Mid Week Tease: “She knew just the P.I. to spend the night with.” #MWTease #Dare


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This week’s tease comes from DARE. Olivia’s friends have officially given her a birthday present that she cannot turn down…

“Olivia, come on,” Jessica implored. “We’re not going to dare you to do anything that will totally upset you. We just want you to find a man for the evening—for tonight—and have a bit of fun. You never just kick up your heels and let loose.”

“A night of fun? Tonight! You mean for me to do the dare tonight? Come on, where am I going to find a guy to hang out with all night?”

Contemp Erotic Romance

Her friends, though she wouldn’t call them that at the moment, gazed around the bar. Olivia shook her head. “No. Absolutely not. I am not picking up a guy in this place. I don’t see one guy I know or have seen before.”

“Chicken,” Holly grumbled, loud enough for Olivia to hear.

Olivia turned her head and shot daggers Holly’s way. “Shut up.”

“The official dare, Holly, if you please,” Candy piped up.

“No. Wait.”

“Olivia must find a man—of her own choosing—and spend all night with him. Just the two of them, and she must not leave his presence before eight tomorrow morning.”

Olivia dropped her head into her hands, wanting to scream. She was so tired. She didn’t want to have to find a man tonight.

She raised her head and opened her eyes. They landed on a man across the bar she hadn’t noticed earlier. That she hadn’t spotted him earlier surprised her. He was a hard man to miss.

Darren Shalvis. The P.I. her office used from time to time. From afar, she admired his short, dark, curly hair, styled a little like the hottie from CSI: Miami, Eric something. Darren had a toned, lean body, muscles in all the right places, six-pack abs, and was rarely seen out of the worn, military-style twill jacket.

Some days, she found herself eager for Darren to come into the office, more than she should have. The men she usually liked and dated were desk-types. Three piece suits, briefcases and Blackberrys attached to their hand.

Darren didn’t have any of those qualities. He was a man’s man. Women gawked when he walked into a room, eyes drawn to him like beacons on a landing strip. Olivia’s included.

Christina Aguilera’s Ain’t No Other Man pulsed through the club. The music vibrated over the floor, through the wooden chair and into her body. Her nipples tightened and her pussy clenched as he caught sight of her from his spot at the end of the bar. He raised his glass in acknowledgement.

Olivia gave him a small smile then turned back to her friends. She tried to ignore the beat of the bass moving through her. The words made her think of Darren in a room alone with her and no other man in sight.

“I really can’t believe you guys,” Olivia mumbled.

Finished with her drink, Holly laid her hand on Olivia’s shoulder. “It’s nearing ten o’clock. You best start scoping the place out.”

Olivia shrugged her off, unimpressed with any of them. She stood, jerked a few bills from her pocket, then threw them on the table. Resigned to what she had to do, she needed to make a pit stop before moving forward.

Perhaps if she snuck out the back…

“And no slipping away, Olivia,” Holly said, as if reading her mind. “This is ironclad. We made a pact years ago—”

“Yes, I know, dammit. We all agreed we’d never turn down a dare. Even drew blood to seal the deal. Jesus,” Olivia sighed. “I give up. You three got me, I’ll finish it. But look…” She eyed each of them in turn. “I have my cell. Should I need any of you, at any time, you answer the damn phone. Don’t ask any questions and just do whatever I ask. Got it?”

They all nodded. “Good. Now, I have to hit the ladies’ room, then get on with it.” Olivia muttered.

“Go get ‘em,” Candy called as she walked away.

Olivia squeezed past the endless bodies as she moved through the bar.

Once enclosed in the washroom, she stared in the mirror. She fluffed her hair, then yanked out the lipstick from her pocket. Pausing before she added the pink shine to her lips, she leaned against the counter.

A long, deep breath quelled the urge to scream in rage. Her friends were the best women she knew but when they ganged up on someone, that person was a goner.

Olivia never thought they’d pull something like this on her. Make her find a man.

She smiled as she came to a sudden realization.

Though good, they didn’t realize they weren’t too specific in their dare.

“Olivia must find a man—of her own choosing—and spend the night with him. Just the two of them and she cannot leave his presence before eight a.m. tomorrow morning.”

Oh yes, she’d find a man all right—one who was not a stranger—and would request to spend the night with him, as a favor. What the two of them did, however, the girls hadn’t specified. They could do whatever Olivia wanted, as innocently as she wanted.

Smug now that she’d figured it out and outsmarted her dear friends, she headed for the door.

She knew just the P.I. to spend the night with.

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