Ma, I’ve missed you,” he spoke into her ear, not wanting anyone around them to hear. He was Alpha of his pride, and though every man here would lay down arms for their mothers, he wouldn’t show weakness to anyone.

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