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Protection. Adventure. Love.
It’s all found within The Arms of the Law…



Book 1: In the Arms of the Law
(also includes bonus short story)
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense, Paranormal (Seer), Erotic, Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9877993-3-3
Word Count: 50,000

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Detective Isabella Knowles, a tough-as-nails cop, lives by the law, and knows what she wants out of life. And it doesn’t include marriage or all that comes with it. Everything Isabella has ever known seems like an illusion when a new relationship makes her feel more alive than ever before.  She isn’t happy about it and fights it every step of the way.

Burned by his fiancée years ago, seer and P.I., Brady Jacobs never wants another commitment in his life.  But his bachelorhood and heart are threatened when he has one of his visions and see a killer striking too close to the woman he has recently come to love.

Danger lurks close to home and neither Brady nor Isabella like that they can’t control every situation…especially matters of the heart.


5 Stars from Author, Michelle Roth ~~ “I enjoyed Illusions (In the Arms of the Law #1) the clear, stimulating, descriptive writing style of Ms. Hammell. She takes you out of your world and throws you head first into the deep end of the pool of a suspense, passion, sweltering hanky panky, and heart racing events. I found all of the story’s elements believable and engaging making me wish I was a late comer to Ms. Hammell’s blistering romantic series and having a couple of books following this one to feed my hunger until the next novel…key characters transports the reader on a powerful mind-trip that leaves you craving for more. Illusions (In the Arms of the Law #1) is an addictive erotic paranormal romance with tasty morsels of intrigue…The freebie story at the end was… *fans self* HOTT!

5 Stars from Haidee, Goodreads ~ “If you are looking for a sexy and suspenseful, action packed story, then Illusions by Kacey Hammell is an excellent read…The bonus story is a sweet treat. ”

Excerpt, Kacey Hammell, © 2016

Desperate to make sense of it all, he’d headed straight for Isabella’s and her support. Her gaze made him seem ten feet tall, even though he never thought he was really in the same league with her.
That night had brought a new level to their relationship neither had been expecting. One moment he had been crying in her arms over the six-year-old boy who’d captured his heart in mere seconds, the next they had been on the floor of her living room having sex and breaking a lamp in their exuberance.
Those gymnastics of ours again. “Hey. Earth to Brady.”
At the sound of her voice, he realized he had been staring at her without speaking. “I’m here, babe. Just thinking,” He reached over to move the strands of hair away from her temple, and smiled as he gazed into the ocean of her blue eyes.
“You seemed far away. What’s got you so pondersome, hmm?” She snatched an M&M off the bed. He watched her mouth as she chewed the tiny morsel, feeling his cock twitch. He remembered the first time she had wrapped her mouth around him, sucking him until he had emptied himself dry.
“Nothing too important. Just thinking about the first time we had sex,” he informed her, a Cheshire-cat grin on his face.
Watching her face rise with color, Brady couldn’t help but wonder when she would ever stop blushing around him. After everything they’d done together— hell, the bathroom antics still scorched his nerves—he thought her blushing days were long over.
“By the way, Detective Knowles.” Mumbling around a red M&M he picked up and popped into his mouth, he continued, “Where did you learn the little trick of using a door to enhance your gymnast abilities, hmm?” Crunching down on his M&M, he watched myriad emotions wash over her face.
Embarrassment, pleasure, and wonder spread across her face, and after a few moments of silence, he didn’t think she’d answer him.
“I was inspired, I suppose. Being with you brings out emotions in me I never realized I had.”
She didn’t look him in the eye as she answered. He lifted her chin and brought her gaze to his. Unsure how to respond to her declaration or the soft, content look, he responded the only way he knew how.
Leaning forward, still holding her chin, he captured her lips with his own.
Delving his tongue deep in her mouth, he poured out all the desire, passion, and confused emotions he had, too. He hoped she would receive the message that he did care and felt the same, though he was unable to voice it, and eased his lips away from hers.
“You taste like M&Ms, babe.” Licking his lips for effect, Brady caught the grin blossoming on her face.
As she smiled coyly, he had to wonder what she was up to. He didn’t expect her words to be spoken in such a husky voice. “Make me melt in your mouth, not in your hand, Brady.” Her gaze held promises he wasn’t strong enough to ignore.
He claimed her mouth once again, laid his body over hers, and pressed her back into the mattress. His hands slid over her left hip, fingers slowly working their way to her sweet center, he didn’t hear the shrill ring until she pushed against his shoulders.
“Brady…phone. I have to get the phone.”
She eased out from under his hard body. He watched Isabella put the handset to her ear and listen.
He rolled onto his back and covered his eyes with one arm, unable to keep from feeling a bit of anger over the interruption. Damn, what he wouldn’t give to throw the damn thing against the wall right now. He wanted more time tonight with Bella, with no interruptions, but the rigid posture of her back said their night together was over. Duty called. She could go from hot seductress to kick-ass detective in mere seconds. He loved to watch her in action, but wanted to keep the seductress all to himself just a bit longer.
You got it bad.
For once, he didn’t contradict the nagging little voice in his head.