Mid Week Tease: “You can’t have sex with anyone else.” #MWTease #SweetestSalvation #ClubSplendor

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This week’s tease comes from SWEETEST SALVATION.

Andy lost her son and husband in a few months time. She aches with guilt and despair. All she wants is to forget for a little while, and to feel great pain with the pleasure she knows she will find at Club Splendor. It’s what she deserves after all … so she thinks.

But her husbands best friend, the man she’s only tolerated for years, forbids her from frequenting the club any longer. And if she won’t listen to him, well he has a plan of his own ….

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
“You have no say in the matter. I make my own decisions.”
“You don’t need men sweating all over you! Putting you in positions you aren’t used to and dominating you. Some places don’t have the same guidelines and rules mine does. You could seriously find yourself in a lot of pain at the hands of people who don’t care for anything other than their own needs.”
“That’s just fine by me. I want to feel the pain along with the pleasure. The more pain, the better I can stand someone else touching me. If I can’t have the family I love back, then I don’t need to feel any kind of pleasure beyond getting fucked. And I don’t need, nor do I want, the singles scene. There will never be another man in my life like that. Without SweetestSalvationPatrick, there is no soul mate for me.”
Hunter’s fists clenched. He couldn’t allow another man to touch her. There was no way he could live with it.
“Stay away from any of those clubs, Andy. I mean it.”
Her eyes shot fire at him. She shook her head and gave his shoulder a shove. “Knock it off. If you won’t let me into your club, it’s your problem. Yes, there I feel safe, I know most of the staff and that you’d never allow anyone to get out of hand. But if you stand in my way, I’ll go elsewhere. Simple as that.” She sounded smug, certain she had the upper hand.
His body shook with rage. And fear. To think of her at another club with sleazy men who would tie her up or sweat all over her… It made him ill just thinking about it. She could be seriously hurt. Or worse.
An idea formed in his mind. “So all you want is access to my club and anyone who is willing to join you for sex and a bit of pain? Is that all?” Hunter demanded.
He was crazy to even consider such a plan, but he couldn’t allow her out there on her own. Christ, she’d end up even more broken than she was now.
“I want a lot of pain and a lot of fucking, yes.” She smiled at him, unaware she prodded the beast within him. Damn her for handling her sorrow like this.
“All right. You can have access to the club. I’ll inform the staff of the change,” Hunter stated, grinning. “No problem, sweetheart.”
Andy’s eyes widened. “I’m surprised you’re agreeing with this. What changed your mind?”
“You did, actually. If this is the only way you’ll try to move forward, I’ll help anyway I can.” Hunter stepped closer until mere inches separated them.
Andy tried to take a step back, but she was too close to the loveseat and could go no farther.
“Wait a minute, Hunter,” she ordered, her gaze narrowed on him, obviously suspicious. “What’s the catch?”
“Catch? There’s really no catch. It’s my club, I say who comes and goes.”
“I know you do, but…” Andy shifted her feet. He could see her mind working and felt the tension radiate off her body. She looked like a caged animal standing before him desperate to escape.
“You were pretty determined to keep me out of the club. I find it odd that you agree with my fucking other men so fast.”
Hunter wasn’t used to Andy speaking in such a manner. Even at the club, she’d always held herself regal and showed her desires when she found something she liked. But he’d never heard her talk so crude and dirty. He had to admit, he quite liked it.
“Oh, I never agreed to you fucking other men, Andy. Not at all.”
She frowned. “But I can frequent the club, right?”
“Of course you can.” He clasped her hands in his. “But you can’t have sex with anyone else.”
“You’re forbidding me to interact with people?” she demanded, shocked.
“Not at all. I merely said you couldn’t fuck other people. You’ll just only do so with whomever I choose.”
“You’re going to choose whom I have sex with! I don’t think so, buster.” Andy tried to shift away, but he held fast.
“Yes, sweetheart, I will choose. But it’s an easy decision for me, so don’t worry.”
She stopped struggling. Her gaze roamed his face, looking for what he wasn’t sure. “I still don’t understand.”
“It’s simple really,” he replied, satisfied with his plan. “You can use the club. You’re welcome to sit and watch whatever people you wish, but you cannot fuck anyone.”
She gasped and her cheeks flushed. “No one? Look, Hunt—”
“No one,” He lifted his left hand and tapped the edge of her nose with his index finger. “But me.”
Andy fell back against the back of the loveseat, shock written all over her face.
Satisfaction filled Hunter that he’d left her speechless.

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