Mid Week Tease: “Ghost Fulfills Every Fantasy.” #AGhostforChristmas #MWTease

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Jodie received a wonderful gift from her friend, Portia for Christmas. Time away in swank hotel in Niagara Falls. Jodie never expected her trip to take such an exciting turn…

© Kacey Hammell, 2015
She walked through the suite to the first door on the left. It looked like a den or small office.
Striking blue and silver colors filled the room, giving it a masculine feel. A large, possibly Victorian, antique writing desk sat in the corner, complete with pen and quill. Jodie walked A Ghost For Christmascloser and ran her hand over the fine, dark finish. Beautiful, intricate and ornate designs were carved on the solid hardwood. Eighteenth century black armchairs sat in front of the desk and in corners.
The plush room invited and pulled her in. Jodie turned, her gaze drawn to the framed newspaper clippings hanging on the walls. Curious, she moved closer.
Woman Meets the Ghost of her Dreams In Hotel.
What the heck? Jodie peered intently at the picture taken of this very building. She looked at the second frame. Ghost Fulfills Every Fantasy. Again, the Castillo Hotel was featured in the article.
She ran her gaze swiftly over each of the wall hangings and noted at least a dozen headlines mentioning the ghost. Women came to this hotel and found a night full of passion, realized fantasies, and left with memories they’d carry forever.
A chill ran down her spine. Looking back at each one, she read the small caption at the bottom. She gasped as she noted each ghostly sighting was in Suite 3023.
My room!

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