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This week’s tease is from WILD THUNDER. WT is the bonus short story at the end of AWAKENINGS.

Here, Ethan James has his hands full with his on and off again lover, Shelby. They have a lot of history, past rivalries and yet can’t seem to keep their hands off one another.

It’s a fun relationship to say the least …


(C) Kacey Hammell,2016
“I wouldn’t call us pals, sweetheart.”
She shivered but lifted her chin and met his gaze, unflinching, as her heart plummeted. Yes, they had a fucked up relationship, but she’d hoped he considered them friends, too.
“Is that how you think of us?”
Shelby refused to let him bait her. “When do you think you’re coming down off this KH_Awakenings_V1_400X600mountain? It’s not like you to hide from things.”
She would convince him to return to the land of the living. Kicking and screaming, if she had to. She refused to think of him, rage bottled inside, hurting without an outlet to break free.
Annoyance swirled in the depths of his grassy-green eyes. Good, she was getting to him.
“Go to hell,” he ordered.
“Tsk, tsk. Come on, sweetheart, that’s not nice. I’m trying to help you.”
He laughed, but it held little humor. “You want to help me, do you? Oh, honey, I can think of better ways.”
He wanted her. She recognized the husky warmth of his tone. She hadn’t buried her head in the sand about what might happen when she came up here. His mother had mentioned someone named Isabella. Had Ethan found someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with? Was it time to give him up and move on?
Forcing back her nerves, she goaded. “What, no woman to take care of those needs for you?”
He leaned forward, and her heart raced. “If there were a woman in my life, you can damn guarantee she’d be up here with me and I’d be fucking her every possible way. If you have a question, spit it out.”
She damned herself for falling in love with this man years ago, knowing he might never feel the same. Helpless and unable to fight him, as well as herself, she whispered, “Then let me help you.”
Sex wouldn’t solve any problems. Oh, how well she understood that. But for a while she could find the fire she craved in his arms and the loneliness would ease. Hands bracketing her head, he held her in place and sought her lips. His glorious taste filled her mouth, intoxicating. The taste of coffee and Ethan captured her heart and soul.
Tugging the top of the blanket lower, he exposed her breasts and palmed her flesh. Weak-kneed, she clutched at his gray T-shirt for support, reveling in the feel of his fingers pinching and flicking each nipple.
He pulled away, stared deep into her eyes, and smoothed his thumb over her lips. “You make me lose control. No matter how hard I try not to want you.”
She tugged his shirt over his head, admiring how his bronze skin glistened in the dim light. “Losing control is good in my opinion.”
He grinned at her then reached for the blanket bunched at her waist and gave it a hard tug, and dragged her naked form into his lap. His hardness pressed against her pussy. She shivered, thrilled at his take-charge attitude. His lips sought her nipple drawing it into his warm mouth. Her head fell back. A deep moan escaped when he pressed both mounds close and moved his tongue from one to the other.
Her inner muscles clenched, heat pooling in her core. She wanted him deep inside her, to drown in everything he had to offer.


 WILD THUNDER is the bonus story in AWAKENINGS…


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