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Hello everyone! Thank you for joining me for the 128th week of My Sexy Saturday.

Here are the details: every Saturday, published and unpublished authors will be sharing 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a work-in-progress or an already published story.

This week’s theme — My Sexy Valentine

This week’s theme is My Sexy Valentine and this theme needs no explanation…show us the most romantic, the most frustrating or the most exhilarating sexy Valentine’s Day ever between two lovers…or maybe even between frenemies.

Share your story’s  most fabulous moments with some very sexy, hot characters in a love that’s destined to last forever, please share them with us…share all those sexy moments that you have between your characters even if your story doesn’t exactly fit the theme this week…remember every relationship is important!

Sexy can be anything, such as romantic moments like walks on the beach, a home cooked meal or even in another galaxy. It could be two lovers here on Earth dreaming about the day where they go on a magical vacation to another planet. Or staying right here at one of those wonderful places we can find in our own world.


And here, is the chemistry between Alicia & Cole from Awakenings. They had a one night stand years ago, and now work together — he’s her boss! — which makes for some interesting moments in the story.

(c) Kacey Hammell, 2016

Alicia tilted her head back, giving Cole better access, which he took advantage of immediately. He nibbled his way up from her neck to the sensitive spot behind her ear and she nearly came undone.

She shivered in pleasure. He remembered the one spot that made her weak in the knees. It was as if she were drowning in the sensations rioting inside her. KH_Awakenings_V1_400X600

His hands caressed her waist, his teeth scraped her collar, and her nipples pebbled to sharp points beneath her bra and T-shirt. He cupped her breasts in his hands, tested the weight of them. Alicia couldn’t squelch her moan.

Hand at the back of his head, she rubbed his hair as she absorbed the feel of him under her palm. He pulled back, gaze wandering over her face—perhaps scanning for some telltale sign she would back out and walk away. She met his eyes boldly for a moment.

She had other plans. Ones that didn’t include the ability to walk anytime soon.

She slid her palms beneath the hem of his shirt. Her short, trimmed nails clawed his stomach. She remembered many things from their night together. His sheer enjoyment of having his stomach and chest scratched being one of them.

Cole claimed her mouth once again. He tasted of beer, yet sweet too. Their tongues battled, in and out with flicks and nibbles.

Her pussy clenched with need, desperate to have his lips between her thighs, on her nipples, and anywhere else he wanted to put his mouth. She broke their kiss, drew in a deep breath, and laid her head on his chest.

Beneath her ear, his heart raced as she caressed his stomach, a telling sign he was just as aroused and excited as she was.

He shoved his hands into her hair and massaged her scalp for a few seconds, then applied pressure for her to lift her gaze.

Alicia didn’t want to put a name to the fierceness in Cole’s eyes. She didn’t even want to speak for fear of ruining the moment. Her fingers clenched the hem of his shirt. She pushed it up and over his head as he raised his arms.

Cole’s well-muscled physique was a sight to behold. She wished to just stand there for days and stare. But his body was meant to be stroked and cherished. Before the night was over, she planned to do just that.

“Hang on, baby.” Bending, he lifted her in his arms. Sure he would carry her to his bedroom, she was surprised when he placed her on the counter beside the refrigerator.


Awakenings releases on February 24th!!!!

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