Writer Happenings 9/14 #Musings #Writing #Books

Good morning all!


I hope everyone had a great week.

Personally it was productive for me. Went through a huge fall cleaning of our bedroom. Who knew the filing cabinet could hold so much paper! I think there were unnecessary paperwork in it that had been there over a year. I have to remind myself every 3-6 mths now to clean that out. We all get so busy and throw filing in a drawer and forget about it. I went through all my children’s old crafts and gifts for the hubby & I through the years. Boy is there a lot of it! But I filled a tote. Will be nice to pull it out one day when they are all grown and with families of their own and they can reminisce about the “old days”. *g*


Okay, so what’s ahead/happening?

Book News this week

Yes indeed!! Gavin needs your vote! From Sept 11 to 30, Gavin is up at
The Romance Reviews Reader’s Choice Awards nominated for Best Erotic Romance in Romantic Suspense/Action-Adventure/Mystery Category!!

Vote for him by clicking on the blue banner at the top of his page …. HERE.

Gavin needs at least 50 votes to make it to the next round! Let’s help get him there.

Movie Mention this week – We watched Unfriended last week. OMG. I think the nearly 2 hours of it sucked out my brain cells. I don’t know why I ended up finishing it, but it is NOT a movie I would recommend. Hard on my eyes too! There was no resolution IMO and while the story of it could have been better, I do believe cyber bullying is a major crime nowadays but this movie did nothing to help the cause at all.

Reading Mention this week — I’m in the middle of LETHAL by Sandra Brown. I love this author immensely, and this book is so good. I have trouble putting it down!

That’s all for now! We’re having a special dinner here tonight so I have to get cutting veggies and marinating meat!!

Have a super week!!

Happy Reading!